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  1. No. They auctioned off the original hardware for charity when they switched to newer servers back in 2010. For the PC Gamer article, they've made a breakthrough in how they can host the servers on newer hardware and operating systems.
  2. BlizzCon 2017 was today and Blizzard have announced World of Warcraft: Classic which are official legacy servers for the most popular MMORPG ever made. This is a big turn of events though as Blizzard have said against doing this in the past and even once told a player, during a BlizzCon Q&A session, "that you think you do, but you don't" when they asked about legacy servers. Source: http://www.pcgamer.com/this-is-how-blizzard-plans-to-finally-bring-back-vanilla-wow-servers/
  3. 1070ti Launch

    The Founders Edition card is £420 which is a good deal to be honest. I'm looking to replace my GTX 970 with a newer card and while holding out for Volta might be a good idea, I have triple monitors, all at 1080p with games only being played on one screen, so a GTX 1070 Ti would see me through until I eventually upgraded my entire system to something newer.
  4. Introducing the Surface Book 2

    Battery life on my Surface Pro 4 is a bit mixed. Unless I use Microsoft Edge, I can't get through a full work day unless I leave battery saver on the entire time. Battery life should be much better on a Surface Book though as they have a battery in both the display and base but I'm yet to test one myself.
  5. Ubuntu 17.10 Is Now Available

    @SansVarnic Fixed!
  6. Ubuntu 17.10 Is Now Available

    Install the tlp and tlp-rdw packages and you should get improvements in power management for better battery life and system performance. This should really be part of the baseline installation for laptops.
  7. Ubuntu 17.10 Is Now Available

    GNOME has made some great progress on that but it really needs more input from NVidia to get feature parity with how it works on Windows.
  8. Ubuntu 17.10, codenamed Artful Aardvark, is now available for download with a host of new features and updates to the popular free and open source operating system. Ubuntu 17.10 is a non-LTS (Long Term Support) release that will be supported for 9 months (July 2018) by Canonical. This follows their cycle of LTS releases having 5 years of support with non-LTS releases having 9 months of support. This is also the first releases of Ubuntu that will not have a 32-bit release. Please note that the 64-bit release will be a multi-arch release and will run 32-bit software. What's New [Video] From Unity to GNOME Shell Earlier this year it was announced by Canonical that Ubuntu Touch and Unity 8 were no longer projects that would be pursued and the major consequence of this was the plan to switch from the controversial Unity desktop environment to GNOME Shell. Existing versions of Unity did have a basis from GNOME with a lot of the default Ubuntu software being applications from the GNOME software ecosystem. Ubuntu 17.10 will feature a version of GNOME Shell that is skinned to look like Unity 7. This has been done by adding the application dock which defaults to being at the left side of the screen. The dock is both a task manager and an application launcher, similar to how the taskbar in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 functions. You can pin applications which shows the icon plus it will also show the icon of any running applications. This dock is global which means it will show all open windows regardless of the workspace you are working in. There is also the ability to auto-hide the dock. GNOME Shell also allows for all open applications and workspaces to be viewed by pressing the Super Key (the Windows key) or by clicking the Activities button in the top-left of the screen. This provides a spread of all open applications in the middle alongside a list of all workspaces on the right-side of the screen. The dotted-grid button at the bottom of the dock allows the user to see all applications that are installed onto the system. There are two tabs on this view, Frequent and All, which are pretty self-explanatory. The search box allows the user to search for an application but keyboard warriors can start typing when this view opens up and GNOME will initiate a search for you without having to click or tab into the search box. Ubuntu 17.10 still uses the Ambiance GTK theme and Ubuntu Mono Dark icon set which has been the default for quite some time now. A new theme might become a reality for Ubuntu 18.04, the next LTS release, but until then you can stick with the default or install a theme of your own onto the system. There is one noticeable change, the window control buttons have been moved from the left-side to the right-side of the screen. The settings app has received an updated which makes using it much nicer. However, the GNOME Tweak Tool hasn't been incorporated into the main system settings so to make some more in-depth changes to how GNOME Shell functions, another tool is required. One final change is the login/lock screen. LightDM has been replaced with GDM, GNOME Display Manager, as part of the change to GNOME Shell. The theme matches the rest of the system. Technical and Other Changes You can download Ubuntu 17.10 for your 64-bit desktop here. Source 1: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArtfulAardvark/ReleaseNotes Source 2: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2017/10/ubuntu-17-10-release-features
  9. Introducing the Surface Book 2

    I don't know if Microsoft do oversea shipping from the UK to mainland Europe when purchasing from the UK Microsoft Store. I hope it's not like the performance base for the existing surface book which took some time to become available outside of the US.
  10. Introducing the Surface Book 2

    The Microsoft Store in the UK is only listing the 13.5 inch model. I'm interested in the Surface Book 2 but ideally I'd like to get the 15 inch model with at lest 512 GB of storage.
  11. It's done in software anyway so you'd have to check the scaling options on the Intel control panel.
  12. If you did a 2x2 grid of 1600x900 it would become 3200x1800, the same resolution as the Razer Blade Stealth.
  13. It's double 1600x900 which is a 16:9 resolution.
  14. The Blade Stealth was designed to be an Ultrabook on the book on the go while also being a capable gaming/workstation device when connected to an external GPU enclosure. If you want a device that has both within the laptop, get a device like the Razer Blade 2017 or Dell XPS 15.
  15. The device isn't meant for gaming on so it's actually a benefit to have the higher resolution display. HiDPI looks so much nicer so day-to-day work than a standard 1080p panel does.