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  1. Won't be able to pull that stunt against in the future with Chromium now working natively on ARM
  2. I wonder if future iterations of the Surface Go will use ARM chips instead of Intel's mobile chips? It would keep the price down while also allowing for the smaller form factor to provide decent cooling and battery life for the end user. If the devices are expected to launch in Q3 2019, that would give Microsoft time to get another Windows 10 feature update released which isn't exceptionally buggy like the October Update that's still not released in full.
  3. Johners

    Microsoft to include Chromium in Windows 10

    I'm not entirely sure how Microsoft making commits to Chromium suddenly equates to them making an entirely new web browser. For all we know, Microsoft could just be helping in the process to port Chromium to ARM so full Windows 10 on ARM can run Google Chrome, and other Chromium-based browsers, with decent performance. However, it would be interesting to see Microsoft develop their own Chromium-based browser. It would still have their own frontend but would be a better browser under the hood. It does mean Chromium becomes part of every major web browser outside of Sarafi and Firefox. I guess we just have to wait and see though.
  4. Johners

    Microsoft introduces New Office icons

    Office 365 and Windows are made by separate teams within Microsoft though. We get monthly releases to Office 365 but every 6 months for Windows 10. It seem stupid but if you've actually worked in a large organisation with multiple projects and products, you'd understand this.
  5. Johners

    Microsoft introduces New Office icons

    You do understand that large companies can have multiple departments and teams that work on different products, right?
  6. I'm interested in getting a Surface Pro 6 to upgrade from my Surface Pro 4 (i5, 4GB, 128GB) but it's going to hit my wallet a bit. Luckily I can sell my current device, with the pen and typecover, for around £400-450 but the prices are likely to drop now a new generation of the Surface Pro is out. I'd realisitcally like a Surface Book 2 but it's too expensive (the GPU would also go somewhat unused) and while there's a middle ground with the Surface Laptop, I'm not a fan of the entire keyboard having the alcantara stuff on it.
  7. Installed on my desktop (custom built in 2015) and Surface Pro 4. Things feels a tad snappier on both systems and it didn't recent the vast majority of my settings during the upgrade process. The new Office UI, which is tied to 1809 (I think?) is only available on my desktop though and I've still got the old Ribbon UI on my SP4. I've got Office 365 University and I'm using the latest monthly update of Microsoft Office 64-bit on both systems.
  8. Discord is expanding it's business from being a communication platform for gamers to a platform to buy games. In a post on their blog, Discord have announced a beta version of their store alongside free games with Nitro, a first on Discord programme and a centralised library from all of your installed games. A lot of Discord users have suspected something like this would happen for a while now. Outside of selling Nitro subscriptions and user data, they don't currently have a real money maker. I'd personally like to see the Discord platform developed so they can take on Valve and Steam to either get actual improvements to the established leader of PC game distribution or to actually overtake them. The current situation is getting messy as more companies are using their own platforms and launchers, potentially for financial reasons, and Valve aren't doing anything about it. The Steam client sucks and the Store is getting filled with more and more trash. Source: https://blog.discordapp.com/the-discord-store-beta-9a35596fdd4
  9. I'm disappointed in the Surface Go to be honest. While the concept is great, it's already held back by the fact it runs a full version of Windows 10. Some may see this a benefit but the iPad (and Chromebooks to an extent) have the advantage at this form factor (and price point) because they run a streamlined operating system which keeps out of the users way and isn't a drain on the limited resources these devices typically come with. Microsoft have been talking about a streamlines (and UWP only) version of Windows 10 for a while but it's not a thing and due to their being no decent Surface/Windows phone, the UWP app ecosystem is terrible.
  10. I finally got a mechanical keyboard, the Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2. Loving it already.

    1. dizmo


      Interesting choice.

      I like their variant of the Blue switches more, but their prices are a little ridiculous.

  11. Johners

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4... Battle Royale !!!

    Seeing as the game is on Battle.NET, there's a good chance they could be using the Warden anti-cheat system developed by Blizzard which is very, very effective.
  12. I've been a member of these forums for almost five years now but I've been very inactive these past few years.

  13. I can confirm I'm running 1803 on both my desktop and Surface Pro 4 now. I always found Windows 10 installations, either clean or the feature updates, would install very fast whereas my SP4 would be much slower.
  14. My desktop downloaded and installed the update very, very fast but two hours in and Windows Update is still running on my Surface Pro 4.
  15. I'm liking the look of this update and a lot of the features will be useful on my Surface Pro 4 which I use a lot while at work. My desktop is pretty much for games so outside of any Microsoft Edge improvements, and the usual under-the-hood stuff, I'm not really bothered. Slowly moving all the old Control Panel elements over to the Settings app is a plus in my eyes but I wish this was happening at a faster rate. The "end game" for Windows 10 must be a release in which the core product that Microsoft ship is all UWP and Win32 exists for legacy applications which will still be needed for years to come.