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  1. Hello Internet! My new place has no space for shelves, so the option of buying an ereader is getting stronger. I'd be interested in a good ereader for about € 200, one that's good displaying PDF and all kinds of ebook extensions. I would also like downloading ebooks directly and not by connecting it to a PC or laptop with an external internet conection. I have heard that Kindle is the best brand in the market but it can give compatibility issues. I accept suggestions! Thank you very much in advance.
  2. Hello everyone, what Samsung 55 inches 4k tv would match a 800€ budget and still kick ass?
  3. Realme 3 pro looks cool, but currently not a shipping directly yo my country and not familiar with that brand (although I know is realted to Oppo)
  4. Yeah, current Pocophone 128gb storage options are out of my budget but I consider it a killer Phone tho
  5. Im curious, what do you mean by utter travesty?
  6. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a smartphone but I can't decide: Mi8 lite with 6gb of ram and 128gb of storage for 225€ vs Redmi Note 7 with 4gb of ram and 128 of storage for 230€. Which option do you think is better? I've heard that Redmi Note 7 is better overall, but I don't know if that 2gb ram differencia would be noticeable for daily use (my main mobile use is not for gaming, is basically web browsing, job-related apps). Thanks in advance. PS: I know there are some better pricings for both models out there, I use just for reference. Also would like to hear about other options around 200-230 €
  7. Ok, if anyone if still reading this, prices have change quite a bit, here's the current state of art between the two models in doubting: - Xiaomi Mi8 Lite (6Gb RAM / 128 Gb) (235€) - Pocophone F1 (6Gb RAM / 128 Gb) (295€) Mi8 Lite convinces me because of the AMOLED display, I've heard Pocophone's one is not spectacular. However, I've also heard camera quality is better in Pocophone, alongside with battery and processor. Thoughts? Should I go cheap? or spend 60 more bucks for a Pocophone is worth it?
  8. Nice, but in my country most of the Nokia 7.1 models that have more than 32Gb (I'd prefer more than 64Gb) go over the budget. However, I've had some awesome Nokia phones back in the day.
  9. Pretty cool specs, I've also heard about Xiaomi Mi8 Lite (285€) or Mi A2 (262€). Is the difference in price worth choosing the F1?
  10. Hello there! Both my dad and I are looking for a new smartphone. We have had until today two BQ U plus (Spanish brand). Both phones are getting totally outdated and their storage capacity is not optimal. I would like some recommendations for a smartphone within 250-300€ budget which main features I focus on are: 1-Storage (internal and external) 2-Camera 3-Battery 4-Processing power & RAM In that particular order. I don't have any restriction about brands, but I'd prefer some trustable ones. Thanks in advance!
  11. I'm an european laptop user in which my main browser is Opera. Is nice to hace Whatsapp and Facebook message system as a shorcut that opens a tab on the left part of the browser. Is also nice the way the VPN works.
  12. Yes it was. Both are MP4 I'll try your advice tomorrow. Thanks
  13. Sorry about that, that mistake is due to my mother lenguage that uses that verb for both. And yeah, I've tried again. PC works perfect, audio and vídeo ok, but tv doesnt
  14. Ok, so I'll try to explain this issue as best as I can, because this two days I have tried lots of differents "attacks". In advance: Sorry for my spanish-based english. Also sorry because I didn't know where to post (Audio? TV? Troubleshooting?) Anyway... About a year ago I bought a Samsung 6 series curved 55 inch Full HD Smart TV. Cool. I've had no problem whatsoever in using USB port to display video content from my 3Tb WD external hard drive. I was watching one episode (mp4 file) of a TV series from the hard drive and everything was ok (subtitles on display, video ok, audio ok...) but when I displayed the next episode I found that image was ok but there was no audio or the audio was choppy. At first I thought it may was that the file was corrupted. So I went to my laptop with the WD but the file displayed perfectly, both audio and sound. Ey, what about the audio codec? or maybe is an external hard drive problem... Well, things tourned out like this: - I put the file on a pendrive. Result: same problem, audio choppy, video good. Ok maybe is a TV codec problem, I will update the firmware. -Firmware updated. Problem persists. Choppy audio. Ok maybe if I display the video from a BluRay device via USB - Problem persist. Choppy audio. Oh, all right so it must be that one file (the one that worked fine) has an audio codec compatible with the TV and the other one has a different codec. - Using VLC to get more information: Both files have the same video and audio codec. What the hell is going on?? TL;DR: My TV displays perfectly one file (audio and video ok), but another file with the exact same specs has choppy audio (it's not a Hard Drive problem, no a firmware problem (yet), not a different codec problem) HELP. And thanks And sorry for my english