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  1. GigaSnow

    Need a New Budget Build + Other Ideas.

    If I went with a non-modular, could I get a PSU that uses less wattage?
  2. GigaSnow

    Need a New Budget Build + Other Ideas.

    I downgraded the RAM to 8GB and upgraded the CPU to the i5-7400, but the G4560 looks like a nice chip too, and cheap.
  3. GigaSnow

    Need a New Budget Build + Other Ideas.

    I'm going to try to salvage them from my current rig. If those components are toast, I'll have to find a way to increase the budget.
  4. There's a chance that I killed my current setup. I can't get it to boot up. I need a replacement PC so I can continue doing schoolwork @ home. I'd also like to be able to run some low-end games. Due to life stuff, I've been away from the PC building community for a solid year and a half, so I'm not familiar with the current offerings. In addition, due to life stuff, my budget is pretty tight. I think my requests are somewhat reasonable for the budget, but I'm certainly open to suggestions. At the bottom of the post, I have a couple other ideas to meet my needs. Target Budget: $0-$300 Maximum Budget: $500 w/change (Budget assumes I will be able to salvage my SSD + OS + HDD). Needs: -Be able to handle Windows 10 + Office smoothly. Wants: -Small form factor -Modular power supply -Be able to run low end games (like CS:GO) smoothly -HDMI Out to 1 monitor Compromises (unless they are cost effective): -Quiet (within reason, I don't want it to sound like a truck is running in my place, obviously) -OC -Current Generation Components -Graphics card (if the CPU has on-board graphics) Other Ideas: 1. I was thinking about getting a barebones PC, but I don't know enough about them. 2. Purchase a refurb and tweak components to my liking. (Not the most ideal route, IMO.)
  5. I have had the Note 3 since March of 2014. It's served me really well, but it's time to upgrade. I'm ready to sit down and budget out a new phone purchase. I'm going on some trips in 2017 and I'd like a new phone with a new camera to take with me. I love the size of the Note. I like big phones, and the Note was perfect. Problem is, the Note 7 seems to be a no-go. I'm reading a couple articles that are saying that even the replacement batteries could pose a hazard (although they weren't completely able to confirm this). The Note 5 is an option, but I don't feel like paying that much for a year-old phone (and AT&T only has the Gold version listed on their website). I'm also not really a big fan of Apple, and their exclusion of the headjack on the 7 is the cherry on top for me. I'm looking for something big, with a decent camera. Considering the S7 (or some variation of it), but would like some input as to what else to look into. EDITED TO ADD: I'm not willing to go the used route.
  6. GigaSnow

    Been Away For A While (Suggestions?)

    Thinking up to $400, although I'd be more comfortable around the $250-$300 range. EDIT: As far as the specs, like I said, my computer has been pretty neglected. I'm currently running an APU with plans to upgrade to an i5 6600k.
  7. Due to demands from work, school, and my personal life, I was away from the internals of my PC for about 5 months. Since then, it looks like a bunch of new cards have been released. Before I left, I was looking at an R9 390X, but is that still considered a good buy? Should I look at anything from Nvidia? Anything coming out soon worth a look? Thanks for the help.
  8. GigaSnow

    Quiting Sodas

    I did it a while ago, unfortunately I started up again though. I need to quit them again. I just stopped, cold turkey. Started drinking more water, that's about it.
  9. GigaSnow

    American President

    The Bern. But, let's be honest. It's going to take a LOT more than a new president to truly make things better.
  10. GigaSnow

    Good games under $6

  11. GigaSnow

    Is GTA V worth it?

    I haven't upgraded to the PC version yet, but I loved the 360 version. LOTS of stuff to do, great storylines, and online was pretty fun too. Obviously, it doesn't hurt to wait for a sale or something, but I'd still go for it.
  12. GigaSnow

    PC games big box collecting?

    There are certainly people who collect them (YouTube: MetalJesusRocks and Lazy Game Reviews). I own a few myself, even though I'm more of a console collector. In fact, I just bought CounterStrike Condition Zero today for $3 at a thrift store this afternoon. People like them because digital games suck, and having the real deal is better. I don't own anything particularly rare, I own an old DOS compilation set that I could probably sell for $30 or so.
  13. Not really... I mean, to me, video games are just software programs. It'd be no different than saying Microsoft Word helped me understand computers. I suppose I got into PCs BECAUSE of gaming, and it was my "gateway drug" to learning about hardware and computer science, but them by themselves, no.
  14. GigaSnow

    how much did the internet changed you?

    Certainly. If it weren't for guys like Linus, Jay, and Ryan Shrout I wouldn't be doing computers at all. It's just a tool. It can used for production or time-wasting. It depends solely on the person using it.