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Everything posted by Bananasplit_00

  1. Today is the first day in something like five weeks i have used my computer... I have spent so much fucking money and time on this thing and i never find any time to use it... Dont be me

    1. FloRolf


      same. And once i do use it it's for browswing LTT, lol. 

    2. GrockleTD
  2. Been ages since I was in this thread, how are all the doggos?
  3. I don't think I'd not go if it was free but I'm definitely not paying to go there. It's all dirty and smells like cigs
  4. Quick sound comparison between my entire stock 2014 K70 with GENUINE MX browns and my Budget96 with my brand new Keebworks Tacits. They are quite nice, very smooth, good tactility and a very pleasing sound imo. 67g is a bit too heavy for my taste but ill still use them. Very happy that i jumped on them as soon as they dropped :D

    Budget96.mp3 K70.mp3

  5. A user at work was having super strange mouse issues. It would freeze all mouse control after a random period of time. Same user also had a lot of other issues with their new computer but this popped up after I had solved all of those. Turns out they had a wireless mouse plugged in and that they had been throwing the mouse onto the floor whenever they had issues... As soon as I unplugged the wireless mouse and rebooted the issue was gone.
  6. Well yah. I just feel they should have more time to do so.
  7. I think this is a great idea. I don't think the ban is long enough at three to five years though
  8. I agree that Firefox is a great browser, but this is really a status update more than anything
  9. im pretty tempted to buy either an udoo bolt x8 or the top of the line LattePanda... Dont think im actiually going too but they are really cool.

  10. I do have an iphone but its my work phone. Should probably have mentioned i have an android phone Not a fan of voice assistants, especially not ones that are always listening for you to speak to them. Are fitbits like... proper smartwatches now? all i know from them are fitness bands that also tell the time, which is not what im looking for
  11. So for my 20th birthday im thinking about getting myself a new smartwatch. Used to love my LG Watch Style while i had it but it got lost into a garbage container some years ago. Its been a while so i thought maybe they were a little better by now I would like some advice on what watches are worth looking at, i remember layered screens being the next big thing so maybe thats something that happened? I have no clue Budget can be a few hundred euro if needed. Would prefer if it lasted several days on a single charge. Round face design, metal construction and a fairly large watchface/screen. Heartbeat sensor is neat i guess, not needed though. Thanks for any advice
  12. i assumed like... hardware specs. not a very obvious list of features?
  13. Hahaha for a second I thought my next phone would be another LG but nope, notched display
  14. and you can keep using it after the trial, even if you are not allowed too.
  15. so i am back to my virtualization project, turns out i am way way further along than i remember... how drunk was i that night, i dont remember anything about getting this far what the hell

    1. VegetableStu


      man i wish i was productive when drunk, not a physically-self-aware-when-drunk type ,_,

  16. perfect timing on this, just as we move to Citrix ....
  17. kind of the same for me, i have a hard time putting any money towards tech. I dont have any time to play any games any more so spending more on performance makes no sense, phone works i guess even if i dont like it i dont like newer phones any better. I see the price and just nope out a lot of the time.
  18. Happy New year's guys, learnt almost all of my computer knowledge this decade, I wonder what I'll learn this one :D

  19. You should probably get a new case if you want things neat and tidy. That case won't take any normal size PSUs and won't take the graphics card you want to put in it. The Fractal Design focus G is a cheap case I can recommend. Comes in many colours and is usually €50 or so
  20. Paladins champions of the realm Game I have spent the most time in, Not very p2w, you get a good set of good champs on rotation. Plays wonderfully, fairly easy to run. Very easy to just sit down and play a game when you have some time. Almost always under 20min in length
  21. Been learning VM stuff all afternoon/evening, feels really nice when stuff starts to click in your mind but now im stuck because the vfio_pci driver isnt loading like it should 😔 think im just gona go to bed now tho, its midnight

    1. Cyberspirit


      The one time I tried doing something like this, I believe I was missing an important folder for some reason. Folks over at the level1forums can probably help you with this better than I could.

  22. Yah i like it, realised that the motherboard might be a little too wide though. Official spec of the R6 says 285mm while your motherboard is over 300mm
  23. those are fairly small coolers lmao there is no worry about those besides the mounting being kind of shitty. I would get the Fractal Design Define R6