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Status Updates posted by Bananasplit_00

  1. Today is the first day in something like five weeks i have used my computer... I have spent so much fucking money and time on this thing and i never find any time to use it... Dont be me

    1. FloRolf


      same. And once i do use it it's for browswing LTT, lol. 

    2. GrockleTD
  2. Quick sound comparison between my entire stock 2014 K70 with GENUINE MX browns and my Budget96 with my brand new Keebworks Tacits. They are quite nice, very smooth, good tactility and a very pleasing sound imo. 67g is a bit too heavy for my taste but ill still use them. Very happy that i jumped on them as soon as they dropped :D

    Budget96.mp3 K70.mp3

  3. im pretty tempted to buy either an udoo bolt x8 or the top of the line LattePanda... Dont think im actiually going too but they are really cool.

  4. so i am back to my virtualization project, turns out i am way way further along than i remember... how drunk was i that night, i dont remember anything about getting this far what the hell

    1. VegetableStu


      man i wish i was productive when drunk, not a physically-self-aware-when-drunk type ,_,

  5. Happy New year's guys, learnt almost all of my computer knowledge this decade, I wonder what I'll learn this one :D

  6. Been learning VM stuff all afternoon/evening, feels really nice when stuff starts to click in your mind but now im stuck because the vfio_pci driver isnt loading like it should 😔 think im just gona go to bed now tho, its midnight

    1. Cyberspirit


      The one time I tried doing something like this, I believe I was missing an important folder for some reason. Folks over at the level1forums can probably help you with this better than I could.

  7. Had to deal with a "Major singaling issue" on my way to work today -_- half an hour extra time in the commuter train and 10min late for work.


    Yesterday i overslept too.


    The universe dosnt want me to get to work on time my last week before i have my Christmas days off

    1. FIXXX


      A religious person would say you are being tested.

      A "show me what you got" situation.

  8. I just realised i have been reading the parking rates as 275sek/day(about €27) when its per month.


    well i guess my motorbike is coming down here as soon as the weather where i have it now allows 👀

  9. First day im feeling actually pretty good in quite a while, might be just the contrast from yesterday but i feel pretty decent actually



  10. Im starting to think that Sapphire Rapids is going to come too soon for me to want to upgrade. I said i was going to upgrade once it came out but i really dont think im going to want an upgrade that soon. I7 4790K is too stonk

    1. PianoPlayer88Key


      What do you know about Sapphire Rapids?  (Links would be fine too.)  I thought it might be the one after Tiger Lake, but idk.  (Also idk if it might be primarily a server architecture.)




      I'm still on the 4790K too.  I'm getting to where I'm wanting an upgrade soon, but no current products meet my needs at a price I'm willing to pay.  I'm tentatively planning to upgrade when DDR5 comes out.  But, I'm concerned that even with AMD's increased pace of innovation (99.999% not going Intel this time) the performance/price uplift will be nowhere near where I want before I upgrade.





      Benchmark example:


      Dad bought 286-10 system in Jan 1989.  Invoice didn't give CPU price separately, but online magazines say 287-10 (FPU but probably similar silicon) was around $280.

      Wikipedia's Instructions Per Second page says 286-12 was 1.28 MIPS.  (I'd estimate 286-10 ~ 1.0667 MIPS.)

      Dad got 486 DX4-120 CPU in Oct 1995 for $102.

      Wiki says DX4-100 was 70 MIPS.  (Guessing 486DX4 ~ 84 MIPS.)



      That's a 78.75x performance bump, and probably a 2.75x price drop, or about 216x boost in performance/price, in 6 years 9 months.



      I bought my 4790K in Jan 2015.  Six years nine months later would be Oct 2021....





      For a more real-world example:


      I ran a couple audio & video encoding tests on my 4790K several months ago.  Set up 2 hours of video & audio to transcode, did audio first then started on video but aborted a few weeks into the project.  (Yes, WEEKS!  I do have a gamer grade laptop I've been using as my daily driver, and yhe 4790K had sat unplugged for a year or so.)


      Video sources were all 4K 100mbps H.264 from my Panasonic FZ1000.

      In Handbrake, I was transcoding to H.265 / HEVC, keyint=1 (so all frames are keyframes making editing easier / finer, could cut/paste *anywhere*), q=0 (highest quality - Handbrake says q=0 is lossless when encoding H.264), and placebo setting.


      Audio sources were extracted tracks from the videos, converted to 48 kHz 16-bit stereo PCM Wave.

      I was using a multi-threaded front-end to LAME to encode to 320 kbps, stereo, 48 kHz, with checksums, etc.



      Transcoding the entire 2 hours of audio to mp3 took about 2 minutes.


      Transcoding just a single 4-minute video to H.265 took about ... 4 ... DAYS!



      I aborted the video encoding, as I said, after a few more had completed.  I didn't even get to one that was 15 minutes long, and ended up removing it from the audio encode queue.  This was due to the rest being 20 seconds to 4 minutes or so each, when the rest were done the 15-minute one was still encoding, and the multi-threading audio encoding was working only for multiple simultaneous encodes, not when there's only one active.  With the 15 minute file added I think it was taking about 4-5+ minutes for the audio encode.




      Anyway... I'd like something that at MINIMUM does that video encoding in real time (with a sub-$300 CPU, before considering GPU acceleration), and preferably as fast as my 4790K encodes mp3 (when it isn't choked by trying to encode one long file).


      My previous camera maxed out at 640x480, and I skipped over 1080p, jumping straight to 4K with the FZ1000.  I don't want to get a camera capable of 8K recording until a Celeron / Athlon could encode a 2 hour H.265 / HEVC video at max settings in under 2 minutes, or as fast as my 4790K was encoding those mp3s earlier.

    2. Bananasplit_00


      Dont know much about Saphire Rapids to be honest, but it seems to be coming up fast if you keep up with the tech news. I just remember seeing it on a roadmap placing it only a few years away recently which is way before i want an upgrade. Im sticking with my I7 4790K until it dies or i end up with a stack of money burning my pocket and a compelling platform comes around. Ryzen 3000 is awesome, but its really not Haswell and X570 is just straight up not as good as Z97 in my eyes.


      I have the cheapest Z97 motherboard i could find and have no issues with power components overheating, no issues with the chipset needing more cooling and any RAM i stick in it works well even at 5.1GHz 1.4V core. You just dont get that with more recent platforms it seems and thats not just belting on AMD, Intel are just as bad at this point and they have no value proposition at all.


      CPU power is also in no way moving as fast today as it did in the 80s and 90s, but finally its picking up the pace a bit with competition becoming a reality rather than a dream :D

    3. paddy-stone


      H.265/HEVC isn't mature enough for a decent shortness of time to encode yet IMO. H.264 is still the goto for a short encode time currently. - hardware accelerated I mean.

  11. I have not used Northern Bee for so long... The coolant has been settled out for probably a week now, Discord even logged itself out because i hadnt touched it in so long. My G502 feels extremely heavy and my K70 sounds like gunshots xD Damn, really been a while huh.


    During the week i dont have any time to sit down and during the weekends im catching up on sleep, cleaning and cooking...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Bananasplit_00


      I have replaced the case, changed fluid and cleaned everything once since we did the shootout. Very happy with this level of performance, everything runs so well :D too bad i dont use it enough :(

    3. Mr.Meerkat



      As for me, I've slapped in a 256GB NVMe SSD (still haven't assigned it), have cleaned the single dust filter a few times (*cough cough the amount of dust was amazing*) and that's it. And I use it almost every day 😂

    4. Bananasplit_00


      oh yah, i did get a 500GB SSD in here to use as my Linux drive, swapped entirely over to Linux now 😎 Love it

  12. So it turns out the beastly laptop in the pile of "we cant get it to start" only needed a higher wattage power brick so guess who has a new work laptop ;) 

  13. First custom keyboard is going to be a Budget96 with Gateron Silent Brown switches. Case is a little damaged but not in a spot thats going to be an issue :)

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    2. pizapower


      I like to smoke and drink beer while using my keyboard.

    3. pizapower


      So its get dirty pretty fast.

    4. pizapower


      And with a closed deck chassis you can't just blow ash away.

  14. Im honestly starting to really enjoy my job now that i can do stuff on my own. Still have a mountain of stuff to learn but after two weeks i can do most of the basic stuff and have started to pull the strings on a project :D Still a lot of dead time i dont know what to do with but it feels a lot better than it did just last week :)


    The perk of getting to grab whatever i want from here(within reason) is also nice 👀

  15. I really need to bring one of my bazillion cups to work, dosnt feel great to use a bunch of disposable cups for my coffee :( 

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    2. Bananasplit_00


      brought my thermos cup, i have had the same amount of cups of coffee, but as the thermos cup is 50cls instead of maybe 20cl for the disposable ones....



    3. Mr.Meerkat


      You can never have enough coffee :P

    4. Bananasplit_00


      im not sure im going to be able to sleep tonight lol

  16. Noita is a blast quite literally 😅


    Finally got to the third level and became minced meat within seconds lol

  17. Surface Pro 4 is now in a usable state running Ubuntu 19.04 with a kernel specifically patched for the device. Still not perfect, touch works but with no gestures like scrolling and the icons on the Cinnamon DE just will not get thicc enough to be a nice touch experience. At least the onscreen keyboard knows when too show so it can be used as a tablet. Some textboxes makes entering a keystroke take two touches though, not a fan and not something i have seen mentioned. Really not sure why its only some that do that either, FF does it but terminal and search dont. Hopefully i find a fix for these two and i can be off my merry way with this thing. As it is now i might still just revert to Windows even if its decent :(

  18. first update from the surface pro 4 :D

    1. Bananasplit_00


      seems like there is a lot to fix until it works as i want it too sadly

  19. one of my co-workers just blew my mind, the chair i have at work has been pretty uncomfy and very unergonomic but he just showed me that you can move the back up and down and gave me a manual for how to set the chair up :D

  20. hell yah, surface just booted right up, charger is working great. lets hope the battery isnt destroyed from sitting around with no charge in it for a few years 😅

    1. Bananasplit_00


      this thing is so nice, the outside is a little beat up but the screen and keyboard seem like they could have come right out of the factory box today even. Amazing

  21. Surface chargers have arrived 👀 Going to pick them up on my way home today. If nothing goes wrong i will have my Pro 4 from tomorrow onward :D

  22. oof the latency from my work laptop to my bt buds is somewhere around a second. Guess im bringing proper headphones from now on

  23. The surface pro 4 is comming closer and closer, chargers are now ordered 👀 


    Its taking its sweet time but im still exited

  24. Got my hands on my first quadro(K600 lol), what kind of fun should i have with this little thing? Performance is awful but im sure there are things that specifically need quadros i could do now?

    1. paddy-stone


      I would have said something with CUDA cores, but then I realised it only has like 192, whereas a GTX1060 has ~1280 :D


    2. Bananasplit_00


      well the box claims wildly diffrent specs, like K2000 level spec(~350CCs and 2GB GDDR5), which just seems wrong because thats not what a K600 has but hey who knows :P

  25. Had some very weak coffee but thought ehh whatever it will do. The caffeine hit like a truck, holy shit did they brew it with redbull or something?

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    2. Bananasplit_00


      I drink quite a bit of coffee, but its rare that it hits like this 😅

    3. FloRolf


      Coffee doesn't really work for me. Most of the time it does nothing and at other times it's just making my heart beat like crazy but nothing else, lol. 

    4. Bananasplit_00


      I have been on a caffine break for quite a while so it's pretty effective right now xD