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    I7 4790K @ (mostly at stock) 4.7GHz-5GHz 1.3V-1.375V(5GHz-5.1GHz 1.4V for benchmarks)
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    ASRock Z97 Aneversairy
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    4x4GB 2133MHz 11-11-11-30 2T
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    EVGA GTX 1080 FTW w/ Heatkiller IV
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    Fractal Design Define C w/ window
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    1x Kingston UV400 240GB SSD, 1x 1TB HDD from Toshiba
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    EVGA SuperNova 650 G2
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    1x32" Philips 1440p(73Hz), 1x22" Samsung 1080p(75Hz) and 1x22" BenQ 1080p(66Hz)
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    Custom CPU+GPU loop, 360x35mm rad + 240 slim rad
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    Corsair K70 + Razer Nostromo
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    Logitech G502 Spectrum + Wacom Intous small tablet
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    Senhister HD558 headphones, Blue Snowball ICE microphone, Fisher RS-3050 reciver(50W) 2x custom built speakers with 9 4" drivers and 4 tweeters each.
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    Windows 10

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  1. When is sli worth it?

    1: when the next teir up in GPUs is so expensive that its cheaper to get another card 2: when you have two of the same GPU laying around and dont want to buy a single, better one 3: when you need to output more pixels than a single card can do by itself those are the ones as i see it
  2. We want an app for LTT Forum

    why tho? the mobile site is great. lots of work has been put in and it works well with the added benefits of not taking up space and opening links faster and in the same app
  3. 3rd party release

    It's like 48 hours until NVIDIA are holding a livestream that is probably the new card announcement so you can say after that, if you can return it right now you can probably return it in a couple of days as well
  4. 1 Year Later: Savings from the $1000 build guide

    oh god that pos video... such a crappy build the CPU needs to be swapped for something newer as that I5 has no place being bought by anyone anymore but other than that i guess its fine? mobo needs to be swapped aswell obv
  5. well you can always use tape, or actiually get drunk but i dont recomend the latter one. especially not if you are under the legal age for alcohol where you live
  6. 3rd party release

    personally id return it and hold out, its going to be a few weeks or maybe even a coupple months before AIB cards start to hit the market. at least wait for the official NVIDIA annoucement of the cards to see if the 2080TI is even going to be a launch card
  7. How do i screw in psu

    there are holes and slots in the bracket, some cases will have holes only for one orientation some will have for mounting the PSU both ways. looks like you would need to fip the PSU over to make it line up with the holes here
  8. cant say i like Ubuntu, Mint is my fave distro for daily use but im still here on windows 10 because games. if i need to reinstall my OS again though its not going to be windows but some Linux distro
  9. oh god... mayhems blitz? might help? id honestly open all the blocks, clean/replace all the gaskets, replace all the tubes and clean the micro finns as much as possible. rads id run warm water through the rads untill no more shit comes out and then run distilled water or battery water through a coupple times. maybe soap. im no expert at this stuff and im not huge on maintnace myself but once a year at least is what im aiming for with my loop
  10. im so bad at android stuff... i have had problems getting a new ROM on my OP3 and three things were screwing me up: I didnt have the latest version of TWRP, i couldnt find where to get the right firmware and i didnt even have the ROM for the right phone -_- 

  11. because its garbage and NVIDIA are trying to kill it? scaleing isnt great and after NVIDIA dumped the responsebility for how well it works onto the devs its gone down the drain tbh. NVLink would make a lot of sense and pretty much all the leaks we have would point towards NVLink being "the new SLI" NVLink is a lot better in pretty much all ways and has been on the quadros for quite a while now so it would make sense to bring it to the consumer cards as its a much better technology
  12. oooooo yeah... bricked a phone -_- OP3 wont turn on now, first i screwed it up to the point where the phone wasent recognised as a OnePlus3 and just a "" so i was told to flash a new system and boot img on it, did that, rebooted because it didnt help and well... it turned off and thats how far it got. wont turn on now :( 

  13. the thing thats great about the 1050TI is that it dosent need an external power connector though. the tiny coolers are also great, but the best part is still not needing a 6 pin because that opens up so many crazy ITX ideas in my mind
  14. probably is, new chips come with new memory controllers and im pretty sure ones for GDDR5 wouldnt work with GDD6 and vice versa