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Everything posted by Nena360

  1. Nokia or Motorola Android ONE is de wei I heard.
  2. Nena360

    Mediatek vs snapdragon

    Probably also suck way more battery... :c
  3. I have a Nokia 3 which is god afwul and kills itself every monthly update, is replacing it with a Android One device a good idea? Or should I go for a EMUI or MIUI device? I am currently considering the following 3. I really like stock Android but after the Nokia 3(not android one but it was stock android) disaster I am kinda torn... O3O https://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=9313&idPhone2=9310&idPhone3=8893#diff-
  4. Nena360

    Motorola Android One devices any good?

    Is there a way to know if this model has or does not have adds? Its not suppose to kill itself, my Cherry Mobile Flare S6 did not kill itself every update... O3O Edit: Flare S6 has the same MT6737 chip...
  5. AMD is the only viable option that wont give your wallet a heart-attack... O3O
  6. I tried many things, copy pasta from my old PSP that used my old UMD, copy pasta from another device using PPSSPP with same ROM this save was around 10min in but not even that worked so its not locked to the UMD-iD? So what the actual fuck is wrong?! O3O
  7. Or is this the only thing I can get? https://www.bluestacks.com/about-us/app-player.html Also what about Linux?
  8. I still think all 3 of them are scams! O3O
  9. Its the only one of the new iPhones even near worth its price...
  10. Nena360

    600W PSU with 2 GTX 970's and OC i7-7700k?

    wattage does not matter as much as the quality of the PSU! O3O
  11. Nena360

    Pre-rooted phone?

    Yeah I guess I have to tell him its impossible to find it then, I am amazed nobody refurbish old phones install Lineage OS and re-sell them!
  12. Nena360

    Pre-rooted phone?

    A person I know is to lazy to root it himself, is there a good place to buy a phone with LineageOS? :3
  13. Nena360

    Pre-rooted phone?

    Yeah 2nd hand does sound kinda scary... I dunno it can be a Samsung S5 for example as long as it runs the Lineage OS, and is not filled with spyware by the original rooter. O3O
  14. Nena360

    what's with my iPhone 7's battery drain at night?

    TBF I am not sure its suppose to be playing music all night... O3O
  15. Nena360

    Phone with a good DAC/amp

    Wut? My honor has wonderful audio! O3O
  16. Nvidia boards are much better at backwards compatibility, only the PSU is a concern. :3
  17. Nena360

    How much is a used iPhone 6 worth?

    Check local prices, price it 5% above highest and profit. :3
  18. Nena360

    Huawei P20 Extreme Battery Drain

    Try factory reset.
  19. Nena360

    Phone with a good DAC/amp

    LG or Huawei.
  20. In my country they never do that, tough its not really a Apple store just a authorized distributor named Eple Huset(Apple House). ;_;
  21. Nena360

    Did the EU actually ban memes?

    Its actually a good news site if you just trust the stuff they show proof for! ;3
  22. Nena360

    Are mechanical keyboards worth the extra price?

    I use RGB gaming mouse with cheapo work keyboard because I am cheapskape gamer!
  23. Nena360

    How to safely use chinese branded "spy" phones

    Step 1 - I do is to disable/uninstall all apps you do not know and disable their permissions if they cannot be removed. (even if disabled I remove permissions) Step 2 - Install Kaspersky Internet Security or Avast which ever floats your boat! :3 Step 3 - Enjoy.