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  1. Did the EU actually ban memes?

    Its actually a good news site if you just trust the stuff they show proof for! ;3
  2. Are mechanical keyboards worth the extra price?

    I use RGB gaming mouse with cheapo work keyboard because I am cheapskape gamer!
  3. How to safely use chinese branded "spy" phones

    Step 1 - I do is to disable/uninstall all apps you do not know and disable their permissions if they cannot be removed. (even if disabled I remove permissions) Step 2 - Install Kaspersky Internet Security or Avast which ever floats your boat! :3 Step 3 - Enjoy.
  4. Just find the ruggiest case you can and judge it yourself. (if in a local store & you can touch it that works fine!)
  5. Nokia 8110(4G) uses it along with Blu & JiO feature phones! :3
  6. JiO in India made a phone with QWERTY keyboard device & KaiOS, so why could not Blackberry make a security based fork of the KaiOS and then make the cheapest but still good enough BlackBerry they can for the developing countries. KaiOS has proven to be a success in these places and it might help Blackberry get a small profit and the mindshare of the people! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OA_g2bQgOXY
  7. Based on FirefoxOS but built for Feature Phones mainly. :3
  8. any thoughts to reuse any parts of dead phones

    Since its hard to Frankenstein a phone, then sell it as a part kit might be a good idea! :3
  9. I think if they end up like Blackberry and Microsoft then yes they will port their apps, if people keep buying them then... I do not want to live on this planet anymore! O3O
  10. Sure we all know Apple loves to be all exclusive with their apps, but what if their phone market share went to less than 10% world wide? Could we see Apple taking the software approach like Blackberry & Microsoft? That makes me wonder, if Apple were struggling would they port their apps over with adds in them to gain a profit from those who do not purchase their devices? What do all of you think? After seeing Huawei passing Apple and with Xiaomi on their butts Apple may in the future lose their apps and end up like the Blackberry & Windows phone? Not to mention the increasing prices of the iPhone due to what Donald the Trump plans!
  11. Apple announces iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xr

    10R is ok the rest is a scam!
  12. That is what worries me, I suspect they may not keep selling for ever due to the lack of innovation, Android devices move ahead way faster and Apple just removes features such as the headphone jack, sooner or later they may be all like fuck Bluetooth or NFC use our new standard... Not to mention the EU will fine the shit out of them for not using Type-C on their iPhones! And then Trumps dumb ideas will lead to a further rise in prices? I am sorry but I fail to see how people will by the next iPhones in 2-3 gens of price jumps equal to the ones now...
  13. Eeeh BB10 is actually quite good, Windows 10 lacked apps & iOS might suffer if Apple do not do something to increase market share! In Asia & Africa the Android platform has more local apps than iOS can offer and therefore ends up as a rare device to seen, yes for now in the western countries Apple is doing good but if their keep raising prices and removing features people want then...
  14. Blackberry jumped to Android, Nokia jumped to Android its only Apple left! ;3
  16. Ryzen for work + gaming Intel for just gaming.
  17. Even if they in the end was forced to use it due to lack of app support?
  18. Anger problem!

    Video games? :3
  19. Anger problem!

  20. Best migration tool for switching phones

    Smart switch or google backup? Latter only works with Android to Android.
  21. What has Happened to Android Messages?

    The crap Huawei gives me, Google messenger for anything else it seems and whatsapp, discord and messenger if people want me to sometimes. =3= #fuckalltheseappsIwantjustone
  22. Huawei benchmark cheating? Anandtech examines.

    #fakenews This is not cheating it is called TURBO! Even Intel, AMD & Nvidia use this! Are they all cheating? True it only activate the turbo in known apps(games, benchmarks & heavy apps) rather than a app that requires extra performance which I personally think is just a design flaw in the software. Then again made in China so I do not expect good software to begin with but that they are CHEATING? THAT IS FAKE NEWS AND XENOPHOBIA TO MAKE CHINA`S ECONOMY WEAKER SO THE USofA & JAPAN CAN INVADE AND TAKE OVER CHINA, THEY ALWAYS WANT TO INVADE CHINA!!!
  23. It seems most phones with AMOLED I have seen does not appear to have external damage after dropped, yet they fail! So are AMOLED less durable against drops than a LCD? In most cases with LCDs they actually most be cracked before a failure seems to happen. So what is up with that? Is this a thing or just by chance? O3O
  24. AMOLED vs LCD drop durability?

    Yes but I seen more AMOLEDs that was not even cracked and failed after drop, to me it seems like LCDs crak more often before they stop working!