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Everything posted by Nena360

  1. Nena360

    SD 3100 on a smartphone

    True but is it worse than a MT6580?
  2. Nena360

    Huawei and ZTE Ban

    This is utter shit, when Qualcomm proved Apple violated their patents they said a iPhone ban would be anti-competetive & unfair against consumers, then what the actual fuck is this? Not the same thing?! I demand a Apple ban now!!! O3O
  3. Nena360

    What is wrong with AMD

    I fail to see the issue except price...
  4. I got this little bluetooth controller for a low price tough there is a issue it does not appear on my device, so I read the manual and it gave me 2 QR codes. One leads to the www.xiao-ji001.com & the other is www.phoenixOS.com/octopus/intro which one was destroyed by my dr.webs anti-virus and the other app got killed by Google protect... Umm should I be worried? Is it better to return the device and give up on it or ignore all warnings and install the sketchy looking Chinese software? O3O
  5. Nena360

    ipega pg-9028 bluetooth gamepad

    Oh I most press X then home... Why didn't the manual tell me this?! O3O
  6. Nena360

    ipega pg-9028 bluetooth gamepad

    I guess maybe the guy at the shop knows how to connect it, avoid the apps then I guess... Thanks il try talking to the staff there the reset button the manual suggested did not help...
  7. Nena360

    Best of these 3? :D

    honor Play 8A vs Tecno Camon 11 Pro vs Nokai 5.1 Plus! https://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?&idPhone1=9509&idPhone2=9441&idPhone3=9246#diff- All of them are good but I feel like the Camon 11 Pro has the edge due to the battery... Need advice here! ^-^
  8. DIY tablet? I just installed Android x86 on a old laptop and jackpot, only issue no touch screen tough you may have the answer!
  9. Nena360


    In the olden days you did not need both parts of the modern core, now in my book its more 1.5 cores so let me ask this, should the FX-4000 be designated a Tri-core? 1.5 times 2 is 3 so lets say a FX-8000 is than a Hexa-core so what do we call a FX-6000? A 4.5-core CPU? It is no other way than calling it a Quad, Hexa & Octo-core this lawsuit is beyond dumb since if you compare the Phenom II X6 to FX-6300 are they not on par? For the most part? (yes FX-6100 faildozer was inferior we all know...)
  10. Nena360

    Best value phone right now

    I do not like its looks that much but many love it so I am gonna say its probably a safe bet!
  11. Nena360

    Looking for a phone for 2019

    Nokia 5.1 Plus! Tough slow motion capture umm? O3O
  12. Nena360

    Did this break my headphone jack?

    Messing with wires is a bad idea, a jack can be damaged only using the wrong type of 3.5mm!!! Tough most modern phones have compatibility with both types tough...
  13. Nena360

    Changing phone.

    S6 is expensive to fix, if it is the screen... (honor 8x better value)
  14. Nena360

    Best value phone right now

    Well if value is needed then maybe honor 8x or the new honor play 8A?
  15. I need a OS that can run the following programs/apps: Steam Discord Firestorm (or another Second Life Client) Firefox Basic text editor that can edit most files Image viewer & maybe gimp or a paint clone VLC & Music player
  16. IOMMU should been possible to disable during install in my opinion... =3=
  17. Nena360

    Is my battery life below or above average.

    Seems good enough!
  18. Android x86 is what I am sticking to since it actually works, until it stops working or fails then I will re-start my OS hunt.
  19. Nena360

    Planning to buy a new phone any ideas

    Nokia 5.1 Plus. iit has a Helio P60!
  20. Yeah I will try Android x86 for now, also I do not need Bluestacks in Windows anymore so yay more games there! FydeOS? Never heard of it, is it stable Android x86? Is it using Linux kernel or something else?
  21. Poland & NATO is fascist! #leavehuaweialone #boycottApple >:O
  22. Status update: Android x86 works perfectly its just Ubuntu as far as I am aware, I may try to get another SSD and try another Linux install over Ethernet later but for now Android + Windows is de wei! O3O
  23. In desperation tried Android x86 but hen I try to boot it I just get Windows... HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! O3O
  24. Nena360


    Dayum. O3O