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    In a house in the UK
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    I am definightly a human.... yeah, i think they'll buy that...
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    Bartender, waiter....*Sigh*


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    Intel Core i3-4130 (Dual Core)
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    Some generic mobo (forgot)
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    120GB Kingston SSD, 1TB 7200RPM Seagate
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    CiT 750w
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    Samsung 27' Curved TV, x2 4:3 montiors
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    Windows 10 Home edition (64-bit)

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  1. Fuuuuuuu~ I'm sooo annoyed all the post offices are saying they are open but they aren't open so i cant deposit my money....


    Btw my bank can deposit money through post offices due to thek shutting down many branches 

  2. Hehehehe, I need to cash my paycheck from lasts week work as if i do i can buy my i5 8400 while the price has dropped 😀😀😀


    1. GoldenLag


      Quadroupling performance from whats listed on your profile

  3. Sooo i may have forgot to stop my youtube generated playlist while out of the house... And forgot to pause the history....






    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Alex Colson

      Alex Colson

      Soooo many songs now my home pages is gonna be fucked for a while.....

    3. Jtalk4456


      video link still says no access, but I can see the spoiler

    4. Alex Colson

      Alex Colson

      @Jtalk4456 video link shouldnt be their and doesnt seem to wsnt to be removed :/ but the spoiler should show what i mean... 

  4. Apple to Update iOS 11.4.1 to Secure Data over USB

    Huh, Something that isn't apple screwing over the Consumer? GG never thought i wouold see the day. Secondly doesn't the device require you to unlock your phone anyway to actually transfer stuff from pc to Iphone.
  5. Soooo bought some shiz for my laptop and my pc. 


    New (White this time) Computer tower.

    A Z370 mobo 


    (Getting i5-8400 later)


    And getting a potentially working 4GB DDR3L Ram thanks to @AluminiumTech, Dudes done sold some great shiz to me 

    1. iamdarkyoshi


      I can delid if you need

  6. Sooo i am alive for people wanting to know (no-one really) been busy with shiz and can now start creating more discussions with people. yay!!!


    Any laters posts will be non-sense or updates on gettin my rig ready for uni.


    1. Jtalk4456


      Bring on the notifications!

    2. GoldenLag


      Yay, ive been missing you. To few anime AVIs on LTT forum

    3. TopHatProductions115
  7. Yay bit late but good old Birtish media doing their job to mess things up and make themselves look stupid.....yay....

  8. Soooo i recently got a new phone, The P20 Pro. 


    Personal opinion it is great. camera is outstanding, display is well detailed and clean looking along with have crisp and vibrant colours. the responsive time for the fingerprint scanner and face recogonition is outstanding. compared to my last phone the Samsung S6. soo happy with the purchase and will most likely have it for 3+ years depending on the degrading process it may have after the 2nd year :D 

    1. GoldenLag


      Damn thats a dream machine. Pretty much the best you can get your hands on these days

  9. Sooo i recently started at a new work place (still a bar sadly) and i kinda have my old job available to do shifts during the week when my sister is in (mode of transport in as not insured under the car) and i just feel sluggish when i head to that work place on top of feeling sick. yet my new place i don't it seems fine and all not sluggishness and no feeling sick.


    shows how much i despise the last place.

    1. Jtalk4456


      when the eyelid twitching stops as soon as you start the new job, you know the old one was bad...

  10. Ummm i dunno if my computer is failing hardcore if the website removed my Banner?

    1. iamdarkyoshi


      Confirmed forum bug.

    2. aki adaki

      aki adaki

      It happens a lot, that and on mobile I can't see my profile name on the little side bar but if I click the bell icon without any notifications it takes me to my profile. 

  11. Omg I'm so excited that my exams are finally over. Time for the money grind so i aint up shit creak without a paddle when i head to uni. 


    Sooo how all ya'll

    1. GoldenLag


      Lucky you. Im still waiting to find out if im gonna have an exam at all. 


      Ive got no idea what you actually said in this post, cuz that aint i engrish to me

    2. Alex Colson

      Alex Colson

      I need to start saving money for uni so im not fucked 


      Translated from 'Alex's broken language' to 'English'


    3. Jtalk4456


      fastweb.com. It will be your best friend

  12. Battlefield V - EA just announced Battle Royal for the game

    Like they are two similar game modes and tbh i wouldny view the genre as new either it is more the fact people have came to see Mass player counts and scavanging for weapons as a BR. Like i mentioned more of the iconic last man standing modes usually had you spawn in witha weapon and some sort of gear. May not be OP weapons n armour but it would have been something to increase your surviability.
  13. Battlefield V - EA just announced Battle Royal for the game

    Well there is a difference between last man standing game modes and BR as most Last mand standing game modes you are spawned in already geared and surviving against a small number or other players over multiple rounds. While BR is a scavange,kill survive. They are similar in base standing but playout slightly differently.
  14. Anthem - New information about the game

    The Colossus is basically your Tank, so it can deal out wide AOE damage and somewhat precision damage while draeing agro and taking more than average ammounts or damage. The Ranger is your generic all round character build but is at its best at CQC while it can be used a mid range. So your generic DPS character. the Interceptor is gonna be the light nimble class for agile and fast movements (I assume from research) but could also be your support class. My assumption on this class is that it is ideal for forcus damage on one target while moving agile around the enviorment. Finally the Storm is supposedly an elemental Javalin suit which uses elementals as weapons up9n this it can do rapid movement (short teleportation) so his role is mysterious atm as people can guess. Anyway i am interested in Anthem but can someone tell me does this not feel like it a reskin of Destiny? Only 1 city still stands, a beig or immense power leaves without warning and beings or a evil intent come to destory everything.
  15. Well i see you have been busy.....

    1. Cinnabar Sonar

      Cinnabar Sonar

      Yes, very much so.