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    Intel Core i3-4130 (Dual Core)
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    Some generic mobo (forgot)
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    8gb DDR3
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    AMD radeon R9 200 series
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    120GB Kingston SSD, 1TB 7200RPM Seagate
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    CiT 750w
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    Samsung 27' Curved TV, x2 4:3 montiors
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    Stock CPU Cooler
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    Generic Hp keyboard
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    Windows 10 Home edition (64-bit)

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  1. Can't wait till later today.... Gonna see Infinity Wars later today and have been avoiding info on it like a plague. Woooo

  2. Phone interface of the website

    @iamdarkyoshi The only problem I have with the Mobile version would be the hideaway menu for your profile and notifications because for some reason I cannot open it unless I get the overlay that someone has responded or posted something I am following in the bottom left. Dunno if this is due to something website wise or if it is due to internet connection?
  3. Cookie preference

    you must love the cookies...... @Keith W Join the dark side.... We have Soft n Hard cookies
  4. Am I blind or deft or are people making some stuff up? Anyway Apple has no obligation to fix or repair a device that has void their Terms of Service, which In this instance Linus' (Own purchased) IMAC Pro fell under. But here is the thing Apple DIDN'T Refuse the Repair, they took it in held onto it then had to send it back to Linus as they couldn't get a hold of the parts, They referred him to a third party repair shop (apple authorised repair) but they couldn't do anything due to the lack of training in repairing them and if they did try the would have had a chance of losing the apple certification for repairs. In short The problem with Apple was they didn't create the proper channels for repairing a High end product of their own before launching it for sales, This is inevitably what happened to Linus, they had insufficient channels for repairing the device and no Linus is up the river without a paddle. On the other Hand if Linus read the terms of service he would have seen that what he done was liable to being refused for repair, Even though the device wasn't actually refused. In short both sides have some part in the blame, Linus for ignoring the Terms of service and technically Modifying the device which is acceptable to refusal of repair and Apple for not setting up sufficient repair channels to fix or replace I high end product like this when a problem does occur with it.
  5. Anime Club - Heaven Society

    Ooooooh Ep 15 did nicely to finish that arc for sure. Great story telling by far and yeah dunno why sooo many people got triggered with Ichigo as she technically didn't do anything wrong in my eyes. Definitely looking forward to the next episode
  6. Windows 10 "Lean" Edition in the works

    MS Response: How about use those finger other than clicking to explicit site and holding that sausage and remove them ya self Just to clarify this is just a joke I don't mean anything towards ya
  7. To be honest why not post the data to show him he is wrong than just saying it. To be honest for people who are looking for a laptop in general they most likely pic Mac's because hey it's Apple. not because oh it would be more ideal in my situation, When it comes to the more tech savvy people then ya data is more informable as MAC's can do things better than MS and vica versa. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Firstly, Jesu - actually lets keep him out of this. Why the hell are you all like this? Like come on it a bloody product, flame wars like this generally piss me off because it one point against another on either side and somehow both are so dense to bloody compromise and come to an agreement. Oh people like this because x n y and because Z doesn't have that or this. Can I just state one thing? Keep wasting your lives with this pointless arguments on which is better. This being Apple v MS or Xbox v PS or whatever other flame war their are going on but like seriously......
  8. So that Linus vs Apple’s refusal to repair: post your picture/s

    Would have been great if you could have had that playing on all the TV's in a electronic store at once. would like to see dat
  9. Cookie preference

    when taken out of context...... Soz and mine would be both, I like them all Soft n Hard
  10. So something that I find interesting about myself is I will try to remain neutral between flame wars on said shit or on discussion I only have vague knowledge on. I like that 

  11. Weeb 😝

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    2. Alex Colson

      Alex Colson

      Ummm hold on lemmie get a pro @Cinnabar Sonar what is a Nep?

    3. Cinnabar Sonar

      Cinnabar Sonar

      @Alex Colson These are all Neps.



      These are just a handful of the elusive creatures called "Neps".  Not much is know about them, but all that have been discovered are female, and under the age of 30.


      @Silentprototipe would have more information, since he is a Nepoligyst.

    4. Silentprototipe


      @Cinnabar Sonar Thanks nepper in crime. I do happen to be an expert in this topic of nepping


      @Alex Colson @BadluckBrian A nep is one of 2 things. A loli or an adult. The nep also happens to have a sister that happens to go under Gear aka "Nepgear". 


      Here is a prime example of the loli and its sister. (Neptune to the left and Nepgear to the right)

  12. Are you just following by bread crumb path of posts and leaving likes on them xD 

    1. 8uhbbhu8


      Mmmm more like RNG but with twists and unexpected twists turns and falls in a maze with never ending levels.

    2. Alex Colson

      Alex Colson

      So your hunting my posts.... hmmmm



    3. 8uhbbhu8


      hmmmm indeed. *disappears into a shadow in the floor*

  13. Anime Club - Heaven Society

    @LAwLz I would have to agree with your point of view, I have watched up to ep 15 though I hate spoilers because I try to remain vague for the ones that haven't seen it but are still wanting to look at what the spoiler contains....
  14. Anime Club - Heaven Society

    @wolfgang you could try Twins Star if you haven't watched it yet, 50 episodes and ain't half bad. or you could watch some of the ones featuring on Netflix like A.I.C.O, Blame!, Kuro mukuro etc (can be watched else where) as they where not bad either.
  15. Overwatch's depth and complexity is underrated

    As you just mentioned Statistically, meaning only really on paper is that correct. The game has no intention to put bad players into your team or another team as it is basing on your SR of said Season and the stats you get, this being gold medals, W/L ratios, K/D ratios etc on a number of characters. the game throws people together thinking each player will go the desired role it thought they would go to help the team comp. but doesn't work out like that which is where you get trollers, 1-Trick ponies and Throwers that don't care. Yes we may not see what goes on for the enemies team and that we cannot see what other teammates are doing. Being someone who plays a tank the biggest downside to me is I NEED to trust my teammates to output the damage that can take down their tank or take some players down. Along with that I cannot see what happens behind me so my defensive judgement is purely down to what's in front of me and what people communicate to me. Finally I ain't a player that jumps to oh my teams trash anytime I lose, I know other players will have their own issues to deal with, which is why I don't complain about healing until absolutely needed (I Need Healing) As I don't know about the other players conditions or the healers current situation being they are being targeted and trying to stay up or what etc. This response you took in the wrong context, When I mentioned if your team doesn't aid in some form it means overall the WHOLE TEAM not just everyone but you. If I don't cooperate then it doesn't work if other players don't cooperate it won't work. I know people have own issues among the game when in a match like that one genji or pharah or sniper that is targeting them, I know this too well as when you a healer you are targeted a lot if you are the teams Key Damage dealer you are targeted if you are a threat to a counter you are targeted. So I ain't saying 'My team is Sh** loosely' when I do get to a point of frustration where that comes into play it generally is Valid. For example letting go an easy pick, Wasting an ult just to keep yourself alive when it could have been used more strategically, Not remaining behind your shield player while doing damage. All these are valid for said quote as why not use something you have and why not think before you ult. as you mentioned there is more to the game than just what is seen basically and I do know about it. As you have listed these underline skills required prior. But then do you lose because of said person flexing or because no one else who does better thought of going tank and having said player take their role if they perform better. Flex players usually are better than 1-trick-ponies as they can play many characters and aren't useless when their counter comes into play as they can change around it if need be. Secondly the player is flexing because this is a higher chance of winning than him going hey I'm gonna play my main fuck being a tank that we really need. Yes this is true it is to show your overall view but again, Does a win rate reflect your skill as said role or the skill as working as a team. This comes back to my prior argument that a average team with Great teamwork and coordination will perform better than above average players with not coordination or teamwork. Why? because as mention the game is designed to be a TEAMPLAYER not a lone wolf so going on about hey I have a high W/L rate it comes down to you having actually good team mates that can support your and give advantage to you and your team when need be. If the W/L rate was based on player skill then it wouldn't be the way the game is today as you could have one player pick a character and beat a team which is impossible in this game without aid. 'Genji team wipes' , 'D.Va team wipes' etc isn't solo plays they are setups, Done by combining ults like Grave and Genji or D.Va , or Hammer Down with Genji or D.Va bomb. or other ults that work together Mei's Blizzard or Anna's damage boost on a player, Mercy's healing along with Mcree's Dead eye, Winstons Ape Rampage with D.va bomb or others. Like you can combo a good few of ults to get team wipes or you can just throw all your ults at a team and that usually works. In short the game is DESIGNED to be a team player, while your trying to imply it isn't with the stasis that your W/L purely depends on your game play. As you said about the 1/3 of even matches they can go both ways, It being your game play let the team down or vica versa, where a team mate didn't have great luck or didn't perform on par to their usual. Those matches are usually the best because you KNOW all your teammates are working together as hard as they can but just couldn't because of bad luck, mis placement etc. So again in those 1/3 of even matches it still relies on teammates AND yourself to play their A game.