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Alex Colson

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    In a house in the UK
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    I am definightly a human.... yeah, i think they'll buy that...
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    Full time - student // Part time - Bartender/waiter....*Sigh*


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    Intel Core i5-8400
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    Gigabyte B370 D
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    8GB DDR4 3200Mhz
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    AMD radeon R9 290x 4GB
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    120GB Kingston SSD, 1TB 7200RPM Seagate
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    EVGA 600W No Modular
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    Samsung 27' Curved TV, x2 4:3 montiors
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    Stock CPU Cooler
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    Cheap RGB Keyboard
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    Windows 10 Home edition (64-bit)

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  1. Sooo some of you guys may find this mean or rude of me other may agree.


    I have recently seen an incline in people becoming vegan, vegetarian and of different gender identities.


    These are fine by me you do you be what you want and feel like what you want I aint gonna stop you but what really aggitates me is the ones among those religions, gender, or lifestye that feel the need to force you to either know that they are this every second they got or force you to be one of them.


    So im gonna be straight here, you can be, do or follow what ever the fuck you want and i will stand by ya only if ya dont try to force it on me or make it feel like my life decisions aren't right. At that point you can fck off and any aggro given by me to you isnt because of what you do its because of your attitude and personality about it....



    Had to get that out there because one of the things that have been building up.

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    2. Alex Colson

      Alex Colson

      I will cringe but yeah....

    3. Jtalk4456


      OK so when the police ask me why I did it, You have no problem with me saying that Alex stood by it and let me do it XD

    4. Alex Colson

      Alex Colson

      Uhh i'll have a problem with THAT. But i'll let you do you man, you do you....

  2. So i enjoy my fair share or open world games, rpgs etc. And in a few of them i loved the trading, being able to go hey here i have what your looking for this is the price but willing to negotiate,


    I loved trading in many games two i loved the most was Neverwinter and Warframe.


    As i would offer assistance to people looking for items, tell them i'll try and source one but at such a handling fee.


    So i would get the item be like hey i got this for this much here is your offer including handling fee. And many approved of that or comprimising on my price, gettinf my stock up while getting some sold. That included going hey i can go as low as this but you need to throw in something extra like a item or bp.


    I'm sayin this because through out trading in those games i always made sure to keep contact with whos interested now bs people and be fair.


    Yet with the issue im having on ebay thats gonna be hard as my bs raidar is goin off and telling me somethings not right with this.

  3. Alex Colson

    Selling and Buying.

    Soo to make this more clear, the rants to do with my experiance on multiple places for buying and selling. These include Ebay, LTT classified thread and Facebook/ Direct messeging. Buying: So as a buyer their are things expected of ya, being able to purchase the product, be intrested in the product and be able to communicate with the seller if needed. As being a buyer on Ebay three times now (positive n Negative) and a buyer here on the LTT forums i tend to be understanding, Ebay- first purchase was two monitors going for £55 total, a steal right? Well it was a complicated one. It never arrived the currior never arrived at our door yet it was signed for? I went around my estate and to the area that a GPS would take you to if following it asking if they have recieved a large package sent to this address. Sadly no. Contacted the Seller who said he will contact the currior on this and try to find out. Done what he could so just told me to request the refund and all that would happen is i pay the return fee £12.50 total (could be how he got money without sending an actual package who knows) but lo and behold the same delivery company is seen coming bacl into my estate and stopping infront of one of the houses a retrieving packages. So this turned out negative as this could have been a fault on the delivery service, lies from neaghbours or just a none existant package. Purchase other products on ebay (wifi card and GPU) both came with no issue bar the GPU having a coil whine under load (never mentioned in listing). LTT Forum: So cant say much here dealt with the same person each time who was willing enough to low prices down if reasonable and would keep me up to date on the status of the items along with being a good seller and seeing if they had any other products i would be interested in. All came in good condition and no hassle what so ever bar name of reciever due to goin to a uni accomodation that wont give parcels to a sibling if it not addressed to them. Selling: I have sold two thing that required postage & packaging One being a halloween costume and the other being a Ps2 bundle. Halloween costume was odd it got bought, sent and recieved without a single word from the buyer. Bear in mind this is with me informing them on whem it would be posted, and when it was posted so they could expect it soon. Now the PS2 how ever is a whole different story, bought, sent and recieved with contact to the buyer. Answering queries and when they should recieve it. Item was posted on ebay with everything checked. Controller, Buzzers, Mic, games, eye toy and console. Listed with what all was working. (Bar a game that i dunno why i listed) Got contacted by the buyer that the product was recieved and that some of the games where not reading. I responded saying that it could be a problem with the reader lense and suggested cleaning the lense or doing a reset of the disc reader lense with a link to a guide. (Console never had this done before so could have resolved the read disc error) Got back saying they didnt want to make it worse (assuming they never opened the console or cleaned the lense) and requested a refund. So before i decided to request the refund i asked for the info of all the discs that where not reading, image of which one are reading and proof. Got a response saying that one set of the buzzers aren't working along with the discs. And later then got a response saying what discs where not working, that a set of buzzers aint working, a usb isnt working and that i had the eye toy pluged into the none working usb port (no photos had any additions plugged in during the listing) and questioned why a guitar hero mic was in it and not a kareoke mic that i had listed (was added at a later date with no cost increase) but thought due to it being a guitar hero mic they thought thatw as the fault with it. Now i could he wrong and the console deteriorated during the original post and the purchase of the item. So it felt off as the refund request came in saying it was not working as hoped and discs not reading or taking long loading times. Then came the response of oh this is not working and then the list of faults along with a fault that i never had with the console since it use and that was the disc tray getting stuck. I have had many consoles, xbox 1(like the first one) the PS2 , xbox 360 and the xbox one. Ony the 360 was the one with disc tray issues. So ya, currently not havin positive effects with ebay. Anyway if i get it returned and the device isnt working as it left, addditions have been changed or games been swapped out.
  4. Sooo atm i'm kinda pissed off. A PS2 that was in working condition upon being posted was purchased on ebay, sent the item along with the games, buzzers, controller and 16GB memory cards (2x 8GB) 


    I have recieved a refund on it as supposedly nothing is working. Some Games, eye toy, mic (an third party one) along with the console supposedly not reading.


    Started with, games aren't being read. I asked them about the delay on tue disc read n error. 


    I responded asking for more detail as i would like to resovle it without it having to be returned. They came back saying one of the buzzers isnt working and that the USB ports are not working either along with the tray now getting stuck.


    Atm it annoys me as for all the years i have had the one thing that began to fail was the second controller (wasnt sent)


    Sooo kinda annoyed.....

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    2. firelighter487


      i also don't understand why they would even do something like this. i got a PS2 with 2 controllers, a memory card and a bunch of games for €20 a while back. 

      why would they go this far for such a low amount of money...

    3. Alex Colson

      Alex Colson

      It was sold for a total of £47.50 packaging costed more that i had down but didnt bring up the additional cost it created. So they didnt have that to deal with.


      Along with that the console got sold with 8 Games,

      A ps2 controller with no grip on the sticks and the power light didnt show up but worked as intended.

      Along with two sets of what i had down as fully working (Tested before posting on ebay) a Microphone, Eye Toy and 2x 8GB of Memory.


      So they got a lot for £40 


      And then contacts ebay because i requested the videos they whete syaing the have of it being faulty to be put on a GDrive folder and a link sent to me for revewing.



    4. Alex Colson

      Alex Colson

      @firelighter487 & @Cyberspirit, sadly due to this when i get the console back all getting tested. Recorded etc and the thing will be relisted for at a higher price. Because im pretty sure a faulty set of Buzz controllers are being sent back in replace of ones that i had working.


      On top of that they said i jad the eye toy plugged into a usb port that wasnt working.... THE EYE TOY was never plugged in on any of the images in the listing so dunno where they got that from. 


      I'm definightly contacting ebay if the console comes back in worse state than it was sent in and i would like it being resovled in the fact that i get compensated for the price of the packaging wasted and the product itself.


  5. Alex Colson

    Bungie and Activision part ways

    @RejZoR i wouldnt judge them by a single game... As much as i dislike Activision now, I enjoyed all the games the released in the COD franchise from COD4 - MW3 Black ops II and Ghost wasnt bad but they where not ultimately in my high graces. And then you have their Futursitic games that just where not good in my opinion. People change, Games Change, companies change etc. Halo 1 yes had A lot of copy paste levels where assets where reused somewhere else. The mission with the multiple bridges many plays held that one with pain as it felt the most repetitive. Now going on about the ship... Have you ever been on a ship, plane or building that uses the same layout and style the whole way through? I would assume a Frigate would follow the same lead so having copy hallways broken up by unique rooms (Cantiene, Power Generator, control center etc.
  6. Alex Colson

    Bungie and Activision part ways

    @ZacoAttaco I understand what you getting at with the progress of D1 going away but at the same time it wasnt as if you became nothing. Your Guardian lost his/her light the classic Tower was destoryed, anything you had gone, your guardian recovering the light from a fragment of the traveller needed to re train his hand in it once again while coming to learn new abilities not known before. While it did annoy my you lost your progress and all they Bungie took the effort to pay tribute to the OG players with the starting screen showing your achievements of D1 while also making sutble hints at the start of the campaign "Ah Saladins Young Pup" for becoming a Iron lord in the last dlc or he would have said "King Slayer" for if you only got to killing Oryx etc. ------ Anyway im glad Bungie now has full control of Destiny but that doesnt mean Microtransactions and shit will go away they will stay and may come more known to be able to fund the loss of money that was lent via activision (Possibly) or they will be less in your face and we see more content, priper stories and more end game activities. Some small stories or additions could end up being free as a thank you (like small stories, finding something or recovering a lost weapon from the old tower) Sooo it can go either way but i choose the positive as bungie has been a company that cared for the players even if it aint the same team that done halo.
  7. Alex Colson

    Bungie and Activision part ways

    Just so ya know Halo 1 was the game the generalised Regenerative health which practice now gets used among many other FPS titles.
  8. Hmmm im currently worried because i will need to clean out my pc when i get back to it....


    As it will be collectin dust till the 20th and it wont be powered back on till then :/

    1. Cyberspirit


      Why not put something over it? If you kept the bag the case came in, you could just use that.

    2. Alex Colson

      Alex Colson

      I do have the top fans covered but the inside will need maintenance as the uni accomodation collects dust within a day of be dusted or cleaned...


      Hate tiled roofing 

  9. Soooo mobo came today!!! In a pretty banged up box (not really worried bout that) but it didnt start.

    The boards power light came on but didnt post or anything.. to make things better it being a dell board (my mistake) it cant use a generic heatsink :l soooo yeah its getting returned unless anyone wants a mobo that supports a LGA 755 socket (Intel)

  10. Hmm, Sooo im hoping i havent waisted cash on a used LGA 775 mobo. If it doesnt work im gonna get my refund and if it doesnt work could be a cpu issue.... Welp fuk

    1. Cyberspirit


      Uh oh, good start for the year. What happened?

    2. Alex Colson

      Alex Colson

      It my dads old rig, like it aincent, the old board had IDE ports for the old HDDS 


      Think he shorted it when he was trying to swap cases, so got the new board to swap the cpu n ram hoppin they aint done for


  11. Soooo its the 31st and everyone knows what that means.....


    I have to fucking work in a bar for the night!!!! Yay... but no seriously i hope you all have a great New Years while im serving people drink after midnight.... Ooh ho ho there is gonna be a fun night XD


    Secondly i wanna change my profile pic to somethig else but dunno what. 

    Can someone suggest ones that are anime or Gaming related. Just not from the area past the line pls

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Jtalk4456


      i bet there's some good tips though

    3. Strike105X


      Nevermind 😛 Sorry for the Nee Year spam :P .

    4. Alex Colson

      Alex Colson

      The Tips where good Got roughly £35 in tips last night

  12. Ahhh its the 29th... Tomorrows my birthday (YAY for Cake). The day after i'll most likely be working in a bar for new years day and the day after recovering with nearly 15hrs of sleep


    Gonna be fun.


    Did i mention cake, i like cake. Oh and ice cream 😊

    1. Cyberspirit


      Happy early B-day. ❤️

  13. OMG soo i been looking through my dm's i have with people from the classified forum and holy s***t do i come off as an asshole some time like f***** hell. It not meant to come off like that but jesus i need to work on talking to people while having common sense becuase well i sound like a jackass :l 

    1. OnyxArmos
    2. Alex Colson

      Alex Colson

      @OnyxArmos its near the bottom of the home page, for selling and buying stuff from other members 

  14. So this is gonna sound selfish of m but, would anyone be able to help me find a mobo, new cpu and 8GB of Ram all for under £80 total?


    Dad took apart his pc today and we think the mobo is dead now....

    1. Cyberspirit


      I'm not good with build recommendations but, I'm sure a lot of people would be more than happy to help in the Builds and planning subforum.



  15. @VegetableStu

    Here's my Models with their  Texture maps.

    (Soz stress been getting to me :/ )