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    In a house in the UK
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    I am definightly a human.... yeah, i think they'll buy that...
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    Full time - student // Part time - Bartender/waiter....*Sigh*


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    Intel Core i5-8400
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    Gigabyte B370 D
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    8GB DDR4 3200Mhz
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    AMD radeon R9 290x 4GB
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    120GB Kingston SSD, 1TB 7200RPM Seagate
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    EVGA 600W No Modular
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    Samsung 27' Curved TV, x2 4:3 montiors
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    Stock CPU Cooler
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    Cheap RGB Keyboard
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    Windows 10 Home edition (64-bit)

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  1. I swear to god looking at second hand things to buy annoys me.


    a). Do not use image filters

    Like come on any image filter will flag a buyer off you post, because it looks like your hiding something. 


    b). Don't mark your shit as free when its not.

    If you put the free tag on your product sell PLEASE include at the start ideally [Not free open to Offers] *Product Name* as the amount of times i ignore Free Items on the second hand list is outrageous due to people then requesting such price for it.


    c). clean you shit,

    you want it to be appealing. Bring the buyer in by making it look well cared for. 


    d). Mark any damage or blemish.

    Fully photo all damages or scratches and other shiz as people will complain when it comes in the condition they didn't want it to be. 


    e). Last but not least detailed photos, the more you show detailed photos of the item the more it looks geniune and not a scam, and the more it shows you care about the customer by having said photos with it.



  2. @Windows7ge Nah didn't power on without the cpu, thing is the capacitors on the board are getting charged. I'll need to get a multimeter to it tomorrow and check how far the power is possibly getting.
  3. Apologies on poor resizing of image, these are being sent via a phone with limited. But thats the Motherboard, and the Model shown in the lower image
  4. PSU works, Fans work, GPU works only thing i cant test is the CPU as dont have another board to test it on.
  5. So i have a Gigabyte board here and its no longer posting when i press the power button on. I have tried removing all extras from the mobo bar the chip to see if it would post and still no response even when shorting the two pins, i was wondering if their is another way to power the board or is this a lost cause? I'll update the type of board when i figure it out, the pc its in is pretty old. Thanks for any feedback or advice in advance
  6. Gonna sound real stupid but the cooler master support page kinda sucks....

    1. Alex Colson

      Alex Colson

      wont allow me to update the support ticket with the information needed. tried Chrome, Edge even Internet Explorer. And i really need this replaced fast :/ 

    2. _StrikE_


      Ouch.... hopefully you will get it sorted, worst case can't you open a new support ticket ?

  7. So just to update you guys, contacted Cooler Master they are saying they maybe able to file a damage claim to replace the cooler and Gpu problem is i require the reciepts (cooler isnt the problem) but the gpu is ....
  8. @RollinLower u would if i had the cash, and that not me sayin oh a couple quid off im dirt broke atm. @martward I ended up contacting amazon first, sadly they cant do a replacement as the item is no longer sold on their site... But are able to do a refund... Gonna be contacting Cooler master later in the day as i have an interview to get ready for but i'll keep ppl updated on the subject. Thanks
  9. Soo, i just found out after 6months of using a cooler master AIO that is has been slowly leaking onto my GPU, which has caused it to act up in the past few months when i think back on it. I only just found this out now and due to not having a spare cpu cooler available i am unable to proceed working on this machine without fear of damaging it more. Should i contact Cooler master about this? amazon as they sold it to more or what, because atm i have 2 weeks left of computer extensive work and well no personal computer to use.... Images below of damage;
  10. Soooo i have been browsing the facebook market again.....


    Firstly their are some ppl in to kinky shiz as holy Fuck is their a lot of those things being sold in my area.


    Secondly onto Electronics, Why do people not clean what they are selling...... UGH!!!


    YOU may not have kept it in good looking condition but atleast make the possible buyer think you have :/


    like is it that hard to take a cloth or vacuum to it to clean of the dust and make it look presentable.


    i know i dont clean my pc often on the inside but dont have dust build up visible in the selling photo, it will and most likely has drove people away from your ad due to it.


    ugh i should stop lookin through fb.

    1. Cyberspirit


      The "Secondly onto Electronics" part was a lifesaver here.

      Would've been a completely different story without it. xD


      Also, why would anyone buy kinky stuff second hand? Eww...

    2. veldora


      @Cyberspirit it could be their kink ngl. 

    3. Alex Colson

      Alex Colson

      Don't ask, i usually search fb market in local mode but when that shit started showing up i went to pc n electronics catagory to avoid seeing more

  11. Ahhhhhhhh I neeed to starty uni work and im 5 weeks already in.....


    Time for some late nights :/

  12. Soo this is being done more as an update than a topic post, 


    Anyway firstly who all played the Anthem open or Vip demo?


    Secondly your opinions?


    Finally my opinion 😁




    So let me start with the positives;

    This was played on xbox one 1st gen


    So firstly the game handled greatly when their wasn't server errors and issues happening. The combat in the game is well done and flushed out to an extent. The flying while hard to figure out and dissorientating at first. Proved to be very responsive and clean. The Javalins ( tried all bar the storm) are enjoyable the ranger you can play aggressive of play supportive at times depending on your loadout. 

    The collasous is a great finisher or follow up javelin for combing or even just leaving a trail of knocked over grunts for fun.


    The interceptor (which i loved) basically allowed you to mash the melee button constantly without no cooldown while looking cool doing so.


    The Enemies where ranged in sense of play style against them and how to counter.


    HUD and layout of the menus where done well but could be improved (talk about that later)


    So while playing it the positives is i never got annoyed with the control bar trying to figure out how to fly at first. You could easily do majority of your things from the get go, and when the servers where not an issue getting a squad together worked smoothly.


    Now the negatives 


    Where is the normal melee or stun button, as if you dont play interceptor your melee ability is on a cooldown (short one) but one none the less. They do pretty high damage tbf but still even having a melee which had them stun the enemy by pushing them or knocking them over would be good.


    The menus are good but slightly confusing when it comes to editing your javelins loadout. Mainly the weapons tab and main weapon tab ???


    Finally and sadly a game killer for me if it is a repeating pattern. The combat against mini bosses. So during one if the missions given in the demo you face a spider tank at the end of it. During you fight with the spider tank additional enemies spawn (normal) what isnt normal is that they spawn constantly. Like it isnt at intervals of the mini boss' health which is a bullet sponge depending on difficulty your on along with it guaranteed stun attack which affected the ranger and interceptor the most. Collasous you raid shield to cancel the stun lock.


    Along with that their was fights that dragged out too long, could have been level dependant as i didn't come across it as much later in plays 


    But sorry if anthem has any more of those mini boss situations where you have adds spawning 24/7 while damaging the boss it will kill the game for me as it goes from being fun to difficult to slightly annoying then ending at frustrating and worthless.


    As when i finished these fights you didnt feel rewarded as much as you thought you would have with the time and frustration that went into that part.


    Final verdict;

    Do i think anthem will be a positive game? possibly, the game has potential, the play style and combat is enjoyable along with the customisation of the javelins, end game is a different story, i personally like having something to rotate to for end game and with the current state of Destiny 2 i dont ever have nothing to do on it due to the trumphs book, collections or weekly milestones, along with it lore.


    Anthem will be slightly less intensive than destiny in this regards with 3 strongholds for the endgame along with cataclysm world events. (To me feel like rotating special world events, possibly) and just the gear system.


    Would i buy it? simply put it no, mainly due to money restrictions but also the fact that it feels heavily co op based and i would only he interested in the story Bioware has given it than the grinding aspect.


    Anyway if you read this far, you must be bored and you might aswell share your opinion on the matter if you have played it and feel free to counter some arguements i had about the game.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Cyberspirit


      Well, it would be great if they opened the world up completely in the full version.


      I didn't have a chance to fight bosses because I mostly roamed around thanks to the server issues but, yeah, it does sound pretty annoying.

      Maybe you are supposed to be able to just wipe out all the smaller guys? Unless this was a really early mission boss.

    3. Alex Colson

      Alex Colson

      The smaller guys continuosly spawned.....

    4. Cyberspirit


      Well, for all the weird enemy teleportations and wave resets I've encountered that could've been a glitch.

      Though, I'm not trying to defend the game. Could just be bad design.

  13. Sooo some of you guys may find this mean or rude of me other may agree.


    I have recently seen an incline in people becoming vegan, vegetarian and of different gender identities.


    These are fine by me you do you be what you want and feel like what you want I aint gonna stop you but what really aggitates me is the ones among those religions, gender, or lifestye that feel the need to force you to either know that they are this every second they got or force you to be one of them.


    So im gonna be straight here, you can be, do or follow what ever the fuck you want and i will stand by ya only if ya dont try to force it on me or make it feel like my life decisions aren't right. At that point you can fck off and any aggro given by me to you isnt because of what you do its because of your attitude and personality about it....



    Had to get that out there because one of the things that have been building up.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Alex Colson

      Alex Colson

      I will cringe but yeah....

    3. Jtalk4456


      OK so when the police ask me why I did it, You have no problem with me saying that Alex stood by it and let me do it XD

    4. Alex Colson

      Alex Colson

      Uhh i'll have a problem with THAT. But i'll let you do you man, you do you....

  14. So i enjoy my fair share or open world games, rpgs etc. And in a few of them i loved the trading, being able to go hey here i have what your looking for this is the price but willing to negotiate,


    I loved trading in many games two i loved the most was Neverwinter and Warframe.


    As i would offer assistance to people looking for items, tell them i'll try and source one but at such a handling fee.


    So i would get the item be like hey i got this for this much here is your offer including handling fee. And many approved of that or comprimising on my price, gettinf my stock up while getting some sold. That included going hey i can go as low as this but you need to throw in something extra like a item or bp.


    I'm sayin this because through out trading in those games i always made sure to keep contact with whos interested now bs people and be fair.


    Yet with the issue im having on ebay thats gonna be hard as my bs raidar is goin off and telling me somethings not right with this.