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  1. So I've been doing some research on how to get a Canon 70-200 f/2.8 to work on a Sony a6000 body using an EF to NEX adapter. Most of the ones I've looked at do not support the USM Glass and I'm trying to find one that supports EF USM lenses on an a6000 with speedy autofocus. Could someone help me out? Thanks!
  2. Hi LTT Community! So I'm a student network administrator at a daycare close to where I live (I'm a high school senior) and they are looking for a phone solution for each teacher room. I already have a fully constructed network with 36 wired devices, 32 of which are network cameras, and our current 9U rack is completely full pretty much. We're looking for a custom solution for a VoIP phone system that connects to the network like any other device and I can set room extensions and redirection as needed. This upgrade will be part of a 1:1 computer to classroom ratio initiative where there's a computer in every classroom, so I'll be making new PoE gigabit ethernet drops and some regular gigabit drops for some additional client computers. We're planning on installing a full-height rack in a dedicated room with a lock and key, with a couple fiber patch panels for long-distance runs. One end of the building will have it's own 48-port PoE switch and a 10 gigabit fiber run to the other side of the building where the new server room will be constructed. Each teacher will have an active directory account on the local network so they can access their documents for their classroom individually. A Dell Poweredge R710 12-core will be installed to handle an 8TB RAID-10 array file server and new surveillance server. Our current server works fine with 2TB in RAID-1 but it gets so hot in the rack it's in right now. Core i7-6800K CPU's get hot at 100% usage. Any info would be helpful! TIA! Cam
  3. Hey everyone! So this year, I am participating in the 2017 Kentucky GSE Program, and our project is to provide a search and comparison service for local and nationwide security solution businesses such as ADT. We want our website to be similar in design and functionality to Trivago and Thumbtack. Our main goal is to provide easier access for consumers to connect and find the best service provider in the area for what they need. Based on research that I have done, we need something along the lines of a meta-search engine to implement certain tags for businesses and so that customers can search by location, price, rating, etc. Our team has $110 given to us by the GSE program, so we'd like to stay within that if possible. I own some really powerful servers, and we have a very fast internet connection at Transylvania University. Here's my question... none of us know anything about coding and we are already a week into this 3-week program. We are looking for a quick, affordable way of making something like this happen. Anyone willing to help us out and give us tips/advice would be great. Please reply to this topic or give me a call. Thanks! Cameron Lasley (270) 735-5895 cam17@kentuckygse.com
  4. My bad, yes we're using the motion detection on those. We are still going with a high-level CPU to just stay on the safe side and future upgrading.
  5. Agreed. I am by no means a professional or a certified network tech, but I do have loads of experience in networking and computers. That's why I was hired to do this job. That's also why I come here for my questions lol
  6. Because when you RAID 12 drives, read/write speeds are probably going to be higher than regular Gigabit speeds of each client. Plus the equivalent amount of storage in SSD's would cost a fortune. i7 6950x equivalent of a xeon is a lot more expensive. ECC is not super necessary here. I forgot the UPS's in the hardware. We're using CyberPower PR3000LCDRTXL2U 3000VA rackmount units. Correct. No, we're using H.264 to save bandwidth since there are so many cameras. Correct. Motion detection uses a ton of CPU power and on my last job, I underpowered it for iSpy. But BlueIris is beast! Very CPU friendly and never freezes up. Each camera, H.264, uses around 2Mbps per. I should be okay with a gigabit off of each. I'll look into that. We may use something like Avaya switches which can handle a lot more power.
  7. I chose the 6950X because compared to it's Xeon equivalent, it's quite a bit cheaper. And Yes I am probably going to put a mini redundant PSU in there. Although, one of my servers at work (I own a business) uses an EVGA PSU and pulls about 450-500 watts at all times and it's been going strong for 2 years now.
  8. Hi all! So I'm doing my second network camera installation job/network setup... this time, quite a bit bigger than the last one that I had tons of problems with because I used lower-end hardware... This setup is for a new office space that is huge... 3 floors and tons of room. when the place was built, it has a convenient way to route cables throughout the floors via 4 pieces of 6-inch conduit that go straight up through the floors, each leading into a "server closet" that is fairly roomy for a full size rack in each closet (not needed on 2nd and 3rd floor). I've been planning hardware out for this for a while now. Here is the current hardware. Racks - 48U server rack on first floor, 24u racks on others Servers - For camera servers, we're using 3 custom servers. (one for each floor in rack) They are all identical. Each will be pulling around 36 cameras. - Intel Core i7 6950X 10-Core 20-thread CPU - 32GB RipJaws DDR4-2400 - ARCTIC Freezer i30 CPU cooler - MSI X99A Plus Motherboard - GTX 750Ti FTW (to help with GPU decoding and video playback, also since X99 requires a GPU) - Crucial 240GB SSD - CHASSIS: Rosewill RSV-L4500 4U - Intel PRO/1000 dual port gigabit NIC - EVGA 650W PSU Main NAS (For video ONLY) - Custom Server - Intel Core i7 6700K 4-core 8-thread CPU - 16GB RipJaws DDR4-2400 - Arctic Freezer i30 CPU cooler - Asus Z170A Motherboard - No video card (it's a NAS...) - 120GB boot SSD (FreeNAS) - 12 x 4TB WD Red HDD's - CHASSIS - Rosewill RSV-L4412 - Intel PRO/1000 dual port gigabit NIC - EVGA 650W PSU Employee File Storage Server - Custom - Same as Main NAS, only running Windows Server 2016 INDOOR CAMERAS - AXIS M3045-V (93 of them) OUTDOOR CAMERAS - AXIS M2025-LE (17 of them) Network Switches - - For PoE Cameras: NETGEAR ProSAFE GS752TP 48-port (3x) - For computer data connections: NETGEAR ProSAFE GS748T 48-Port Gigabit switch (3x) There is too much to fully explain but I'd like to hear your feedback on the selection of hardware at the moment. Nothing has been purchased yet so I can still finagle with hardware. We will be using Milestone xProtect Professional, although I sincerely HATE Milestone simply because of the lack of contact with them and expensive as hell. But there's too many cameras to really use any other software. Please post your opinions!
  9. Thank you for the info for future reference! I didn't know cameras did that. Ours are on the cheap but have great image quality - HOSAFE 2MD4P indoors and Reo-Link RLC-410 outdoors. ALSO... Found out the servers and cameras were on two different IP ranges... cams were on 192.168.137.xxx and servers were on 192.168.254.xxx lol. All are working now!
  10. Blue Iris is amazing. I tried all of our cameras on the 6700K, and even though it keeps the CPU at 100%, all streams are fluent at 5fps and NO screen tearing or blur! But, just to be safe, I am using the 6800k machine. All cameras are on motion detection with WatchDog set up... It's amazing! I should have tried it sooner. Also, Milestone is BS right now. I was told I'd be contacted by the territorial manager within a couple days and I never heard a word for 3 weeks. Plus I've spent too much time setting blue Iris up.
  11. Low budget and honestly, I thought for sure a 6800K with 6 cores and 12 threads would be enough. The 6700k we tried was a joke.
  12. They're not in their verified camera list but their forums say that Xprotect supports RTSP/ONVIF cameras. Is there a way to manually add stream URL's?
  13. By no means am I impressed with them. I contacted them a month ago saying I needed to purchase ASAP, the rep from Milestone contacted me with some questions next-day and said he would forward me to the local territorial manager, and I haven't heard back in THREE weeks. Ridiculous. I'm hanging on an edge here and they aren't even trying.