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    Intel i7-8700k @5GHz
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    RTX 2080Ti
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  1. pretty common for corsair kits for needing a little more dram voltage to be stable enough.
  2. GPU-OC doesnt work the same ways as CPU OC, there are tons of different "shades" of GPU-Loads. you can only "stresstest" by real world applications for stability. Everything else is a waste of time and torture to your hardware.
  3. get a card which fits reference design PCB, just because the waterblocks will be available for much longer (probably years) So if something bad happens to your Block you can just buy another. If you go with a Custom PCB card chances are high that due to the limited production you arent able to buy a waterblock for it in a year or two..
  4. I used thermal grizzly conductonaut between DIE and Heatspreader. Have it on for over a year no problem so far. On top of the heatspreader i would just use the usual compound you use, i used mx-4 or kryonaut.
  5. delidding is easy and aint that risky if you buy a tool for it. On ebay tools can be bought for 5$. I used a china delid tool myself.. works fine, and if you would know how easy it is you would laugh your ass off, i did after delidding my 8700k tho.
  6. No need for bending anything either, there is enough room for the cable because its made like this (picture from caseking germany): just unplug it there to get rid of the bigger connector which is meant to be used with motherboards...
  7. Jay is wrong mate, he just dont know how to use his freaking stuff...
  8. i dont think that you even have to remove the black section. As you can tell by the pic of the product page the RGB fanheader is fully accessible through a cutout in the cards PCB. So you would actually be able to plug the header in before assembling the card to the block. Its just that Jay is to stupid to realize as usual. PS, you can also see the cutout in Jayz video, so you can assume where the cable has to go if the RGB is plugged in. You plug the header in, let the cable hang out to the backplate side and see no cable whats soever and have RGB connected, with no problems at all..
  9. if your ram slots worked before installing the new cooler, and arent working anymore now after installing the new cooler you tightened the cooler to tight. Its as simple as that. you may have or havnt damaged your board though, try to losen the cooler a bit and see if it works again.
  10. whats the problem? even if it leaks and spills out every little drop of liquid on your components nothing will happen, its nonconductive nanofluid in the inside of all CLC's ...
  11. Oh ill give you an example, if we both sit infront of a banana, and your opinion is that this banana is "blue", which is obviously a false statement, your opinion disqualifies to be an opinion to me because its so obviously wrong thats either a troll or that you need a doctor, but i couldnt care less, tbh.
  12. My opinion is that there are enough "ignorant people" weapon fetishist plattforms in the internet and that this has nothing to look for here, and that people are blaming games and software in general for "not working properly" when its their own fault because they want to overclock but dont want to spent the time to do it properly.
  13. If you f.e. use the v26,6 of prime95 without avx2 and only check for core stability f.e. using a custom test with FFTs 1344 to 1344 ofc with small ffts in place checked, newer games wont even be stable enough and will crash. Its all about how you set prime95, you can adjust it for every usecase in existence. It doesnt get unreasonable only because you dont know how to use it properly specifically for those usecases. So your opinion doesnt matter because your lack of knowledge.