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  1. Some of those diagrams look like a lot of controllers.... That can increase cost a lot if you're using nice gear. I have trouble understanding why one would choose that over a dual controller near line SAS setup if all you're trying to do is add fault tolerance by reducing single points of failure.
  2. 9800GT, it was the last cry of the single slot cards and had the performance / watt to give it much better longevity than we were used to at the time. I still have one as my backup card.
  3. Wow, thanks for all the input. It gives me a few models to keep an eye on. Thanks all! Yes I think used is ok. Not sure what my 560ti would sell for to offset cost further, but it'd be better than nothing. It looks like it pulls 170w max from the GeForce spec on their site. I've been getting by with less than 2gb forver (1gb on the 560ti and 512 on an old 9800gt). So either way would be better. Good to know. I'll keep an eye out for them I guess. Hmm, hard to justify the cost of the change if the performance is too similar. 970 uses equal or less power relative to a 960 or compared to the 560ti?
  4. Pretty simple, I'm wondering what GPU's out there would use less power than my current 560ti, but also out perform it, for under $150. It needs to drive 3 displays, two are DVI, one is HDMI... Onboard GPU is having trouble with helping out on the third display, I need to do some more research into why on that one.