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    INTEL I5-4670K
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    ASUS Z87-A
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    CORSAIR 16GB Vengence
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    EVGA GTX 980 SuperClocked
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    COOLER MASTER CM Storm Scout 2
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    SAMSUNG 850 EVO 250GB
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  1. It's funny because their high end cpus bottleneck it's own GPU.
  2. Anything that has aftermarket cooler will work. I personally like XFX
  3. I play BF4 Ultra 2xMSAA with Vsync on at 60fps. Never dips below.
  4. I got my self a 1440P IPS monitor and I would def recommend it.
  5. I just got my self a 1440P IPS monitor and I would say it was totally worth it.
  6. Use Heaven Benchmark for stability test. Put your power limit to the max. And then start overclocking your core and memory. **I would also put your fan to 80%+
  7. I bought a used one for a good price. Still had 3 yrs of extended warranty left. If I bought it new, that would have been depressing.
  8. Wow.. Didn't expect Zotac to have the most expensive 980ti
  9. Just want to say Thanks again. The monitor is pretty damn awesome.
  10. Not sure you can RMA with just coilwhining.