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    GTX 970M 4Gb
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    MSI Ghost Pro
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    120Gb SSD + 1 Tb HDD + 4 Tb NAS
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    Mionix Avior 7000
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  1. Daan101

    nvme u.2 storage server

    I know this is an old post so sorry for any notifications you get about this but I've been wanting to know which WAN show it was that he talked about this, and I've finally found it:
  2. Daan101

    FreeNAS build (plz check)

    I wish! I've known about those for a while but i live in europe
  3. Daan101

    FreeNAS build (plz check)

    You gave me the idea to look into Unraid and I learned that it uses docker (which is good), I thought that it used some stupid thing like freeNAS does, but it's propper so I might use Unraid and I might combine it all, still not convinced of the 2x8TB tho, maybe 2x6TB?
  4. Daan101

    FreeNAS build (plz check)

    i'll look into the celeron. So the reason for this build is that my current 4TB freenas box is getting filled up, I collected about 3.5TB in 2.5 years, and the next time I can do the new build would be next summer, so it won't last that long. (the current server will become a CentOS server for docker) so my reasoning for the drives was to get 3x4TB giving me 8TB, and with freenas if I ever wanted to expand I could get another 3x4TB giving me 16TB in total. if I would go with your option I would spend 120 euro on drives and another 60 euro for a OS that allows for better expandebility, but one that I don't know, and to be frank I'm quite happy with the current option to expand. If you have any good counterarguments then I'd be happy to hear them!
  5. Daan101

    FreeNAS build (plz check)

    thanks, so my reasoning is expandebility for the ram so if I ever wanted to I could just get another 8 gig stick and pop it in instead of having to buy 2
  6. Hi all, this is the build I could come up with, would any of you mind to check it, thanks in advance! Fractal Design Node 304 (Black) Intel Core i3-8100 Stock cooler AsRock H370M-ITC/ac 3x WD Red 4TB (expandable to a 6 drive array in the future) Corsair CX450M (plz help, I don't know anything about PSU's, THANKS!) OS: FreeNAS (already have 2x USB drives for OS) Edit: RAM! I forgot the RAM! Whatever 8gig ddr4 stick I can find for cheap (I know, I know ECC but home use, so shush! )
  7. Daan101

    Help identifying M.2 slot Key type

    so there appears to be a version of my laptop which has a NVMe drive, and I don't see them changing the motherboard just for a different config. (on a side note I also learned my laptop has Nvidia optimus, still has shit battery life tho) I shall buy the drive after my finals and install it, Thanks for the help!!
  8. Alrighty so I want to upgrade my laptop's m.2 drive, but after doing some research I still am not confident enough in my ability to identify the key type slot. So from what I can tell the slot has a M key on it and the SSD is a B&M key. the SSD I am going to upgrade to would be a 960 evo which has a M key. Could anyone confirm my findings? sorry if this is the wrong section, and if you need any more info feel free to ask! thanks in advance!
  9. Daan101

    Samsung Galaxy S8

    I need some help understanding how this is Tech News?
  10. Daan101

    broken headphone cable, need help identifying issue

    if you take the interchangable earcups off, you will see 4 screws, simply remove them and you're inside. As long as you don't yank the speaker really hard you will be fine.
  11. Daan101

    broken headphone cable, need help identifying issue

    ah yes, I don't treat it that carefully unfortunately, I travel semi often and ocasionaly yank it have you taken them apart yet (screws are under the earcups)?
  12. So I have a pair of HyperX cloud (1) headphones, but recently the left channel started falling out sometimes unless the cable was in a certain position, right was fine which I found weird because the cable comes in on the left. So I opened them up thinking it was a loose contact, but all the contacts were good. now for my question, do you have any idea what else could be wrong with the cable? thanks in advance for any and all responses
  13. Daan101

    does UV light harm PC components?

    Yes, The only things that I see could be a problem to sell is cables that become brittle (so they become hard instead of being bendable)
  14. Daan101

    does UV light harm PC components?

    disclamer: I have never owned a PC with UV lights in it. In theory, yes UV light will have a effect certain plastics, meaning that it will make them more brittle and rubber can become dried out effecting its sealing abilities. In practice, you most likely won't notice the effect unless you are planning to use your PC for a insane amount of time (10+ years) or plan to use UV light in line of sight of sealing rubber rings (think inside a fitting). And even then its a stretch to imagine any kind of damage that isn't aesthetic. Personal opinion: I think you will be just fine, but I don't like the way UV looks, even with UV reactive fluids.
  15. Daan101

    i need an adult

    could it be that they are inverted? Edit: Nevermind I have no clue what that is.