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    Missoula Montana USA


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    2X Intel Xeon X5570 (2.39GHz 4c8t each)
  • Motherboard
    TYAN S7012 dual socket 1366 motherboard
  • RAM
    Micron 16GB (4 x 4GB) DDR3 ECC (PC3-10600R)
  • GPU
    ASUS ROG STRIX Geforce GTX 1070 (signed by LTT Team at LTX)
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    Custom WIP AIO case
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    5X2TB HDD's in UNRAID
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    Corsair RM650x
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    3X Dell Ultrasharp 2007WFP 1680X1050 16:10 in NVIDIA Surround 5040X1050
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    2X Coolermaster Hyper T4 3X120mm LTT Edition Noctua HF-F12 Fans, 2X120mm coolermaster stock t4 fans
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K70 W/Cherry MX Brown switches and Red led's
  • Mouse
    UtechSmart Venus 50 to 16400 DPI Laser MMO Gaming Mouse AND Logitech G302
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    Corsair G933 Wireless
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    Unraid + Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Not really. I'm just curious about the potential of it happening without them being open about it. Doesn't seem like something they would do. At the same time I'm doubting Facebook just as much, their descriptions are never very good on anything.
  2. Hey guys. I really don't know what's going on hear (would love to hear an official response) but I was digging through Facebook and came across this page about advertising that seems to suggest that LMG has some how collected personal information and is using it for advertising purposes. this is just a random page on Facebook and like any other page there's no real details about what's going on, but the description is pretty suggestive.
  3. Justin_

    LMG Christmas Album

    I just noticed 1111 people bought this. Fun
  4. Honestly I thought everyone but myself knew what they were for. Also I just explained it in the comment right above yours.
  5. You only get 3 ft worth of desk space so the point of a LAN shelf is to free up more space by putting your desktop above your monitor. It also helps to prop your desktop up higher to show it off if you have cool water cooling or something.
  6. hey guys, I've been talking about this a lot in the Discord but I thought I'd share it on the form as a way to archive it to the internet. A number of months ago people started talking about LAN shelves. At the time I have no idea what they were but I started looking into them and thought it would be fun to bring one to LTX. A few weeks later I was thinking about it and realized that since my boss just bought a plasma cutter table I could make something really cool out of steel. A couple more weeks went by and I made up a blueprint to cut it out with. I then figured out I could fit two of them on a 4-ft by 8-ft sheet of steel and figured they'd be decently strong from 10 gauge material (it turned out that 10 gauge was great. It's a bit on the heavy side but this thing is freaking invincible. You can stand on it jump on it do whatever you want and it'll be perfect). a few weeks later I bought that sheet of steel for about $165 and here we are now a couple days after that and a few days before LTX and I got to cut it out. There was an error in cutting one of the pieces out so I only ended up with one usable LAN shelf which is unfortunate but it's still enough for just me, maybe I'll make more to sell next year. Anyway I think it looks great, tell me what you guys think. The top photos are all of what I made and the photo at the bottom is the LAN shelf I got my inspiration from. Feel free to ask questions. Originally I was going to powder coat it LMG orange but I didn't have time for that in the end. I'm not really disappointed though because I still think it looks pretty dang awesome just as raw steel. The best part is it isn't welded together at all, it just is all slid together. With that all the pieces come apart so it's flat and easy to store and transport, but once it's put together it's damn near invincible. Please do correct me if I'm wrong but looking around the internet I can't find any other steel LAN shelf so I'm going to claim this to be the internet's first steel LAN shelf.
  7. Hey guys. Back in 2016 I bought a G933 headset and I have really liked it. Recently I managed to break it when it got pinched between a table and my chair during university finals (dammit finals week). So it's time for me to buy another pair. I see that recently the new G935 came out and it is mostly the same. It has fo leather ear cups witch is nice as the ear cups do tend to soak up water, especially when I am biking around, but the G935 is $50 more than the G933. What else is new, and is it worth it?
  8. and that's why I'm wondering what the heck is going on. I haven't applied any overclocks or overvolts and I even went in and specified the exact voltage I wanted the system to run at (stock voltages) and I'm seeing this in hardware monitor. I called up Amazon support and they made me turn it back on so I figured I might as well get an image while it was on. I'm not 100% sure that all of those voltage lines are system Vcore but it kind of seems like they would be and it would explain the absurd temperatures. Unfortunately it looks like I'm just days out of being able to exchange it with Amazon but ive still got the full manufacture warranty.
  9. From what I could tell in hwmonitor previously it seemed as if the motherboard was trying to overvolt the CPU potentially as high as 1.9 volts (Even though I didn't have any overclocks applied). When I booted my computer up to get that photo my mouse wasn't working so I wasn't able to scroll around and double check.
  10. I have already attempted reseating the RAM and it didn't fix anything and I can say that even though the fan percentages are reported zero the fans were spinning at near max. I saw all of them moving and they were very loud.also triple checking to see if you cooler it is definitely all the way on there.
  11. Hey guys I'm having a lot of problems with my ASUS crosshair VII extreme AMD motherboard. When I first put my system together everything was working fine, then about a week later I took it to a LAN party and it worked fine there. Then when I brought it back home from the LAN party it kept crashing with blue screens with memory errors. I realized that it was trying to overclock the ram for some reason and enable DCIP (XMP equivalent) and that works fine for about 6 weeks until yesterday when I again got a BSOD RAM issue and it automatically reset the bios. I went in and set DCIP and booted into windows and for whatever reason my CPU was at 100 degrees. So I went back and made sure the voltages we're set correctly and they were so I rebooted windows and checked again and not only was it at 100 degrees but it claimed that the entire package was only using 17W. Do you think I have a dead board here or is there some setting I'm messing up? What does everybody think? I'm sure that the CPU heat sink and thermal compound aren't the issue as the CPU heat sink is firmly attached and I haven't even moved my system since yesterday when it was working perfectly fine.
  12. Preferably with something like this. https://www.amazon.com/Insten-24-pin-Power-Supply-Tester/dp/B005CTCD6S Something conductive...In the dust. Something like metal filings or something like that. Have you sanded any metal around your computer in the last few months?
  13. If you don't mind me hijacking your question a bit here... Does anybody know if Verizon's $5/day 'TravelPass' service is worth it or if I should just pick up a plan from telus?
  14. Dreamhack has unofficially stated that the connection will be 500mbps or possibly 1gb for the whole event. People will be streaming video up to twitch and others as well as downloading games and streaming music and videos. The connection will not be that great and they WON'T let you take 1/6th of it. There infrastructure is great and they WILL find out who is bottlenecking them. The event center is the issue with there internet and they really would like to provide better internet.
  15. If we did get a PS4 pro how many good multiplayer games are there in store shelves rn?