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  1. Holy fracks, over 10k replies in under a day already. I have a bit under 7/10,000th chance to win at least something, don't see why I should give up hope just yet. After all, I already won a free year of Vessel, so I'm pretty happy. Vessel username: irontheater Favorite Videos are obviously the 5k Titan X video and the LG 34UM67 curved beast. Commented and clicked on the heart button on both videos. Good luck to everyone involved, may the RNG be in your favor!
  2. I'm strongly considering not going for the cpu cooler at this time, and maybe get it at a later time if it was needed. Same reason why I posted my last question, because I may end up leaving the HDD out for the moment, and get it later, when I need it. As for the PSU, I have a 600W ready for order on my Amazon page, I just forgot to change it in pcpartpicker
  3. Noob question: If I wanted to get an internal HDD at a later date, would I be able to allocate a new disk drive for it, and get it fully functioning without having the need to format my PC?
  4. I have no idea how to overclock, is the main reason. That, and I'm not sure if an incremental increase in speed would be noticeable. Didn't see that I had EVGA there, thought I clicked on Corsair when I was doing it, fixed for now, thanks. Also, would you recommend I pick up a 600W PSU? Would it still be up to running a high end GPU, a year or 2 down the line?
  5. I'll try to see if there's a place nearby that carries it. I haven't really seen one displayed though, probably in part due to not searching for it, or maybe it's just for a niche market. But I might end up going with a 34" monitor, since I just found out that there are 1080p 34" 21:9 monitors, that have a reasonable cost.
  6. I haven't used one before, but I can see its benefits, since rarely have just 1 program open, and it gets a bit frustrating to alt tab between multiple windows constantly. Browsing the web will be a bit weird on it, but it will probably benefit me a lot otherwise from a work-done point of view. My other choice would be to 2*23" monitors, but I don't think I have an appropriate place for them on the table. Yes, but I'll be installing Linux on it, and leaving Windows just in case, for a later time.
  7. Here we go: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/BKLm23 At this point I don't want a rig, but I need one. The horsepower on my current laptop (i7-2620M, 4GB) isn't cutting it, and Matlab and various other programs are starting to get real tiring. Budget: Around 2k Aim: Workstation (non graphic intensive), Silent Mouse: Gaming mice are so much better than the "workstation" mice, it's like they don't even try. Is there any official word from Logitech about them releasing a new mouse in the near future? G602 vs G700s? GPU: I don't need one. I haven't played a game in over 3 months, and I probably won't in the near future. I'll be holding out till after the Oculus Rift is released to make a decision on that one. Power Supply: With that ^ in mind, is 750W an overkill? I'll get a GPU sometime in the next year or 2 and get something beefy (the 780Ti equivalent probably), and I know I won't upgrade my whole PC before then, so do I go for a 750W PSU? Motherboard: What do you guys think? I went for one that's not too expensive, but not trash quality either, with a decent set of reviews. I won't be OCing, probably, unless I was really limited by my CPU's horsepower (if only the E-series didn't cost an arm and leg :angry: ). CPU fan: I need something silent, I don't know what the pre-installed CPU fan by intel sounds like, but it's really important to have my build be as silent as possible. I chose something which I have no idea what it is, as a place holder, I won't be OCing much, if at all, so please, if you can suggest anything more appropriate for my build, I'd appreciate it. Case fans: How are the define R4's case fans? Do I need to change them to Noctuas to keep the sound to a minimum or are the pre-installed ones good? That's all that I could think of. I know I'm missing the DDR4 wave which will probably hit this time next year, but I don't think I can wait 1 more year (inb4 me making another thread like this a year from now ).
  8. If Google is doing things to advance the world, don't hold them back with your tin foil hats. They are benefiting everyone in this. If they came up with something first that was riddled with spam, spying and whatever other crap you don't like about them, they are still paving the way for other potential start ups to do these things.
  9. I hope that's not the "at the edge of space" thing that they are supposed to unveil later today. If it is, that's pretty disappointing.
  10. You make some very valid points. Also, I can't believe I didn't think about the monitors being different resolutions. It would indeed not be pleasant seeing items shrink as I drag them between the windows. Guess I'll go with 2 identical ones then.
  11. I'm not really planning on either OCing the CPU, or doing crazy stuff with my GPU, just the normal slight OC. And do I really need additional fans in the Define R4, to keep the temps low? I might eventually pick up some NF F12 if the case was loud though, so I'm probably saving them for later. Edit: Will also update my post for the "Build Plan".
  12. Budget: Around 2.5k ("budget"). EU. Aim: Gaming Monitors: 2 Peripherals: It's a-okay. I already have them. Well, my old rig is now over 7 years old, and even though I'm not using it anymore because of mostly traveling, I should settle down in the close future, and what better time to plan a system build than Midnight, on a Thursday. I rarely upgrade my builds (I really have not upgraded anything in my last build in the past 7 years), and instead save up for a beefy next one. Without further adieu: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/Irontheater/saved/3KoX Now, there are things I'm a bit worried about (specially since I have not been following things closely): -Motherboard: I'm not quite sold on that one. I need something that won't break in 2 days, and has Wireless N, and LAN, maybe 6 back panel USBs (some usb3 would be nice) would be enough, and some Sata. I don't care about the internal sound card (I have my personal setup), looks, heat dissipation or any of the other non necessary things that might come in mobos. If anyone has a better Suggestion, I'm all ears. -HDD Storage: Again, not sold out on that one, they're cheap, that's why I chose them. -Power Supply: Seems good for me. -Monitors: There is such a large collection of items in the Monitors section, I literally don't know what to choose, and I don't even know if I will be able to see a difference between most of them. Pro Art has a good reputation, it's a safe pick for me. Is there a better recommendation for the price? (200-250$) I might end up changing one of the PAs to a 27" PB. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the build, and specially around the few items which I'm not really sold out on, yet.
  13. I was just trying to explain it. Went into objective detail, and then subjective detail as should be done when discussing audio. If it's objectively good, it doesn't mean that it's the best suited for every situation.
  14. Heh, I thought you were trying to set up a trap for me. I was right. I have nothing more to add.
  15. I'm not really an engineer, I wouldn't know what physically constitutes one. But if you meant how you distinguish a good amp, from a lower quality one, it's all about how much detail you can squeeze out of it before it starts distorting, or compromising sound quality. How loud can it get before giving off sound impurities. Does it keep a song integral to how it's "supposed" to sound. Does it boost sound stage? Does it boost the can's advantages, while covering up its cons. Does the cans' sound signature change when using this amp, is it flat, isn't it, does it boost sound stage, does it prioritize bass...etc It's all about the little things, a lot of people wouldn't care about that, while others use the amp to tamper with how their headphones sound, to customize it to how they like it best. Being a good amp doesn't mean that it should be transparent. Sound is very subjective, and sometimes having an amp that boosts mids/bass/treble can be advantageous to certain headphones, or to certain people.