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  1. my own settings. memory runs at 16ghz when i force p0
  2. advanced is where i'm at. that skin also makes me want to vomit lmao i'm running 2040 and 16ghz mem
  3. yeah welcome to the hell of certain work units. some have taken mine down to 1.9mppd what's your clocks? Some C21 work units are returning 2.2 for me, some 3.2, core22 is returning anywhere from 3.7 to 4.8. Try setting your client to "Advanced" flag and see if it downloads anything more juicy. 135MB work units are p11738's which are pretty high earners
  4. 2400MHz should work and remember, you can try for 2666 at any time. as a rule of thumb, back the timings off by 1 and it should be OK. if it doesn't work it's more likely to be down to speed compatibility than anything else
  5. i edited my post after you started replying so you might not have seen but using an undersized motherboard in a case always looks a bit odd. you can save money by moving to micro ATX and to X470/B450 as not only are micro ATX boards cheaper to make in general because tolerances are a little loser and components don't have to be crammed on to every available inch of the board, but motherboards with those chipsets do not need all the extra expensive wiring and shielding an X570 board does, for features you're not actually using in your build from what i can tell.
  6. could it work? yeah. but your input latency is going to be off the charts
  7. you'll be alright. mini ITX becomes a challenge when you're building in something like the SG-13 but even then it's not too bad providing you can keep cables tidy. as said above that's a pretty spacious mini itx case, so you should be alright. i will say though that your gpu seems to be a 2.5 slot card and your case only has 2 pcie slots. your GPU will either not fit, or the fans will be so close to the power supply basement that it will be choked for air the whole time. i would seriously suggest that you go for microATX in this build instead. Mini ITX is best suited to blower-style or watercooled cards in cases with power supply basements. also, since you're not using anything on PCIE Gen 4, you can save yourself some money by switching to a Ryzen-3000 compatible X470 or B450 MATX board and changing to a MATX NZXT chassis (to keep the look you're going for)
  8. since you're buying 1st gen ryzen, try and stick to about 2666MHz for the memory you're buying. Zen and Zen+ were very fussy on memory and honestly you might have a time trying to get 3000MHz to work. Even if it is on the QVL. if 3000 turns out cheaper then get it and see what you can squeeze out of it but be prepared to have to manually set something in at about 2666mhz because it's throwing a screaming hissy fit
  9. it either works or it doesn't. buying used RAM is OK from my experience. even buying old DDR2 ram is still okay these days.
  10. also, if you want to give the system an rgb cooler without paying out your ass for it - look for a wraith prism RGB on ebay. honestly there's hundreds of the things. they're an absolutely solid cooler and the lighting on them is quite nice. just rememebr to turn the fan to the low setting and plug the RGB control in through USB for full control of it
  11. you can add them at any point later down the line - ARGB strip lighting works VERY well in that case due to the big window on it. if you get that case you will need to disassemble the front panel and pull the foam insert out to make sure it's not ultra restrictive to airflow, that takes about 20 minutes to do with a set of pliers and it's my only complaint with that case (i own one)
  12. swapping out the case for something less gamer-y would probably let them get a 6gb model instead of more SSD storage which is honestly worth the tradeoff
  13. front panel looks pretty restrictive even with the mesh at the sides. it has the "gamer aesthetic" to it but at that pricing none of the RGB components (which 10:1 is why it's been picked) are really gonna be much cop. better to get a good little case now and add whatever fans you like to it later rather than getting a pretty restrictive case now and having to swap it out later. also - you can save money at this point in time by going mATX hence why i suggested the focus g mini. you're already getting a mATX board, putting one of those in a full size case just looks... off.
  14. i am @steelo Fractal Focus G Mini - remove the foam insert from the front panel and you've got yourself a properly solid little case. That SSD is meh. Look at getting a WD Green 240GB with the money you save off the case. i know it's "just for boot" but larger SSD's are actually quicker and it's most noticeable at 120 --> 240
  15. you'll need a pair of pliers, steady hands and about 25-30 minutes