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    yee, and i really cannot stress this enough, haw
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    System X Hell
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    Late 80's computers the size of houses.
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    System X / AXE10 diagnostic maintenance engineer


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    i7 8700k 5GHz w/NT-H2
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    Gigabyte Z390 Gaming X
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    32GB HyperX Predator 3200
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    MSI RTX 2080Ti Lightning Z w/Kryonaut
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    Fractal R6 TG in white
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    240GB 860Evo Boot, 500GB 850Evo Games1, 500GB MX500 Games2, 500GB MX300 Games3, 2TB Seagate7200 Media
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    Corsair RM850x
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    Samsung 4k Main, Acer 1080p Comms
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    Fractal S36 Pull with Vardars
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    Corsair K75 RGB
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    Logitech G502 spectrum - 3x 3.6G, middle slots.
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    480W Surround
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    WinX Pro64

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  1. nope, none yeah the 14180 and 14196 work fine on pascal but when you put them on turing things start to play up until you get into the really high atom count WU's and it all starts flying
  2. 14196 is OK ish, 2.7mppd from memory on a 2080ti. the atom count is about 60k or so - it's not having the scheduling issues to the extent that the really low count WU's have the best gpu results are coming from the wu's in this screenshot marked as openmm21. it's not an exact science but setting the beta flag seems to yield a higher percentage of these but i'm still getting 14196 from time to time on beta too
  3. well i'm back away from my main machines for a while but i do have my laptop here to fold for me, and i've managed to get it propped up on the window, so it's air supply is at a delightful 10 degrees celsius yes folks, that's a mobile 1060 maintaining the best part of 2ghz boost. gpu temp is fluttering between 59 and 60 degrees. added bonus because the power brick is getting cooled by the air coming in as well
  4. help, i read this and now all i can smell is burnt toast
  5. @sanya567xxx cheers for the tip on setting beta flag - my 2080ti machine is behaving properly now. a whole night of 3mppd+
  6. speaking of windows updates folks, all three of my machines have taken windows updates without a problem and i've started the update process while the machine has been running WU's. no failed WU's, no reset slots. i suspect that may have been a bug where it failed to properly save it's config file before the folding client shut down
  7. weak. back in the good days our gpu's looked like grills, ran at 105c and they LIKED it
  8. oh of course it's hbm. perhaps drop it by 25 or so then. enough to make a bump down in memory speeds for stability
  9. even on the green team a lot of FAH crashes are memory related. try dropping the memory clock down by 100, it won't hurt performance much and it will give you an answer as to what's giving you problems pretty quick.
  10. managed to curve the download bug and the 2080ti is on a proper WU now. oddly enough my 1080ti machine downloaded a 14180 and it completed in mere seconds despite using the same server that earlier timed out on me multiple times the uptime for the server .220 is sitting at 2 hours, so i suspect they have their eye on this and whenever it begins to bug out they restart it (or worse, it crashes and restarts itself) - possibly eluding to them not knowing what's causing it, or knowing the cause and not knowing how to fix it
  11. unfortunately that goes against ToS otherwise i'd be blocking that server to avoid the download bug until fixed speaking of the download bug all three of my machines have stalled out today and won't download WU's for love nor money so i'm giving in until the evening