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    behind the tills at primark
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    with the presence of a job, i no longer have time for other things
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    I am disappointed by your lullaby
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    Private Pilot / Cashier


  • CPU
    i5-4690k, 4.7 GHz 1.35V
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte Z97X-UD3H
  • RAM
    16GB DDR3 1866
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX 970 SC, 1500 Core, 4105 Memory
  • Case
    Fractal R5, Black with Window
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    120SSD, 2.5TB HDD Storage
  • PSU
    Corsair RM650
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    Acer 1080p
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    Nepton 240M - Push
  • Keyboard
    Logitech G510s
  • Mouse
    Logitech G502 - 3x 3.6G, middle slots.
  • Sound
    200W Stereo
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  1. starcoaster

    what gtx 1060 6GB should i take?

    EVGA SC. Short, Sweet, High clock and good cooling.
  2. starcoaster

    Beefy GPU vs 720p TV

    as others have said, no AA and run DSR for 1080p. Save up some pennies for a monitor, i wouldn't reccomend getting the 3GB 1060 as 3GB is not enough VRAM anymore really, 3GB died out with the 780/780Ti and even by the end of that card's life, games were moving into 4GB territory 1080p 60Hz monitors are suprisingly cheap. I have a 21 inch panel on my main PC and it cost me about £85 and it's actually a very nice monitor
  3. starcoaster

    Potentially a faulty GPU

    Uh, set it to stock clocks etc etc, if it persists even then, it ded but tbh i'd RMA it now, i mean, look at it, it's buggered. If it's artefacting in Windows then i don't know how the hell you're running games on it. I know that when my 970 started artefacting from having 250W pushed through it, windows desktop was glitchy as shit and games just crashed out the whole damn system
  4. starcoaster

    2 discrete graphics cards to 2 monitors (non-SLI)

    you could connect the other monitor to the iGPU
  5. starcoaster

    Titan X (Pascal)

    Sadly, LMGTFY isn't allowed Google it, it's not hard to find. The card has a 250 Watt TDP, that's 250 watts when running flat out at regular boost. At some point, it WILL draw 250 watts, more if you have the power slider up, doing some quick maths it'll be about 280-290 watts. Plan for a GPU which draws 300 watts to give yourself plenty of headroom. If you're planning on buying one, Don't.
  6. starcoaster

    GTX 1070 Support Asus H170 Pro Gaming?

    Look. If a motherboard has a PCIE socket, you can run a PCIE graphics card on it. Use some logic.
  7. I'd have got the regular Pro, but the Gamer was on offer.. The Gold/Black would've been nice but hey, saving money.
  8. starcoaster

    Dissapointed with GTX 970 in Skyrim

    yeah uh, haven't you heard? Skyrim is VRAM intensive and the 970 has 3.5GB. Your VRAM is full and you played yourself by getting a 970. Sell the 970 and get a 6GB 1060 or a 980. They perform about the same and cost about the same at the minute, but the 1060 has 2GB more VRAM
  9. starcoaster

    Opinions on EVGA 1070 FTW Hybrid?

    honestly unless you're running SLI setups with 4K monitors you're not gonna need the cooling the hybrid would provide.
  10. starcoaster

    Whats the best laptop for my needs?

    really? they must've changed how they do their lineup then. I stand corrected.
  11. starcoaster

    Found a use for my 15 year old AMD GPU...

    all around me are familiar coolers nah this is pretty smart tho, nice work!
  12. starcoaster

    1st time building - mini-itx build

    it looks okay but i'd switch out the big mech drive with a couple of SSD's. one for boot, one for games etc. Save space. oh and yes, as others have said, i5-6500 or even 6400. You'll be pretty much limited to the stock cooler, but thankfully the non K SKU's come with one 1060 SC from EVGA will save you some space for cables. I'd get the 6GB version Silverstone do good SFX PSU's Enjoy cable management hell!
  13. starcoaster

    Whats the best laptop for my needs?

    You're looking at something with an i7 and a 950/960m I say i7 because, sadly, they don't do fully featured mobile i5's
  14. Yes. My motherboard for example - ASUS Z97X PRO GAMER Yes, i am now a 48 year old man living in their parent's basement with a neckbeard and a fortress of pizza boxes and energy drinks. I've been tempted to scratch it off but i'd damage the board.
  15. starcoaster

    Choosing/Upgrading RAM for prebuilt PC

    If you want 8GB of RAM, get a 4GB stick of crucial ValueRAM which matches the speed. The timings will automatically be matched and it should dual-channel.