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  • CPU
    Intel i7-6820HQ 2.7 GHz (up to 3.6 GHz)
  • Motherboard
    Apple's homemade
  • RAM
    16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3
  • GPU
    Intel HD Graphics 530 & Radeon Pro 455
  • Case
  • Storage
    512 GB NVMe SSD
  • PSU
    76Wh battery & 87W USB-C charger
  • Display(s)
    15.4" 2880x1800 IPS
  • Cooling
    Vents on the sides, 2 fans mostly idling
  • Keyboard
    With Touchbar. And Magic Keyboard.
  • Mouse
    MASSIVE trackpad. And Magic Mouse 2.
  • Sound
  • Operating System
    macOS High Sierra 10.13.3

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  1. jj9987

    Can't allocate more memory to an MC Server

    Define not working. Does it start? Does the consumption not change? How are you allocating more memory? How much memory do you have available? Did you keep track of the memory usage over time, monitoring it somehow? It's built in Java, it is using a lot of memory indeed.
  2. This. Keep the plug connected, but the switch turned off. Helps with grounding yourself to the case. Not that it matters too much, but it's not that difficult either. As for other devices - meh. If they're not blocking in any way, why bother.
  3. jj9987

    9900K cooling?

    They all are quite capable and well-performing coolers. Air coolers are usually slightly more quiet (no pump noise), but have ever so slightly higher temps (I went from H110i GT to NH-D15 when I still had a PC). Temps depend on how far you push it (and how well binned the CPU is). Noise depends on how much you can tolerate while keeping great temps.
  4. jj9987

    SOCKS5 with VPN

    You do not really gain much from using both, it's more of a convenience tool that you can use one or the other depending on your application(s).
  5. jj9987

    SOCKS5 with VPN

    Theoretically possible... but why?
  6. Are you lacking performance? Do you want (potentially) better graphics/FPS? Are you bottlenecking? Do you have the money for an upgrade? Are you willing to make that expense?
  7. jj9987

    I am stupid Hardware change lost my product key

    If you purchased a Windows 10 key - Just use the phone activation method and your key will be made available, so that you can use it with the new hardware If you upgraded to W10 and got the free upgrade - That was free upgrade and key is linked to the hardware. If you upgrade, you likely have to buy the key as well. Alternative is if you had the key linked to your MS account, then it is easier to transfer it over.
  8. Adding to what others said: - Most frequently used data is cached for quick access. - They use data centers and CDN all over the world for quick access from any spot in the world. - There are no "Google Maps" servers. Google has very large infrastructure they use for all their products (Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Google+, Earth, Drive etc) and even provide some of these resources to others (Google Cloud Platform). - They use highly optimised and well-thought algorithms and tools to store the data and search through them in a matter of milliseconds.
  9. If any of these happens, you must change your AIO: - Your AIO leaks - Pump stops working - You're tired of the AIO pump noise - You suddenly enjoy air coolers more - You are changing case to one that does not fit your current AIO - You want more radiator space than current AIO has - You want better temps than your current AIO can do - You accidentally break a rib in the radiator, causing it to leak... - or look very bad - The AIO logo on the pump got boring - You are selling your PC
  10. Just having some airflow over the sticks doesn't hurt. If your CPU is air-cooled, you already have enough.
  11. Just like with CPU/GPU, increasing voltage also increases temps. So ensure you have adequate cooling/airflow over your memory sticks. Heat is the biggest enemy for the lifespan.
  12. https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/210298617-Markdown-Text-101-Chat-Formatting-Bold-Italic-Underline- Discord supports full Markdown, so it is likely something from the Markdown syntax. Something like blockquote maybe. Above is just a short tutorial.
  13. Why can't you? What's stopping you? Do you get electrocuted? We need details. What happens when you press the button? Does it not turn on? Does it turn on and immediately off? Does a motherboard show an error code? Have you made any hardware changes besides testing different board?
  14. jj9987

    Secure PHP Dropbox uploading

    Env variables are kept in the memory, you need to store them on the filesystem to get loaded there at all (be that automatically on boot or manually).