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  1. As a teen, I've had to change thermal pastes for all laptops, not just from Apple. Every device experiences anywhere between an 8 degree to 20 degrees temperature drop just using cheap arctic silver paste.
  2. Tenelia

    Raja: AMD cannot compete

    Well, if Raja were that good... Lisa won't be seen as such a superb leader now. Let's see what Raja actually contributes at Intel in the next 5 years, especially in light of all the fumbles by Intel's team on their major R&D projects.
  3. Are you drunk. Cheeseburgers and beer, I say.
  4. I just wanna remind people of this: https://www.npr.org/2019/04/12/711779130/as-china-hacked-u-s-businesses-turned-a-blind-eye
  5. Tenelia

    Intel secures more AMD staff, ex-Radeon marketing lead

    Again from a strategic perspective, I want to ask what's the value of hiring those people? If they were superstars as claimed by the marketing and PR, then why didn't they do better at AMD? So... Is that a wise decision or just petty catfights?
  6. Tenelia - Cloudflare DNS adding VPN

    Allow me to remind EVERYONE that we've seen many other VPN providers also claim they don't record data, but guess what? They did.
  7. Exactly. I'm sure there are plenty of other options that have safe EFI. No way I'm recommending Razers at their pricing
  8. We're talking about beating the NH-D15 at 158mm. Why're you talking about the Hyper 212x?
  9. What a joke. It's easy to apologize after things come to light, but I'm willing to bet they will hide these things elsewhere. Perhaps even in the running instances of FortNite?
  10. Tenelia

    Ryzen 3000 release date leak

    If you have a series of receipts as proof, I'm more inclined to believe you, but personally and as a business, I rather float some inventory through NewEgg or Amazon or AliExpress, since their prices are almost always 15%-40% cheaper.
  11. Tenelia

    Ryzen 3000 release date leak

    Disheartening to see that people still make purchases from Sim Lim Square. I'd thought the place and its ilk collapsed. These days, I've gotten almost everything from NewEgg, and I float my own stock.
  12. No, they *are* negotiable because national security is at risk as well. Microsoft went through the same thing way back then. I'm pretty sure part of the negotiations will include giving round-the-clock access and feeds to intelligence agencies. China has long had similar arrangements with its own mega-corporations, and America would be a fool to let such a chance slip by to rein in Facebook and remind them of their duty to their nation. Allowing a technology company to run amok and disregard national considerations is recipe for trouble across the centuries. Speaking purely from the perspective of national interest, I don't think it's sensible to allow Facebook off with merely financial consequences from their series of actions.
  13. I think we need to be mindful that right now, there aren't any institutional analysts who actually know gaming well. That is to say, these investment analysts don't understand the process of game design, development, and maintenance go hand-in-hand with monetization.
  14. In a free country like USA, you guys can battle on in the courts and still live to tell the tale for years. Let me tell you a story from Asia... My former manager got a new role handling Russia-China transactions, and got it in his head to clean up the dirty accounts that had been cascading through the system for years. Two weeks later, he received a bullet in the mail while he was having breakfast with the kids. Tell me, what would you do?
  15. Can the bois and gals on Ubuntu Linux stuff tell me how the situation is like for office work?