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    Gigabyte Gaming7
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    16gb Corsair xms
  • GPU
    1080ti hybrid
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    Cooler master haf xb
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    256 gb sammy ssd/4tb seagate
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    750 w corsair
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    Lg Ultrawide
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    logitech g19
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    logitech g700
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    Sounblaster X-Fi Platinum/astro a50
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    Windows 10pro

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  1. Upgraded the theatre seating. Tired of the manual recline, got these powered, heated and massage seats. Also got 4 alexa enabled smart plugs.
  2. 2009 Tc for my son. He is turning 16 next month (it is a surprise) Great starter car. Not the actual car but this is the year and color.
  3. Half life 3 (buying the episodic content they never finished)
  4. Get a laptop or a tablet. We use tablets and our phones when we travel in our Minnie Winnie. Wifi is not a issue at MOST Rv parks but when drydocking by a lake (or when I can in general) I use my unlimited data plan.
  5. At this point who really cares about HL anymore? Or home vr. It has been commercially available for a couple of years. Most people who played the first 2 are in their 40s and out of gaming or are dead by now. That is no joke.
  6. As I thought, you are re full of shit.
  7. Cherry cheesecake usually, but this time of year it is pumpkin cheesecake.
  8. Then communicate with the community. Where is this game 20 bux?
  9. That case looks like you could make Claptrap easy.
  10. You really need to do some dumbbell curls.