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  1. Not to be an ass.... but I'm a graduate degree holding nuclear engineer who is quite familiar with the actual electronics and quantum interactions (varying with temperature and potential etc) that are of more and more relevance at these ever decreasing gap lengths. I was over simplifying for the sake of the previous conversational audience. Suffice to say that regardless of temperature (within realistic limits that actual consumers can see) there are not many inevitable and automatic speed increases left on silicon at the same architecture depth with further node shrinks.
  2. Also in many respects we are reaching silicon points where smaller processes might mean lower peak speeds not higher because of leakage issues, though it is possible (albeit not necessarily guaranteed) that with the inevitable switch to the next medium (be that GaAs or C nanotubes or whatever) that a large speed boost will become available as well.
  3. I guess we will see. Intel tried P4 for a while against AMD and it was a flying cluster barn fire, and then boom core just obliterated any competition. I'm not saying I expect intel to do it again (advances are way harder now than back then so...), but I do find it significantly more likely than I found AMD actually delivering on both Zen and Zen2 and they did that with spades.
  4. I will admit... I'm in the same boat others have mentioned as a haswell-e 980ti sli guy. Like yeah grear gains have been made... but not gamechangingly big ones yet and basically I'll need to buy a whole new PC (I probably wouldnt even bother bringing over storage as the **only thing that can leave without making the old pc literally useless** now that SSD prices are down a lot again. I also want to trust AMD with my next platform CPU (desktop dyi, who gives a crap about laptops as long as they have a warranty... but I don't think I'd ever do it right after a launch, way too many people I know personally have ended up burned by it. Well keep pushing AMD, and I'm sure we will meet up again soon! (We have already since building my personal pc, just not for me again)
  5. Except the Pixel 4 XL isnt really the best at anything lol. But I recommend the A50 over Pixel 3a for the singular reason that the stock loader and device has a layout lock (price difference isn't much, A50 screen is marginally better though), which is so insanely important for dealing with non-technically inclined members that I have to set up the device anyways.
  6. But honestly... unless you game on your phone literally all the time and also hate second hand markets... there isn't a good reason to spend that much on any device now. As I say with a Note10+ lolz. Still, I've been pushing the A50 to my family members instead, for obvious reasons.
  7. I mean yes, but if a magic world existed where they kept low power consumption but added those benefits, I wouldnt look the gift horse in the mouth.
  8. People can claim all they want, and at the absolute edge its obviously not nothing... but the single biggest impact for FPS seems to be nothing more or less better updating of real positions. I wonder if it will matter as much as the monitor response times end up far faster than end to end update times for individual games (how each game handles positional updates will be different of course)
  9. Also... like yeah cost tossed out the window, optane is basically the best nonvolatile memory on the market... so ofc they would want to move to pcie G4 as soon as possible...
  10. Interesting. I find it honestly a bit hard to believe, but supposedly a number of markets are short on iPhone 11s and thus prices are hyperelevated relative to the XR, so hmm indeed. As far as compromises go... I really do think that the market right now is great battery, good enough everything else, and illusion of status driven. **shrugs** interesting times.
  11. Though honestly the same situation should be occurring. ISPs shouldnt be monitoring and monitizing every last bit of traffic for the exact same reason it is illegal to open someone's mail. Also from a pure grounds of consequentialism, all that harder crackdowns on media consumption piracy (single-user/non-distribution/non-monitized) do is reduce demand for the overall product. As the music and gaming industries have found already. Though that doesn't stop people from trying to take every cent they can today ofc. It's a special situation as well because OTA/Free music services exist so incredibly ubiquitously and have for sooo long, and people have long since gotten used to just being able to get it whenever, and pay only for stuff they really like. Or you know... concerts. (I say that as a floatplane supporter, as a very common theatre goer, etc)
  12. Your confidence levels in that which is expressed both here and in the OP is far far more than is warranted. and I say that as someone who thinks broad strokes the basic principles are sensible and very likely to be true.
  13. Heh, if you really want. Substitute authoritative with definitive. Either way, evidence of support (or lack) not falsification. Indicative is trying to say that studies are (if for no other reason than their controls and specificity) limited and not universal in their 'truths'. S cone just means blue cone. Sorry, its from the papers, and earlier in my comments in this thread I made specific my use of blue instead, but the technical term habit came up eventually. I gave an edit a number of hours ago saying the human paper. My appologies if it didnt come through on the loaded version you saw. I noticed I wasn't clear and so edited it. Feel free to read the post now with the edits to see if that was more clear.
  14. Put it this way... from the details I've read, and the knowledge base I have (which is... well expert in my field, and professionally/obsessively curious everywhere else... this is part of the everything else, btw) it isn't OBVIOUSLY WRONG in any way... which believe it or not, is actually a fairly high standard. The media release is a pretty standard fare non-scientist writing which doesn't really address or understand the actual claims the authors seem to be supporting with their research. The paper itself doesn't seem to conflict in a specific known way with other current leading research in the field either (which contrary to mainstream portrayal is not in obvious strong support for specific visible light sub-frequency filtering), so it doesn't fail some rudimentary 'smell' test. The human paper is pretty specific in its claims and seems to do a fairly good job of substantiating them. It doesn't actually appear that a large body of prior work exists to counter the evidence that the paper suggests, rather that previous work in Melanopsin led some members of the community (and mainstream) to assume that the S cone interaction was likely. As always... no paper is authoritative. Merely indicative. EDIT: I also share your frustration with non-science writers making things seem more definitive than they are. and I have personally and repeatedly called out the OP for their spin on the article's already too definitive stance. And that's made worse to me because the OP's reputation is known to me and I hold them in generally high regard.