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  1. Also IIRC from commenting on the original article... the use case, and specific power output was dramatically higher than real world usage. Also it really should be noted (for posterity sake), the brain has to be one of the best places (from a medical perspective) to get a tumor. Once you find it, the ability to isolate cells either physically or with radiation with low chances of causing other cancers or spreading is absolutely fantastic.
  2. Yes technically it does. That is what SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) measures actually, but again.... the Sun is 500W/m2 which is far far in excess of even the most ludicrously pessimistic exposure from these devices.
  3. Also tether distance is a huge deal. Want to use a big case? Best take your device out of it every day to charge.
  4. It's not killing the cards in so much as screwing up the repairs. It's killing the cards by sacrificing and pulling their vram chips. They apparently were not able to directly buy the faster gddr6 chips so they had to pull vram chips off of two other cards (which had only 8 chips each) to replace all 11 of the chips from the 2080ti.
  5. Yeah... so we've seen the surface products with zen... and it isn't pretty. I mean it would be ok for broadwell-u era but that's about it. Mind you, I expect there are still a lot of low hanging optimizations available to the platform, and zen2 should really really help, but it isn't wrong to say that **RIGHT NOW**, buying amd in a ultrabook is a mistake in basically every fashion. Note the **RIGHT NOW** part.
  6. I mean it's a natural human reaction (even if unfortunate), but regardless I could have probably stated it better originally as well. **shrugs**
  7. Every other company gets lambasted on this forum for producing next generation equivalent products in their stack at the same price, let alone higher. Regardless of how much more performance there is along side it. Just pointing that out. It's a great product. I've shared the concerns I have with numa awareness, and the interconnect power scaling being huge (hilarious that people just a few days ago slammed the shit out of Ryan Shrout for daring to say that other parts of the CPU needed optimizing as well, and that interconnect optimizations would be a key path moving forward. Then a 100W interconnect chiplet comes around driving max multicore power budget down to 3-5W per core. Interconnect power is now almost 40% of total budget.) Other than that, (and even with it) it's great. As I said looking forward to Zen3. Just wanted to give those caveats. The praise for the chip is stated much better in other places, so I didnt bother repeating it. Sorry that that made it seem like I wasn't very positive on it overall.
  8. No one going to complain here that AMD offered the same core count at noticeably higher costs this generation of threadripper? I mean if this was intel or nvidia the forums would be screaming about it. Anyways, looks cool. That interconnect power consumption is insane though, and dx86 and avx512 workloads still show their massive performance uplifts. Good job AMD (I do mean that). Looking forward to Zen3
  9. @Ryan_Vickers Not saying this isn't true... but as someone that used and played the beta back with AC Odyssey last year... it got a lot better the short couple of months we had with the program, and while on a pretty meh 200/10 connection (when wired) I'd say it was a pretty comparable latency experience to a bad wireless mouse/keyboard. Wireless was not a good experience though at all, even though my throughput was fantastic and my AC Wave 2 router really shouldn't have added more than a few ms latency maximum. Also worth noting, that wasn't to a chromecast. That was to a full blown gaming pc as shown in my sig, and would almost certainly have been the best possible case (short of a direct fibre connection) for the service.
  10. Yeah... so not more interesting than the fold at any price, let alone 1500 (potentially). Wowza. I mean... early adopter tax is real. Just... wow.
  11. Honestly the biggest thing that pisses me off about this game is both blatant favoritism towards the 'conventional favorites' and also that there is exactly 1 non-Gen 8 starter trio. 1 and it just happens to be Charmander. But lieing about that stuff doesn't make me less annoyed.
  12. Same. Its just too far gone for me at this point. But I do use Nagas for at home and work. They are absolutely fantastic productivity mice.
  13. No. They have ONLY shared finances and their limits were still an order of magnitude different. That's how we know it is a real issue. Basically all their other cards are said to have the same limits.