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  1. At least you have a choice. 129 MILLION Americans only have access to one broadband provider. I'd love to have Canadian ISPs compared to the shitstorm here...
  2. Curufinwe_wins

    Samsung Galaxy Crease

    Huh. That crease looks pretty ok actually. Not visible whatsoever with any amount of content on it (watch the video in the OP's link), unlike huawei's abomination. I'd be ok with that. Of course, not for the price, but that's to be expected. 1. Honestly, 'do I want a foldable phone?' Not really. 2. Do I want a phone that is smaller in my pocket and can become bigger when I want to read or do anything else that a larger phone display does better? Why yes. I do. Since 2 requires 1 (at least for now), I guess that means I want a folding phone.
  3. Agreed. In fairness, it might still be useful for airliners that are under pressure from governments to reduce their noise pollution, and that's an application where these could see a lot of use if the narrow resonances are usefully diminished.
  4. Ahh SPL. Forgot that's a thing lol. Obviously in retrospect it is (a thing), I forgot about that though.
  5. That is 100% not how it works. But moving from 52 dB to 40 dB with a noise floor of 45 dB is 'imperceptible'. Level as in voltage difference? Since it's in a physics paper talking about post release dampening, talking about voltage drop doesn't really make sense in this context, so I'm assuming they mean power output (since that is what is actually measurable after the fact). also this quote from the paper indicates power to me
  6. If they mean 94% reduction in sound power (which I'm 99% sure they do), it's only a 12 dB drop not 24.
  7. Wait a second, wouldn't the sound wave resonance/reflection vary quite substantially based on frequency? Also 94% sounds like a big reduction, but that is only a 12 decibel reduction. 12 decibel reduction is not anything close to that impressive by itself compared to the sound proofing (or NC) efforts already done. But it would potentially be useful in airplanes at least.
  8. Curufinwe_wins

    Gemini Man to be shown in 120 fps

    As a corollary from your previous post, one of the reasons why traditional gaming setups have occasionally been capable of showing benefits up to or inexcess of 120 Hz monitors is that as you mentioned, the human brain and occular system can notice things like flicker or unstable motion far more quickly than it has the ability to derive any additional content data. So in the era before adaptive sync technologies, higher refresh rates meant that frame hitching was a smaller average temporal change every time it occured, and with a more granular control, was less likely to occur regardless because many frame rates are sufficiently divisible by some multiple of 12. (Like 120Hz can render 24 fps without frame pacing issues and 60 Hz cannot). This also helps explain why some people (myself and Linus included) have noted that adaptive sync technologies lower the minimum acceptable framerate. 45-60 fps is perfectly fine (nice even) for almost every game with g-sync enabled. In a movie setting, your frames shouldnt have had any issue with pacing, so one of the single biggest advantages to exceptionally high fps are eliminated. (As you mentioned pwm flicker is a good example of how even more than 500 Hz the human occular system is sometimes capable of confusion or discomfort, even if it isnt capable of recognition or distinction.)
  9. Curufinwe_wins

    Gemini Man to be shown in 120 fps

    "Motion blur" in real life only happens with relative motion compared to perspective. When you add in a random ass motion blurring effect you are forcing a certain focus point for your viewer and if they don't focus on that specific relative motion (assuming you did it properly, which most games don't), its extremely disorienting and pointlessly nauseating. If you as a real human being focus on your hand (to the limit at which your eyes can scan in degrees per second), it doesnt blur. Of course eyes can't actually scan that fast while processing data, so its extremely easy to move something at your eye level with an angular velocity in massive excess of your capacity to keep focused on it. The difference between trees blurring as you fly past them and watching one actively scan across your vision. It is blatantly incorrect from a physical standpoint to arbitrarily blur everything that moves regardless of the focus. Again, this is even more relevant in 3d projection viewing where you shouldnt even infer ANY specific perspective for your viewer (either in what constitutes relative motion or focal plane) and instead show everything in perfect focus, because the viewers sight will already do all of the narrowing and motion related effects automatically (by choosing to focus on something themselves) and then there won't be a disconnect between what their brains expect in the motion and what the video is showing.
  10. Curufinwe_wins

    Gemini Man to be shown in 120 fps

    One additional issue though is that motion blur at high fps is extremely nauseating for some individuals (like myself) and for some ungodly reason a number of game developers and media designers cant seem to understand that motion blur looks like crap and is unrealistic. The closer things get to the speed and distinctiveness that real life has, the less they should be doing crap like narrow focal depth and motion blur and all that, instead relying on the actual viewer actually concentrating in plane on something that seems realistic. (Particularly with 3d projections) Side opinion note: real dslr bokeh looks bad 99% of the time. Fake bokeh looks worse. please stop forcing people to remove detail from their images.
  11. Curufinwe_wins

    Light Sleeper - Samsung Galaxy S10 Can't Tell When it's in a Pocket

    Yeah that seems like something that shouldnt have any problem tuning considering everything has always worked. I bet its actually related to pressure from the skin/pocket being capable of activating the ultrasonic scanner (and or directly waking up the device) instead of the proximity sensor itself being tuned poorly. Sucks. Gotta fix these things.
  12. Curufinwe_wins

    Youtube Censors SBSK Comment Sections

    seriously? Advance prediction proven correct, you people are literally impossible to please.
  13. They are reordered in that sense yes. And no, it doesnt violate thermodynamics laws in any way shape or form. “Perhaps to the disappointment of science-fiction fans, I should point out that the article does not discuss time travel, or going back to the past, or reversing the principle of cause and effect” hahaha sorry someone else already clarified. Idk who thought up the name for time-reversed in this sense, because there are other senses that discuss time reversal of matter and what that hypothetically might mean (like time-reversed matter looking like anti-matter and thus quite probably exhibiting the same explosive reactions with normal matter). Obviously this sense is not compatible with the sense used in the paper. And they are talking explcitly about reversing local entropy of the system. Which is as a general paper, not very interesting to be perfectly honest. Maybe some other people with more direct quantum computing experience can point out the more novel and worthwhile aspects of this paper. At least that is more or less true as long as CPT symmetry is the law of the land, which still looks correct based on every test we've done so far.
  14. Curufinwe_wins

    Microsoft brings DirectX 12 to Windows 7

    Sounds more like hackish backporting than being able to actually support natively. I mean cool.