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  1. Dude, just use eBay... I bought mine from there.
  2. This happened to me twice this month. The orders were delayed and exceeded their estimated delivery date. Chat support explicitly said "keep the items" as a compensation for the waiting time. I didn't even ask for it, just caught me by surprise. You might get the same treatment if your order was late.
  3. Hows your RTX 2080 pair with your OC'd 1700?

  4. I believe the components used in Alienware desktops are proprietary. I've dealt with them before and they tend to use the cheapest and most basic components, but they work. GPU is most likely a blower-style but it should be enough for the 2070S. Upgradability is a hit or miss, really. You should be able to fit in a graphics card as long as you keep the size of the unit itself is mind, as it may or may not fit inside the case.
  5. Looks like a faulty monitor. Return it.
  6. Kaita

    Moral conundrum

    OT but, can I buy it?
  7. Are you okay? That sounds very immature. Just report him and be on your way, having 7 dislikes is nothing.
  8. To all the "get a job" posts, I'd like to say that it's really not that easy for someone his age to get a job in Kuwait. Actually it's close to impossible, unless you sell sunflower seeds on the streets in hot temperatures (30-40 degrees) but even then it'd take years before he'd be able to make that much. Also, expats barely make any money (significant amount I mean) and sometimes live paycheck to paycheck to pay for rent (which is expensive as fuck by the way), bills and sending money to their families back home. OP, I suggest waiting it out. I'm sure your parents aren't just sitting on money and not buying you anything. It's just circumstances.
  9. Probably my CPU, but at the moment I find it hard justifying 1700X > 3700X/3800X. Also thinking of getting a 32" 4K monitor.
  10. I'm so glad I'm not the only one with the exact same opinion regarding the hygiene. I had to wait in queues for 3-4 hours each and the smell was so horrible. Thursday wasn't so bad as I went in as soon as it opened and didn't wait for long. I mainly went for Hall 9 (Square Enix) to play the FF VII Remake and get the shirts from the FFXIV battle challenges (which was awesome btw). Otherwise, the rest are boring. You wait in a 5h+ queue at the Cyberpunk booth to watch a demo that you can't even play.
  11. It's exactly double the price of the 560. I really don't care about the performance I just need something to run games at respectable framerates and temperatures while I'm away from my main PC. Portability is also a factor.
  12. Hello. So I've a Macbook Pro 2016 nTB with an i5 processor and an iGPU (Iris 540). I mainly use it for university stuff on the go and FFXIV for raiding when I'm travelling/outdoors/at a friend's house which I often do alot, and I'll be travelling the day the next raid (savage tier) comes out. The iGPU does everything fine, with the exception of FFXIV where it basically runs really loud and the framrates are 17-23ish during gameplay. Ofcourse, the graphics settings are at their absolute lowest so there's that too. Normally, I wouldn't mind playing like this for a while but I've found someone selling a "barely used" Sonnet Breakaway Puck RX560 GPU for $150 (retails for $400). The eGPU itself is pretty small, making it perfect for travelling. It also uses an MXM version of the AMD RX560 and the benchmarks aren't bad overall. FFXIV isn't really a demanding game and my laptop can run it, kinda. Would it be worth it to buy the eGPU? Is the RX560 a good card even? He's also selling a larger one enclosure with an RX580 but, I feel like it'd be a useless purchase given my usage. Thank you.
  13. Thank goodness... I was getting sick of using iTunes (Apple Music).
  14. I've had my MBP13 2016 for a good 3 years and haven't really encountered any of these issues... Sucks to know that they're susceptible to many design flaws as one of the reasons why I bought it was because I had a "Apple good. Apple no mistake" mindset since the 2015 models were pretty good.