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  1. Okay so is this normal when installing Ubuntu? It's just this doesn't happen when i install windows, and i wasn't sure if i did something wrong.
  2. Hi there, i recently installed Xubuntu (a flavour of Ubuntu) for the first time and i have a question regarding partitons on Ubuntu. So when i installed Xubuntu on my SSD: SATA PM: OCZ-VERTEX2 (114473MB), it created 2 other identical partitions: ubuntu (p0: OCZ-VERTEX2) , and it doesn't boot from the SSD, rather it boots from one of these two newly created partitons. Theres an image below of what i mean. As you can see, the two identical partitions: ubuntu (p0: OCZ-VERTEX2) are the ones that the installation created. I'm just wondering if this is normal that it created this seperate partitions and that it doesn't boot from my SSD directly? I hope i'm clear enough in my question, and if not please let me know. Thanks, GR412.
  3. Yeah i've been trying to decide between the NH-D15S and the NH-U14S but the NH-D15S seems a bit big and difficult to work with. I'm not sure what the performance difference is like on an overclock though. I guess the NH-U41S would be good enough.
  4. Yeah i had simular results with he stock cooler at 3.7 and 3.8 is just impossiblke for me. I'm thinking of getting the Noctua NH-U14S as a cooler though, do you think that would be good enough for the 1700 and the 1700x if i decided to replace my currrent 1700. Thanks.
  5. Hmm intresting i'll look into that, thanks. Also do you think the Noctua NH-U14S would be a good cooler for overlocking on Ryzen?
  6. Well I never expected 4ghz, but i expected around 3.8ghz, 3.9ghz if was lucky. But i can barely maintain 3.7 (with the stock cooler). And it seems like even getting a better cooler would still not enable me to run 3.8ghz at a lowish (1.3 - 1.375) voltage. I may just go for the 1700x instead. I do still think i just have a bad chip because so many people seem to be getting stability at 3.8ghz on a stress test with just the stock cooler. Thats what it seems anyway.
  7. Yeha that makes sense, so really If i wanted to run 3.8ghz at a lower voltage i'd need to go for the 1700x maybe?
  8. So you reckon if i got say a Noctua cooler, then i could run at higher clocks with lower voltages than if i did the same clock with the stock cooler? So like say i wanted to run at 3.8ghz at 1.375 volts with the stock cooler? Using the Noctua cooler i could maybe run 3.8ghz at 1.3 volts for example? Is that how it works?
  9. At what voltage? And you said before you couldn't even do 3.7ghz on the stock cooler right? Thanks for the info.
  10. Yeah you're right I misread his comment. Thanks for pointing that out. I guess I could try a Noctua cooler before I refund.
  11. Well i was thinking a 1700x, anything 3.8ghz or above i'd be happy with. It's just i'm barely able to maintain 3.7ghz with this 1700 I have now.
  12. Yeah that was my line of thinking, i don't want to mess people around too much.
  13. Yeah i guess you're right, although i still think i've got a pretty bad 1700. I am now thinking of maybe bumping it up to a 1700x. I'm not sure if thats a waste of money or not.
  14. I'm not happy with using water. It just seems like hassle unfortunatly. But I do believe you that water probaly is better.