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  1. I bought g703 wireless mouse recently and im so sads that the mouse wheel is so hard to press. I used to have g400s and while playing dota 2 i am using middle click A LOT and its impossible to play the game for me with the new mouse just because of the mouse wheel. So the question is, can i dissasemble g703 and mod the mouse wheel so it will be easier to press? Since i've bought it i feel bad for not using it cause it feels good in hand but the mouse wheel makes it literally unplayable for me.
  2. tismanasou


    hi i found this graphiocs card cheap? https://www.ebay.com/itm/For-NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX960-4GB-GDDR5-128Bit-PCI-Express-Video-Graphics-Card-Gift/253313924204?hash=item3afaafbc6c:g:uLIAAOSw401aD~0O does it worth buying or its not as good as branded ones? anyone know the difference?
  3. Hi guys i want to overclock my i5 750 to 4.0Ghz, thus i need need liquid cooling, i was thinking to buy COOLERMASTER SEIDON 120V V3 PLUS. They are compatible, but will i have any problems with heating? Is this liquid cooler enough? Its on sale (64euro) so i really need a fast answer. Also if its not enough, how much hertz can i push it with this liquid cooler?
  4. Hey everyone, I want to overclock my CPU (INTEL i5 750) and i want to install a liquid cooler (COOLERMASTER SEIDON 120V V3 PLUS). I figured out they are compatible with my motherboard (GA-P55M-UD2) with an LGA 1156 socket. In the video below theres a guy installing the liquid cooler i want to buy and he reffers on 2 connectors, a 3-pin pump connector and a pwm 4-pin connector. Can anyone help me locate the connectors in my motherboard below?
  5. @done12many2 i dont know what's a "drain plug", do you mean i have to open up my monitor with screwdriver and try to drain fluids? @gtx1060=value thats camera light. but theres whitespots at the bottom of the screen not too visible from the camera. @NoobCase yep it reappears again. heres an image after 2-3 hours of use, the blackspot gone, but the next day it will be back there for me ;(
  6. Hi i had my monitor (Q2201wb) spilled with water (I have attached an image on how it looks). Everytime i open my monitor it starts as a blackspot and it gradually dissapears after 2hours of monitor use, but still theres anoying white glow everywhere at the bottom! Is there anyway i can open my monitor and fix this?
  7. Hi my Levono a916 is problematic, everytime i turn off the screen after one minute i cant receive calls/texts. But when i turn screen on, all is good. Can anyone clarify how to fix this?
  8. Hi all, I want to connect my 5.1 speakers (Creative T6300) to my TV. Which is the easiest way?
  9. yep it works its 1371, but it only works on horizonal pixels, i think u cant match it exacly on vertical pixels right? maybe if the mouse supports vertical sensitivity adjustment i suppose
  10. Hi guys, My current mouse dpi settings is 1200dpi, i play on 1680x1050resolution. I want to calculate how much dpi i should have on 1920x1080resolution to keep the mouse movement same, and how to calculate it by myself(formula) or a link with online calculator? thx in advance
  11. common sports coaching have a lot of things, im sure theres some stuff on esport too :rolleyes:
  12. Hello guys, Any proffesional gamer here?(getting paid) I would like to ask you guys a question. Are you just playing your game as a practice or theres any tips and excercises to improve overall performance and enchance things like: vision,reaction time,focus etc. i only drink some coffee before my gaming , do you guys do any other things that could possibly make you better at what you play?