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  1. Hello, If i connect a surface laptop to a monitor via usbc would i be able to connect a mouse and keyboard directly to the monitor and use them for the surface?
  2. hello, Just recently i have started getting screen tear but only at the bottom of my screen, is my display damaged? Its an Acer Predator G-sync monitor, its clocked at 95 hz and i set my games to 90fps if possible. Gsync is enabled everything is setup just like it was, it started happening for no apparent reason. People have been saying that the windows creator update has broken Gsync but its strange that it only happens at the bottom of the display Has anyone ever experienced this, or know whats up? thx
  3. ok it is the "developer version" that has the vpn option
  4. thx but there is stil no option in the beta version =/
  5. So i wanted to test this new feature out but its not showing in the settings of my opera browser (which i just downloaded) do i need a beta version? what gives? I do see an option for "surfeasy VPN", but that one costs money. Anyone tried out operas free vpn and got it to work?
  6. Hi thx for the reply. i have tried setting it up for my gmail account using "smtp.gmail.com" as the server as instructed by google and filled out the rest like you said but im getting a username error, im using the username that i use to log into the nvr device so i dont know what other username its after.
  7. Hi, I want to set up my NVR system to email me when it detects motion on a camera. I cant figure out how to do it so i took a screen shot of the setup page which i have attached to this post. I use a gmail account. can anyone help me fill out the setup?
  8. Yo I rarely actually watch "TV" i tend to watch shows on my laptop and play games on my desktop and monitor. This new TV will be used for gaming, both PC and console and also streaming shows and Movies, stuff like that. Most of the shows and movies wil be 1080 at the most i dont have a great broadband connection. Gaming wise obviously the console is 1080p but also the PC isnt a beast so most of the games will be 1080p but a few i will be able to run at 4K. But basically i think less than 10% of the content i view on this TV will be 4K. So, should i get the 4K TV or not? I heard upscaled shows and movies look great but upscaled games do not, will i be able to disable the upscaling for the games or am i stuck with it? Im really unsure as to what to get here 1080 or 4K, is 4K worth it? im not convinced but at the same time i dont want to miss out... The tvs im looking at are both over £1000 because there are big but they are similar in price. Any info would be appriciated, also id be interested to know about any other TV models that are of similar price Here are the 2 TVs that im currently looking at; LG 60UF770V Ultra HD 4K 60 Inch TV (2015 Model)http://www.amazon.co.uk/LG-60UF770V-Ultra-Inch-Model/dp/B00VLS6U6S/ref=sr_1_11?s=home-theater&ie=UTF8&qid=1440448631&sr=1-11&keywords=tv Sony KDL-65W855C 3D Smart 3D 1080p Full HD 65 Inch TV (2015 Model)http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00UXA2474/ref=olp_product_details?_encoding=UTF8&me=
  9. Nice! Is the stuff on Newegg "new" condition? Seems very cheap.
  10. I bought one about this time last year and i was thinking about getting another one, looked online and they are still super expensive £500+.($770) I was expecting it to be cheaper =/ Anyone know a place i could pick one up for cheaper? PC components seem alot cheaper in the US but the import charges make it about the same as buying it here in the UK. Maybe theres a way to get around import charges? I dont mind used but i prefer to buy from trusted retailers and not random people on ebay.