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    AMD Zen 7 9909X oc'ed to 23 GHz
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    Msi X1909 Godlike
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    GSkill Trident Z RGB 4.2 Petabyte
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    Msi Gaming RTX 9999 Super TI
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    RaidMax 850w 80+ Gold
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  1. In South Africa where i stay vat is included in the cost price you can do a checkout to see if it applies before you pay however you will have to be able to afford the product with your steam wallet balance or add a payment method like a MasterCard to proceed to the checkout page.
  2. the cache latency is whats important but with relatively older pc's i don't get any problems with different brands but it can cause blue screens to occur
  3. vat is included in the listed price FloRolf: If you'd punctuate one could actually understand your point, lol.
  4. So I have a ThinkPad Onelink Pro Dock model nr DU9033S1 it has this funny Lenovo only connector on it that no one uses so probably won't be able to sell it so I wanna know if I can cut the connector and attach a USB c port so it's usable it's useless to me otherwise so instead of throwing it away I wanna know if I can mess around with it first any ideas, links to any helpful sites or tutorials for DIY modding stuff like this thanks.
  5. does his gpu make coil whine noises? does it only crash on higher graphics because i have the same problem
  6. Hi My friend has a GTX 1080 and it has loud coil whine he has all the drivers installed tried with newest and older versions one of the game that crashes is fortnite epic settings at 1080p it crashes in less than 30seconds also tried in a friends pc he has 1070 and has no problems but whne he plugged the 1080 in and reinstalled drivers he got the same problem so we put it back in the other pc he set the max fps ingame to 180 and it still crashed so i told him to try capping it at 60fps and it hasn't crashed so far why is his gpu doing this?
  7. i have not bought one yet i was just curious if its possible because i want a cheap way to have rgb desk lights synced to my pc lights i was planning on buying a normal rgb strip for my pc but then i saw these ones
  8. Hi these chinese rgb strips are cheap and i wanted to know if its possible to connect the 3 rbg pins on the strip to my mobo rgb header and connect the 4th pin to the included power supply that comes with the rgb strip i have a msi z270 pro carbon could this work, would it break my mobo any info help Thanks
  9. Hi my friend bought a gtx 1080 and he dident get a coupon for the promotion is there any way he can still get the game?
  10. 1080 ti is excellent for 4k the 1080 struggles abit and sli isnt worth it alot of games arent optimized or even work with sli
  11. this year they are planning to work on their anti cheat so yes they will and time can only tell if it will be good
  12. hi im buying a msi z270 tomahawk and im interested as to what this port is is it a usb type b or what is it for ? thanks