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    Programming, Nerding out :P


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    Intel i5 4690k
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    MSI Z97 U3 Plus
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    16Gb Corsair Vengance
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    Gigabyte Windforce R9 290x 2GB OC
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    Fractal Design R5
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    Samsung 120gb Evo, WD Green 3tb
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    Cooller Master V650
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    4x Corsair AF140, Cooler Master Hyper Evo 212
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    Windows 8.1/ Manjaro

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  1. Help installing new OS

    Lubuntu is good, but why can't you go into BIOS/UEFI on your Mac and enable USB boot? That should work if you can do such a thing.
  2. Cyanogen mod Samsung S3 Mini?

    Hey all, So I need to update the version of android on my phone to anything above Android 4.4. it is is currently 4.1. I have heard of Cyanogen mod being the method of choice for phones like mine that do not receive OTA updates so I would like somebody to guide me on how to do this. Here are my specs: Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini (O2 UK) Model num: GT-I8200N Thanks
  3. Need some help with Python

    Just put it in a while loop. This will mean that it will run forever. Like: while continue = True: number_1 = int(input('Enter a number: ')) number_2 = int(input('Enter a second number: ')) function = int(input('1. Addition 2. Subtraction 3. Multiplication 4. Division')) if function == 1 : print (number_1+number_2) if function == 2 : print (number_1-number_2) if function == 3 : print (number_1*number_2) if function == 4 : print (number_1/number_2) else: continue = False Something like this
  4. Compatibility Check

    Yes. That would work perfectly
  5. What do you think of this NAS?

    I think that looks great but I would go with lower capacity hard drives, so instead of 2 4TB, 4 2TB this plays nicer with FreeNas and RAM usage. For PSU, I would get any 500w 80+ Gold, Gold because for a NAS you really do need the reliability, unless you plan to run this 24/7 - In which case I would go for a Redundant PSU - that should work ok.
  6. Interesting Security Talk

    Thanks! Cool talk
  7. Needing a new monitor

    Thanks! I think this might be the one, we'll have to see.
  8. I need to make wooden gifts for xmas, any ideas?

    Laser cutter? If so etches of various animals on a cylindracal block of wood would be cool. People could choose their animal.
  9. Needing a new monitor

    Recently I have been having space issues with my dual 21.5" monitor setup. I do a lot of programming and I have realised that if I got a bigger monitor I could be more productive. So I need to pick a new monitor and was wondering if you guys could help me. Here are my requirments: 27">£300 preferably less than £200 though1440p (Would be nice)Height adjust stand and rotate.Response time doesn't matter to meIPS. (Or variants, PLS)Main requirments are as follows: 27">£300IPSOtherwise the other requirments would be amazing to meet. Thanks!
  10. You know you're a techie when. . .

    Sighing when "IT Support" comes into the classroom and starts going into the BIOS to make it look like they are "fixing" the "problem" (Windows Updating)
  11. Need help in choosing a mobo

    Welcome to the forum! That mobo doesn't look atx but, maybe try finding the dimesions of the stock mobo online then see if they are atx.
  12. Curemylife's ELP

    If you have a NAS. I would just go for a 1tb ssd and have a sff case also if you have a 3d printer print an ssd cover so that you can see it