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    Propphet got a reaction from Origami Cactus in 2 Htc vives 2 Light houses   
    Oh ofcourse, and its just bluetooth so shares easy. Thanks!
    I will try it in a few weeks and will share my results.
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    Propphet reacted to Firewrath9 in What the fan? Come and find out!   
    cheap oem fans, pro led illuminated, most definitely sleeve bearing.
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    Propphet reacted to NelizMastr in Windows as NAS os?   
    Windows will do fine for storage. To keep the drives spinning (mostly recommended for NAS drives, consumer drives are fine with lots of start/stops) you can probably force that somewhere in the power options in the control panel.
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    Propphet reacted to NelizMastr in Windows as NAS os?   
    Yep, that's the one  
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    Propphet reacted to mrbilky in Old pc what to do?   
    Just make sure you do it on company time so you can collect comp if you injure yourself
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    Propphet got a reaction from Speed Weed in Its storage upgrade time again   
    Hey guys scarce here,
    Im looking for an big storage soloution to backup all my projects including personal data and stuff + extern data from friends or family.
    At this moment it's about 9-10 TB but will be growing in the future, my question is what would be the best and cheapest solution?
    I was looking at external drives but prices are not cheaper than internal drives and are not practical for network use.
    I looked at internal storage solutions with raid cards but they get quite expensive if not purchased second hand.
    And i looked for network backupping but thats expenseive if u want to get fast speeds.
    I can get new drives from 3Tb - 8Tb for 0.023 cents a GB so about 1 tb = 23 Euro
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    Propphet reacted to Electronics Wizardy in Second gpu in vmware?   
    Whata vmware software are you using? esxi? gpu passthrough?
    For the simulated gpu in the workstation version., you can't do this.
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    Propphet reacted to SupaKomputa in Second gpu in vmware?   
    you can't do that with vmware, checkout unraid.
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    Propphet reacted to Dawson Wehage in Second gpu in vmware?   
    If only they made it possible.
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    Propphet reacted to AndersT2 in Audio system help   
    It would work fine. Could also recomend looking into a PC speaker setup with sub for that price. Their not as bad as one should think. I'm often supriced over a couple of cheap Logitech I have, and how fun they are to listen to, even compared to my livingroom setup with real floorstanding speakers many many times the price of the Logitech set.
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    Propphet reacted to alexblair in Bose headphones? or nahh   
    They are comparable, the bose is one of, if not the best, noise canceling headphones.
    The only one that can realistically compete with it is the Sony MDR 1000X. Sony 
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    Propphet reacted to emosun in Bose headphones? or nahh   
    I've been wearing my bose qc for over a year now for mostly flying/driving/when i'm at work using tools and they're pretty damn good

    but if you're going to use the 3.5mm jack buy extra cables , i've gone through like 3 cables already becuase i use them pretty hard
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    Propphet reacted to mister_s in Dell Combo Headphone Jack Mic not Detected   
    So I've got a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 gaming, and I'm trying to use a headset with it however when I plug it in, it still uses the built in laptop microphone.
    I've tried:
    I've tried reinstalling drivers Switching between drivers (Windows Default and Realtek HD Audio) The windows default works the best, it actually switches between audio outputs consistently, however the input device is stuck on the built in laptop mic.
    Any suggestions? Is there some Dell software crap that I'm missing, it is a clean install of Windows?
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    Propphet reacted to Stagea in Tv Speakers recommendations   
    How much are you willing to spend? Are you looking for surround audio?
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    Propphet reacted to unknownmiscreant in Tv Speakers recommendations   
    I don't know alot about what stuff is good to buy, as I ended up building my audio system. But @Dackzy would be the guy to talk to.
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    Propphet reacted to Dackzy in Tv Speakers recommendations   
    op what is your budget?
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    Propphet reacted to KaminKevCrew in Tv Speakers recommendations   
    Absolutely. For a budget like that, buying used is absolutely the way to go. (If you can find speakers with mismatched drivers that still sound good to your ears, you should go for them - mismatched drivers will generally mean that the speakers are worth MUCH less, so you can get a deal, assuming you like the way they sound.)
    Keep in mind that if they aren't powered speakers, you'll also need an amp.
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    Propphet reacted to Dackzy in Tv Speakers recommendations   
    TBH go look used and then listen to them at the sellers house.
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    Propphet reacted to EnergyEclipse in Tv Speakers recommendations   
    As for right now I'm currently using Edifer e25 Luna Eclipse for my personal setup, 
    I don't know much about sound but the bass is just pounding, probably courtesy of the dual woofers in each speaker, and hearing engines of cars rumble vibrates the desk just as the car would do in real life. For watching movies there a blast with nice balanced sound and fortunately no tinny was whatsoever. The bass doesn't drown things out which I was thankful for, again the bass is, oh mann they almost rival my old skull candy crushers in terms of how much the bass thuds if that makes sense.
    I kind a love them mostly because they look flaming awesome, if you think eggs were awesome in taste these are the same but in looks.
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    Propphet reacted to RadiatingLight in E Reader dead?   
    Maybe dead.
    TBH E-readers are so cheap nowadays that you can get a kindle paperwhite for like $50. this is just an excuse for an upgrade
  21. Funny
    Propphet reacted to Gung Pow Chicken in E Reader dead?   
    Have you tried flashing the firmware? You can download the firmware and throw it on a microsd card, from there just boot the ereader into recovery mode and flash.
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    Propphet reacted to kelvinhall05 in E Reader dead?   
    He can't restart it or anything, I doubt he can boot into recovery mode.
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    Propphet reacted to RuLeZ in Data usage mobile phone.   
    Damn... Sucks to live in Germany, 5GB are like premium data plans here.
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    Propphet reacted to Julian2000nl in Data usage mobile phone.   
    I tried the same. Reached 47GB and then my 4G stopped working whilst I have unlimited 4G.
    I've hit the "fair use policy" and apperantly downloading 10 seasons of different shows and 4 movies at the same time, which resulted in using 17GB in a couple hours, makes the network unusable for my neighborhood.
    I'm sorry neighbors, I have my 4G back the 19'th.
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    Propphet reacted to NumLock21 in Data usage mobile phone.   
    I like how the satellite (geo location) symbol has the word "fake" written across it.