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  1. Two thick white lines

    Personally, I manually overclock all the cards I buy; it's not exactly difficult. Then again, the 'stock' clocks on your card are already pretty high, so there's no pressing need.
  2. Two thick white lines

  3. Two thick white lines

    At today's prices, yeah, that's a good deal. As for how long it'll last, that depends on what your demands are. I'd imagine the 580 would be good for 1080p60 at high/very high settings for a couple of years.
  4. Two thick white lines

    Is that £299 deal for the 8 or 4 GB model?
  5. Two thick white lines

    In my view, the 580 is better, but that's only if you can find one for a reasonable price.
  6. Two thick white lines

    Because you can't infer to better performance from increased clock speeds across different architectures.
  7. What's Better? RX580 with Freesync or GTX 1070?

    What's the freesync range of your monitor? Also, why are max settings important? They seldom make much sense.

    It probably wouldn't be a waste of time, since you might learn something: having done a little bit of research myself, it seems with respect to Canada that the legal situation is very similar to the situation here, as I expected. This is likewise the case in California, I see, though perhaps to a lesser extent.

    You could cite a relevant source. Your say-so isn't going to be enough, I'm afraid.
  10. GPU RMA FAIL BS!!!

    Rather, I understood the term "after sale support" differently to you. Now we've cleared that up, I'm not sure I believe you. I expect US law is the same or similar to British law on this score.
  11. GPU RMA FAIL BS!!!

    I wasn't referring to after sale support, though.
  12. GPU RMA FAIL BS!!!

    You know he has a legal right to require you to do something about it, right? At least, that's how it works here: when you buy something, your contract is with the entity you bought it from, not the manufacturer.
  13. Which GPU Works better for 1440P?

    You've just lost your money.
  14. Which GPU Works better for 1440P?

    Anyone with a lick of sense.
  15. Will my GTX 1050 be Bottlenecked?

    Your CPU will likely severely limit your new GPU. I suggest an upgrade.