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  1. If this turns out to be true, it's incredibly disingenuous, and makes Vega 64 almost untenable. And to think I had vague hopes of switching...
  2. I'll think about upgrading come Tigerlake time.
  3. Yeah, things will get a little better. But nothing's going to fundamentally change, and Nvidia will be along with something new soon enough (Pascal being, as I say, over a year old at this point).
  4. After all the hubbub and excitement, Vega effectively ends up in a performance stalemate with the 1070 and 1080, for about the same price (though more here in Britain, as things stand), with significantly higher power draw. And the GPU's it's competing with were released over a year ago. Still, it's nice to have some competition, if nothing else.
  5. If Vega 64 really is going to be sold here for £700, it's dead on arrival. I've also no idea why the Euro price is 599, if true.
  6. I tried going back to Firefox a few weeks ago, but it didn't last long. It was just too slow.
  7. I got the FE 1080 Ti because I found an excellent price for it, and aftermarket cards were significantly more expensive. It is louder, but given my headphones and case, I don't hear any of it.
  8. I use a 165 Hz 1440p monitor with a 1080Ti, and I'd say they're matched rather well. I'd say save up for this sort of configuration if possible, though make sure the display supports G-Sync.
  9. If you only game occasionally, it's not immediately clear to me why you would want to buy a GPU as expensive as a 1080 Ti or 1080 in the first place. That aside, what resolution and framerates are you wanting to play at?
  10. Pretty pleased, going from about 50 down. Thankfully, my area doesn't seem to have been affected by Virgin's recent 'overutilisation' woes. The upload speed is poor, though.
  11. OK. At this point, I'm not sure how much credence I lend even that more modest claim.
  12. Where did they say that?
  13. So, as I suspected, no such thing has been confirmed at all; and, contrary to your suggestion, it's not "only logical from there" to draw an inference that all Vega RX cards will perform better. Like I said: some Vega RX cards may perform better; some may perform worse. Most likely, Vega's going to disappoint many.
  14. Nowhere in those tweets does he say, or even imply, that every Vega RX SKU will be faster than the Vega FE, which you claimed was "confirmed". You've yet to provide any other source that says that, either.
  15. I've seen page 7; there's nothing on there that confirms that all RX Vega SKU's will be faster than the FE.