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  1. Will a R5 1600x bottleneck a 1080ti?

    Not at that resolution, no.
  2. Dumb GTX 1080 purchase?

    If you want 1080p 144hz, you’re probably going to want a stronger CPU. 2560x1440, 60hz should be fine, though. Which of these display options is ‘better’ is a matter of personal preference.
  3. Should i go for it?

    No, you haven't.
  4. GPU overclocking "panic signal"?

    What PSU do you have?
  5. [HELP] R5 1600 with 1050

    What monitor do you have?
  6. R9 390 bottlenecked

    If you don’t want to reinstall Windows, you could try ‘refreshing’ it. It should be fairly quick, and you at least keep your files. Beyond that, what’s your GPU load when playing e.g. Farcry 4?
  7. Bottleneck vega 56?

    I'm still erring on the side of scepticism, I'm afraid. Still, you've no obligation to change my mind.
  8. Bottleneck vega 56?

    I find it a bit difficult to believe you were consistently hitting 4k60 in those games even at the lowest settings, to be honest.
  9. Bottleneck vega 56?

    I'm not sure what you're trying to say here.
  10. Bottleneck vega 56?

    With a 380 at 4K, you were probably outside the monitor's freesync range much of the time.
  11. gtx ampere 2080 with fx 8320?

    You'll get better temperatures, and therefore possibly better clocks, from (most) third party coolers, and they'll probably run quieter. But if aesthetics are important to you, the FE is fine.
  12. gtx ampere 2080 with fx 8320?

  13. gtx ampere 2080 with fx 8320?

    That's not particularly useful information to you, then, really. Anyway, at this point 4c/4t parts aren't to be paired with high end GPU's. Game engines are more thread aware then ever, and that's only going to continue.
  14. gtx ampere 2080 with fx 8320?

    Faster at what?
  15. Build system, high Hz, 1080 ti, 1440 or 1080 Pubg ?

    I upgraded to a 1440p monitor, and the image quality was much better, but this presumably had much to do with the fact that the panel was better in other ways. I'm actually thinking of returning to a 1080p monitor to replace this one (it's developed a fault), because I'm not sure the resolution increase is worth the degradation in FPS. I'm also not sure why a 1080 Ti (say) shouldn't be used with a 1080p monitor. If you're committed to very high refresh rate gaming, surely it should be?