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  1. No, they don't. Remember: I own a 1080. And one that regularly runs over 83C without thermal throttling. Also, you said "Nvidia gpus", so I look forward to you showing that my 980 Ti thermal throttled at 83C, too (it didn't, by the way).
  2. No, they don't.
  3. I'd recommend neither (and remind you that 2560x1080 isn't 1440p). Rather, I'd suggest getting a decent IPS, 16:9, 2560x1440 monitor. If your budget stretches to it, get one with G-SYNC, too.
  4. Sure there will be. Heck, it could be as early as next year.
  5. I was looking for a little more than that. What share holder report?
  6. Well, indeed.
  7. Where did they say that?
  8. Ultra is very demanding. I assume it's the shadows, from my experience with the beta.
  9. Whether it's a better buy than the 1080 depends on your particular needs. I don't really see how it might be a cash grab: it's just a release of a new GPU.
  10. There's your problem. Upgrade your CPU to either a modern Intel or Ryzen chip. Also, assuming you're playing at 1920x1080, you shouldn't be expecting 100 FPS at ultra settings with your GPU.
  11. Is this behaviour being seen in the same games as you used the OC in before?
  12. But that simply isn't true. The problems with SLI are well documented. That isn't to say it's a bad solution for everyone, but it does mean it's not a good one for everyone, too.
  13. Regardless of whether you think it's a good idea, there's no need to engage in hyperbole like this. OP: I would wait to see what AMD does with Vega at this point, especially in view of the monitor you have. But if you can't wait, go for the 1080 Ti over SLI 1080's.
  14. The 1080 TI's, probably. They're likely to clock higher.
  15. What are you asking people to do, exactly?