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  1. Gtx1080ti: Used Asus or Brand new PALIT Jetstream

    It’s $50. The new card is a no-brainer.
  2. Nvidia: No next gen graphics cards for a long time

    The leaps in performance are actually pretty significant. If you wait until 2022, your 390 will be struggling indeed, unless you’re playing at a sub FHD resolution.
  3. This wouldn't greatly surprise me if true; if it's not this, it'll be something else. It's unfortunate that the often impressionable audiences of these channels aren't anywhere near as circumspect as they ought to be.
  4. NO vega 7nm for PC, Sony priorty for AMD..

    Nvidia most certainly care: gaming accounts for over half their revenue!
  5. Two iPhone X Models Confirmed

    Android devices have comparable features. I'm going to suggest that despite these features there's still plenty of incentive, and one's phone remains very much stealable.
  6. Two iPhone X Models Confirmed

    If you think your iPhone can't be stolen, I suggest you take it for a walk around Croydon. That may change your mind.
  7. It would have been nice to have seen some gameplay. I still have little idea what to expect.
  8. They're there for performance, but not price. That's just the problem.
  9. GTX 980 TI STRIX 4K 2018?

    No 980 Ti is worth $450. Avoid.
  10. Red V Green (pls facts only not opinions)

    I’d spend a little more and get the 1060 6GB. If not, the 3 gig version.
  11. I'm currently trying to make the same decision, also for a 4K 55" TV. I've ruled out the 1080 Ti: it's simply too expensive. If you want the level of performance it offers, I suggest waiting for Nvidia's new cards, whenever they turn up. As for the 1080, it generally can't consistently do 4k60 at high settings or greater in modern, graphically intensive games. An option I've been exploring is playing at 3200x1800 (or similar) and scaling to 4K; there's a good video on this by Digital Foundry, if you're interested. Note this approach won't be so appealing if you sit unusually close to your TV. I'd also consider the 1070 Ti over the 1080, depending on what pricing is like in your country.
  12. So it looks like it'll be an Nvidia card next, given there's going to be nothing from AMD to match my 4K TV.
  13. TweakTown: NVIDIA GTX 1180 Launching on July 30

    Affordable 4K back on! (?)
  14. Nvidia: No next gen graphics cards for a long time

    The wait for an affordable 4K GPU goes on...