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  1. A simple solution would have been to make it optional, and an opt-in.
  2. My opinions on VR in it's current state, should YOU buy into it?

    How good is that simulation, though?
  3. My opinions on VR in it's current state, should YOU buy into it?

    What's the benefit of watching a film on such a headset versus watching one on my monitor?
  4. My opinions on VR in it's current state, should YOU buy into it?

    Is there any reason I, as a non-gamer, should buy a VR headset?
  5. Are loot boxes a form of unregulated gambling?

    It’s not gambling in the narrower sense required by law, no.
  6. Or they have the money and time to spend on things they enjoy.
  7. Of course nothing's perfect. But that seems like a fairly trivial observation, to be honest.
  8. Aircraft can in fact already take-off and land themselves, though I'm not sure in what breadth of conditions. Of course, technological and regulatory reality don't always coincide.
  9. This is a (needlessly aggressive) response to something I’ve not said.
  10. Google Announces the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

    I’ve recently bought a (fast) wireless charger, and it really isn’t much slower than using a cable. I can’t say my phone (Galaxy S7) gets particularly warm, either, though the positioning is a bit fussy. If I were in the market for a new phone (unfortunately I’m still tied into a contract), the Pixel 2’s lack of wireless charging would be a little disappointing.
  11. Gaming pc build (trying to lower the cost)

    It doesn’t “overheat”; it just runs at a higher temperature (in general) than more expensive, aftermarket cards.
  12. It just looks like another case of the acquisition of in-game items being accelerated if you’re prepared to spend money. I guess I don’t see the controversy: if you don’t want to spend money on those items, don’t spend it. If acquiring those items is then too slow for you, and you’re that concerned by this, you’re free to quit playing, or never play in the first place.
  13. OLED screens have been around on smartphones for quite awhile. It’s a pretty reliable technology at this point.
  14. It looks like an old plastic Macbook.
  15. My 1080ti can't pull 60fps in most games?

    OK. Is V-Sync disabled?