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  1. Nah. At 1440p, with a 1080 Ti and 6700k, you're usually going to be GPU bound, assuming higher graphics settings.
  2. It sounds like you may not have used enough thermal compound. Did you have the same temperatures prior to using the new compound?
  3. Have you completely uninstalled, and reinstalled, drivers?
  4. Your CPU may bottleneck that GPU, depending on the resolution and frame rate you're targeting.
  5. Then I'd recommend upgrading your CPU first.
  6. Having owned that CPU and an equivalent GPU (R9 290), I can safely say it doesn't.
  7. Unless you're trying to play above 1080p and 100 FPS.
  8. How is it "overkill"?
  9. It's a Potato 1000, Vegetable Series.
  10. It probably won't flop, but it won't meet the fantastical expectations of some. As for that card, AMD wouldn't give it the RX 590 moniker, since it isn't aimed at gamers.
  11. At what quality settings? At what resolution? Targeting what frame rate?
  12. If he were in the position of using Afterburner, he could just download GPU-Z and have done with it.
  13. You've yet to follow my advice, which would answer your question.
  14. http://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-R577UD-1GD#ov It's almost as though the same aesthetic can be reused across GPU generations. Who knew?
  15. See above.