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  1. The 1070 performs slightly better in games, has more VRAM, is a more recent architecture and consumes less power. For £20 more, it's an obvious choice. I've owned both GPUs, by the way.
  2. Maybe you were playing on console?
  3. I thought Fallout 4 always looked pretty nice.
  4. I believe Fallout 4 is quite well multi-threaded. But I've no idea why a texture pack would demand such a CPU.
  5. I'm not surprised. The starting price for the latest MBP here is £1449. That's just insane.
  6. It's about average, I think. My 4.3 GHz OC is stable at 1.375, but nothing lower. 4.4, and I hit the same voltage wall.
  7. Nevermind, got it working. Cool update.
  8. I'm using the beta version of Steam, and the option isn't there for me.
  9. OK: you didn't mention that earlier. If you've other needs, then perhaps the i7 is the better choice. As for the GPU, I'd probably go with the RX 480.
  10. Why are you dead set on the CPU, given the advice you've been given?
  11. If you're intending to play at 2560x1080, I expect a 1070 would be the better buy. If you're thinking of pushing the resolution beyond that, the 1080 may be worth considering more seriously.
  12. It means that the factor limiting your frame rate will be your graphics card, rather than your CPU. I'd take the advice, get an i5-6600K, and put the money saved towards a much better graphics card.
  13. As far as I know, there was an IPC improvement between Haswell and Broadwell, but not a hugely significant one. I doubt there's a need for you to upgrade to Broadwell-E.
  14. I'd just keep it, since it'll be good for awhile.
  15. Six, because that's what I have. Really, though, you need to think about not only performance today, which scales, and has scaled, with greater numbers of threads than people often realise, but tomorrow.