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  1. iPad Pro 2018 rumored to be a giant iPhone X

    I'm neither a business nor a "prosumer", but my iPad Pro has successfully replaced my laptop. The typing experience is actually pretty good.
  2. I dunno. What's an advanced thing?
  3. It's probably best not to get frustrated about these things, and that's standard marketing stuff, after all. As it goes, though, my iPad Pro has replaced my Windows laptop, and I'm very pleased with it.
  4. 1+2+3 = 24? On iOS 11 it does

    Sure, they probably didn't. But that's just part of the mistake, which is what I'm getting at.
  5. 1+2+3 = 24? On iOS 11 it does

    But silly mistakes frequently concern relatively simply matters; that's often why they're silly. I'll give you an example from a completely unrelated field: a distinguished classicist I know of suggested, in passing, in a published work that Demeter is Zeus' daughter, while of course she's his sister. That was an obvious, silly mistake to have made. But it's not difficult to understand, since we know even very talented people sometimes make such mistakes even within their fields of expertise. That's just what's happened here, as far as I can tell: some talented programmers messed up a core application while presumably trying to improve it.
  6. 1+2+3 = 24? On iOS 11 it does

    Yeah, I got that part.
  7. 1+2+3 = 24? On iOS 11 it does

    I guess I'm still not seeing what the big deal is. Competent people sometimes make silly mistakes, and this is one example. I don't find this mind-boggling-it's simply human nature-and I don't find it inexcusable, because that term is something we tend to use of serious matters (ones for which excuses are really needed), which I don't believe this to be.
  8. 1+2+3 = 24? On iOS 11 it does

    It's a bug, but I'm not sure I'd go so far as calling it inexcusable or mind-boggling.
  9. Eh, not really. If a fault emerges after 5 years, you're going to have trouble getting any sort of remedy, unless the item is unusually expensive.
  10. Britain's actually still in the EU until March 2019.
  11. Why do people pay for g-sync?

    I’ve recently got the 27” version of the monitor you’re looking at, having sold my PG279Q, but that’s because I’ve given up on gaming. G-Sync, and all variable refresh rate technology, really is excellent for gaming.
  12. In Britain, the directive has no effect, since domestic legislation supercedes it. But in British law there’s no explicit 2 year period, though you can be covered for up to 7 years. It’s at the court’s discretion.
  13. That's not a requirement at all.
  14. It makes me feel more confident that, were I in an upgrade period, I'd buy the cheaper and better S8.
  15. 1070ti Launch

    But it does make sense, for the reason I've just mentioned. Your competition places a product between two of yours; so, you place a product there, too, to degrade their sales and take the difference for yourself. The fact Nvidia can do this on the cheap is all the better for them.