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  1. Let me give you guys a little backstory I've been using the Corsair M65 for almost a year but it started to have some problems so I bought the g303 Now the problem with the g303 I mainly play csgo so its the first game I tested the g303 in and I realized when I move the mouse left and right on my mouse pad my crosshair moves up and down Example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCl7gP1d_jk now the M65 doesn't do this example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGhCEy8VmoU If anyone could help me fix the g303 so it doesnt do that I would much appreciated it (My writing skills arent very good sorry if something doesnt make sense)
  2. Then go for that card its a great card and will last for years
  3. I play at 1024x768 on all low and use the command fps_max 0 in console with my gtx 760 and get 400 to 900 FPS the 970 is over kill for CS GO you'll be fine
  4. I used a DeathAdder at PAX Prime 2012 and it just didn't feel right in my hand and the Sensei is nice I will look in to it
  5. No but I'll look in to it right now
  6. Okay so I know a lot of people don't like razer but I have had the Razer Taipan for almost 2 years (got it for my 15 birthday) turning 17 here in 2 days I have not had one issue with the mouse till last month it would make a loud humming noise when I move it. Now I got used to how the mouse feels in my hand and I just want to get a new one but if you have a idea of a good mouse for $80 US please let me know. Thanks
  7. That's like me with AMD GPU's I'll recommend to people but I will not personally buy them
  8. That's why I got a 8320 and not a 8350 I needed a new computer so bad.
  9. Example: I have a FX 8320 because I stream and its a great chip for the money.