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  1. So I feel like I have read everything under the sun, but that has now made me question my choices and I'd like some opinions on what you would do in my position. I currently have a Dell 2412M (24", IPS, 1920X1200). I have a kid now and my gaming time has fallen off a cliff. The time I do have for gaming is currently spent on my Xbox playing Halo & Destiny. The primary uses I have for my PC is for personal IT stuff & working from home. In an ideal world I would buy the best monitor out there with 4K/144Hz/Gsync/etc, but I don't have that kind of budget. I want something larger with more screen real estate as I only have space for a single monitor setup. Current PC: i7-4770K 16GB Memory 256GB SSD EVGA GTX 980 SC Monitor Must Haves: IPS Panel 27" or larger 1440p or higher How I Spend Time on my PC: 75%: Productivity (Teleworking, Schooling, IT tasks) 15%: Media (Movies, Netflix, Youtube, Twitch, etc) 10%: Games (Battlefield, Diablo, Lots of smaller indie titles) I have a strict budget of $600CAD ($700 if from Dell as I have a credit I can use). I am leaning towards 4K over 1440p because 4K is the more common resolution out there and will scale nicely if I watch 4K Netflix or use an Xbox One X or PS4 Pro with it. I know I'll have to scale 4K on a 27" screen, but so far I haven't encountered issues with my laptop when doing this. 21:9, Gsync, Freesync, 120/144Hz, HDR10 would all be great to have, but they add a significant bump to the price and would force me to sacrifice one of my must haves when gaming is no longer my main use. I like having "pretty monitors that pop" so I personally lean towards great, colourful IPS panels over high performing, washed out panels. A great 21:9 monitor sounds like it is what would serve me best, but all of those with a 1440x3440 resolution are out of my price range. The primary monitors I am considering: Dell U2718Q (4K, IPS) = $629+tax Dell U2717D (1440p, IPS) = $513+tax I am open to suggestions and would love to hear people's thoughts on what they would do.
  2. Spud387


    NEW Razer Blade 14 What would I do with it? I'd show it off with pride at all of my meetings, replacing my current, bland Dell laptop.
  3. Spud387

    New Platform Launch Feedback & FAQ

    I understand the switch to Vessel and if that's what LMG believes they need to survive then the more power to them. However, from my person standpoint I watch hardware reviews casually on youtube as they appear and the exact date they comes out doesn't concern me. I'll still be on Youtube the 99% of the time and if this change simply means I watch X product review from someone else because Linus' video was hidden on Vessel then that's simply a view LMG probably doesn't get. Still love Linus' videos, but unless most other hardware reviewers make this switch as well (which is highly unlikely, especially for smaller channels), I'll still be catching my hardware news from Linus & others on youtube.
  4. Spud387

    The new (and improved?) Linus Tech Tips intro

    Much Better http://instagram.com/p/yxtL4_SbNE/
  5. Spud387

    Logitech G700s or Razer Mamba

    My Razer Mamba that I got Dec 2010 is still going strong and on the original battery. No issues or complaints on it so far. (prior mouse was a Logitech G7)
  6. Spud387

    Intel NUC Giveaway

    Would be great with my media TV
  7. Spud387

    DX Racer F-Series

    Their Canadian warehouse is in South Surrey http://www.dxracer.ca/category-s/1670.htm I was there a couple weeks ago sitting in the different models. The only one they don't have on hand is the King series as it is in such demand they sell out before they arrive so chance to setup a display model.
  8. Spud387

    Antec Silent Gaming PC Bundle Giveaway

    The CPU cooler, very unique design
  9. I like the industrial look of the AMP design!
  10. Spud387

    BEST Gpu Cooling Manufacture?

    Wrong! While the EVGA card does have issues with a pipe not touching the core, the Asus is perfectly aligned http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/ASUS/GTX_970_STRIX_OC/4.html
  11. Spud387

    GTX 970 Gigabyte vs MSI vs Asus.

    I pre-ordered my ASUS Strix 970 today Options were: ASUS Strix 970 - $380 EVGA 970 SC ACX1.0 - $385 MSI Gaming 970 - $410 How I went about my decision: EVGA I love EVGA and their support. I was hoping to get an EVGA card, but based on reviews I am not to pleased with it. Multiple reviewers claim it is quite noisy for a supposedly quiet cooler and this is from reviews with the new ACX2.0 cooler. Stores only have the ACX1.0 coller model in stock. Also, bit-tech.net did a review of the card and noticed electrical noise and poor placement of the cooler. MSI This seems to be one fo the better 970's out there. great out of the box OC with ability to go higher, good design and cooling solution. I have never owned MSI before and I'll admit some personal preference came into play, but here is why I still did not purchase it. In Canada, it was the most expensive of the 3. It did not have a backplate which lost it some style points, but more importantly did not protect the electronics on the back. Its a great card, but is priced to match. ASUS One of the lower overclocks out of the box, but is priced the lowest. Reviews have been favorable and give it credit for being very quiet and using quality components. Cannot hit a high overclock like the MSI, but was shown to be able to OC to the same as the EVGA. Based on price/performance and the fact that it is a quality made card with a metal cooler housing, backplate included, no electronic noise and good performance I went with this one. It was a close decision with all 3 and I don't think you can really go wrong with any of them. My unique scenario is I am replacing my GTX 680 2GB 2-way SLI config with one 970. Will I lose some power? yes, but I won't have to deal with the headache of SLI (doesn't like BF4 on my PC in Win8.1) and I get more PSU power availble to OC my CPU as the 680's with my system were cutting my power consumption closer than I'd like.
  12. Spud387

    IPS or 1ms 144hz

    I played around with the Dell 2412M & BenQ XL2420TE, I spent a good 6hrs calibrating the BenQ and got it so the colors were nearly identicle to my Dell 2209WA monitors. It is honestly a great monitor, but unless you are really into FPS games AND can run then at a high FPS, I don't see the benefit over an IPS. I personally chose the Dell with its slightly better color reproduction & better viewing angles. Down the road I'll invest in a g-sync monitor
  13. Here's what I did: Assembled my system with the stock cooler to ensure it would boot and there weren't any issues. Then I removed the stock cooler and installed my H110. (After cleaning off the old thermal paste.)
  14. Spud387

    Best PSU Series by Corsair?

    Per the chart on the Corsair packaging I have in front of me (just bought the AX760): AXi AX HX TXM TX GS CX
  15. I just bought a new PC (specs listed below) and I am torn between two monitors: BenQ XL2420TE & Dell U2412M. I know, very different displays, but I am having trouble deciding. I need your help!!!! Originally i was going to go with the Dell because I already own two Dell 2209WA's and I love them and the U2412M has great reviews. Then, the BenQ is praised by Linus, seems to be the best gaming monitor around with all of these wonderful features, but is still a TN panel... Dell U2412M $250 Positive - IPS panel = better colours - Ultrasharp = very reliable - 16:10 - colours should match with my current 22" IPS displays - Good all around monitor Negative - 60Hz - 8ms (although i know this isn't a huge deal as it is low enough) BenQ XL2420TE $320 Positive - 144hz - Great for FPS games - Great colours for a TN panel - Great gaming monitor Negative - TN panel - 16:9 This PC is mostly for gaming, but I do school work and some programming on it. I love FPS games like battlefield the most, but I also play Diablo, Starcraft, etc. When I run a game, I always try to use the highest graphical setting possible, even if I lose a tiny competitive advantage by having it look prettier. I love having my games look pretty, but I am also quite competitive and look for edges over my opponents. PC: i7-4770K CPU Corsair 16GB 2400Hz DDR3 RAM Asus Hero VI Samsung 840 Pro 256GB Asus 680 GTX 2GB Also, my understanding is that 120Hz & above gaming only is an advantage if your PC can manage over 60 FPS right? If so, as time passes and games get more demanding, my monitor will be less and less of an advantage because I can't keep my FPS as high right? If I cannot run at 120FPS @ 120Hz ot 144FPS @ 144Hz will I see tearing? Please help me decide as I am torn between the better colours, viewing angles, reliability of the Dell and the 60Hz gaming experience and then the 144Hz, speed, and gaming advantage of the BenQ.
  16. Thanks, for the help, I ended up buying the BenQ from a place with a return policy hoping it would be to my liking . Brought it home and yes, while the colours can look very good, for whatever reason, the font is just too pixelated and harsh compared to the e-IPS's next to it (spent 3hrs playing with the settings). Because I need to do word processing on this as well as games, it has to go back. I have to say, running it at 120Hz or 144Hz is sooo nice. I can see the difference. So, if you don;t need to do much word processing on this, it looks great. Ordered the Dell U1412M this morning. Thanks everyone!
  17. Spud387

    Linus Media Group Meet-Up Schedule PAX 2013

    Cool, I will be at PAX so I'll try and stop by and see you guys while filming
  18. 900D is a sweeet case. Definitely a beast.