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  1. Now I realise this may not be applicable to other UK retailers or even worldwide retailers but considering the lack of information out there it's better than nothing. As you can see a number of msi shipments have been delayed and as of this week there are only a few confirmed shipments. I have a order with them and just the other day received my queue position for my evga card which was 93 of 1127 so I thought nice only to then see after the latest shipment the queue went down 5!!! So they received 5 cards in a week's shipment. Obviously this week being golden week doesn't help so hoping to see some more updates in the coming weeks. Here's the site with the updates https://www.scan.co.uk/shops/nvidia/rtx-30-series-faqs
  2. So in other words you've found a site that lets you pre order
  3. Looking to retire my galaxy s8 plus after 4 years and have had my eyes on the oneplus 8 since launch but now that I am gearing up to buy one I can see despite note even being half a year old it already has £100's wiped off with amazon selling it £150 off MSRP and ebay selling them at £250 off. So now I've starting thinking maybe the oneplus is a bad idea. I realise linus daily drives a note 9 and I can pick up a new one for only £400 so now I'm considering that. What would you buy if you had £400/$450 to buy a phone?
  4. Yeah I was never thinking of the 1st one and I know right and why have 2 of them? I added it to my watch list and soon after he sent me a offer for £20 off, seems a bit too desperate to get rid if you ask me, also I just noticed that under condition "new, unboxed" ebay defines that as fully functional but may have defects that do not affect function such as a scratch which doesn't sound great. I agree with the whole ebay and paypal being on my side but if all is fine but then the phone is registered as stolen 3 months later I am not eligible for protection. So yeah going to give it a miss thanks all for the input
  5. Wait so you need a drivers licence and be at least 18 to order online? That sucks But if that is the case even more reason not to risk bricking a laptop
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OnePlus-8-5G-Dual-SIM-IN2013-128GB-Black-Unlocked-SIMFree/313227265251?epid=28037845276&hash=item48edccc4e3:g:WjQAAOSwHglfaKr6 This guy even has 2 available https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OnePlus-8-128GB-Black-Unlocked-Dual-SIM/184458906358?epid=28037845276&hash=item2af29b8af6%3Ag%3AlZkAAOSwII9fahTz&LH_BIN=1 Also to note the average sale price with box and accessories is around £440 so they're in line with the pricing
  7. Surely you can just order them online? Don't how it is like where you live but here in the uk we had a 3 month lock down where all brick and mortar stores were closed but people got what they wanted just fine through online sales
  8. I understand that but they are being advertised as new, never used and to be able to claim that you would think they must have had the phone in their possession from the box
  9. I probably already know the answer to this question but thought I would ask anyway, I have been looking at buying a new phone and was looking through some ebay listings and something caught my eye. There are at least 2 sellers selling a brand new phone without box, cable, charger, just the phone and I can't help but feel it is a bit dodgy. Is there any way to check that a phone is not stolen or does anyone know of a way how these people would of came about getting new phones with no accessories? Many thanks
  10. Was refreshing the nvidia site, just went to notify me to out of stock instantly. Every other site kept crashing or if it did come up it would crash adding to basket. I did bag one though but for 1st Oct dispatch
  11. I once had a issue after moving my pc in my car, took hours and what fixed it was removing the drivers with ddu and reinstalling them. Makes no sense I know but worth a shot?
  12. You can use either the single 8 pin to 2x PCI-e or use the two 8 pin to single pci-e cable, personally I would go for the later
  13. Yes you can, both of those sockets on your psu are the same the only difference will be the cable you use whether it has cpu 4+4 or pci-e 6+2 on the end of it
  14. Ah cool thanks for that, just something that was on my mind as once I had a HDD on the verge of dying and it really hampered the performance