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  1. Hi there. I have a problem regarding my graphics card. It basically freezes, and all I can do is move my cursor and nothing else. when playing games that require a lot from the card I need to restart the computer because I can't do anything. I can even browse GIFs on reddit and it will freeze. What i have done already, I have turned off the powersavings for the PCIe. I have slightly overclocked the gpu because I wanted a more smooth run on some games. though this is not much, at all! The crashing also happened before I did the overclocking. I have reinstalled my gpu drivers and removed the old drivers beforehand. After the most recent freeze did, my eventlog on the system bar spassed out. it was endless with errors as shown in the pictures. I have added DXDiag pictures and eventlog pictures. if there is more you guys want then ask. all the eventlogs are the same errors that came up, so that is all the failures that happened. Windows 8.1 Pro 64-Bit legal version. ASUS GTX 980 4GB PhysX CUDA oldest version. (bought it at release) ASUS Z97-PRO, Socket-1150 Intel Core i7 -4790K Corsair Dominator 24 GB 2x-8GB 2x-4GB Both 1866MHZ Corsair AX860
  2. Hi. I've got a question about M.2's Basically, which is faster. an integrated M.2 or a PCIe. For example you are using a Samsung XP941 xGB M.2 NGFF PCIe in a M.2 port that supports 10 Gb/s and you have one that is in a PCIe M.2 Mount(?I am not so sure if that is how it works?). which would be faster? Please I personally have no idea what the difference is so please enlighten me. make me smarter! I believe in you guys! what does the PCIe do? does it do more than a normal integrated M.2 port? Easily said, I am pretty confused. I have the motherboard z97 Pro so I am just wondering how I would benefit from a PCIe M.2, or if the integrated M.2 is just as good. (or even better)