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  1. good to know, its always better when i read about actual experiences. TNX
  2. you certainly have a point, especially on the crossfire setup. More or less you are right especially when considering that i ll definetely need a new monitor.
  3. i am aware of the monitor/card copmatibility but i heard that some cards tend to have more than usual screen tearing and other glitches.
  4. i too have very pleasant experiences with AMD rigs,( even old and dusty) they are nothing like what i ve read on the internet. its pretty easy to determine a fanboy and i tend to be more cautious of their words
  5. did you notice any problems? Not necessarily something big, but usual screen tearing or other not so sagnificant problems??
  6. in this case, would a EVGA supernova g1 650w be enough for 2 R9 (hungry cards) and an intel 4690k , with not many peripherals be enough?
  7. although similar the 290x is better, but from what i have researched, i found out the the 290 is a better money to performance deal. so i kinda consider them the same.
  8. you are prety much right about the whole futureroofing concept (from now on i ll use the term only to describe easier what i want to say) . i my case though i ment that spending less money on the R9 could be the actuall futureprof thing that i could do, by saving money and maybe adding one more R9.
  9. so in other words, the R9 is no match for the 970, i wonder if Gsync is added as well, the R9 is eating the dust of the 970.. and besides the price the R9 has nothing to show
  10. so generally the 970 outperforms the R9 the higher the resolution, does the extra cost of the 970 make it more futureproof, mostly in 1080p??? what abou the potentials of the crossfire/sli? which one is better, (considering the price and the performance)??
  11. Hey, so i been recently doing some recearch on the gtx 970 and i found out that there is a hardware problem and the card does not have 4 GB RAM but instead 3.5. does it still worth it comparing to the sapphire r9 290 trix vapor, considering that it costs a lot more than the r9 and came out with a hardware deficiency?
  12. hey again, after some recearch on the 970, i saw that there is a kind of a problem with its RAM not being 4GB, and actually 3.5, ( i know that there is not a huge difference but it somehow bothers me, when its a lot more expensive than the r9 290). Aditionally, i found out that the saphire vapor R9 290 can be cooler and more OC friendly than the R9 gaming and on top of that, (just to match the colors) want to change the msi z97 gaming to the msi z97 pc mate.
  13. TNX again, i ll sure take a look at both prices and benchmarks
  14. Tnx for the info . comparing the 970 with my present ??gt9600?? and the options that become available is a bit much. I am now considering buying a new monitor (when the time comes that i ll have enough cash ) to experience every potential.
  15. So the 970 outclasses the R9 by far, right? As long as the price wont go a lot higher than 1000$ i am ok,,, (btw, in a 1080p monitor will the dsr show the 1440p res or not )