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  1. Hi guys, recently downsized to a Phanteks Evolv Atx from my beloved 800D. Just thought I would share some info and a mod that I carried out. Firstly the case is great to work with, there could be more cable tie loops built into the back of the motherboard tray and I do feel that the basement being closed off doesnt benefit much in terms of trying to install pumps etc. Secondly I had an issue installing the res, the mount that came with the res was just way too big to install anywhere especially with a 60mm rad in the front. Secondly I have modded the top to mount my 240 rad as whilst the included radiator mount is a nice easy to use feature it was covering up half of the components I wish to show off! So I ended up drilling 4 holes in the top to mount a 120fan, the spacing was too wide to bolt the entire radiator but having half was more than strong enough to hold it in place. I resorted to cable tying the res to the back of the case which keeps it secure and looks just fine as opposed to using the huge clamp included from EK. I also used the top fans as an intake, although it is not filtered the mesh is quite fine and should catch a reasonable amount of dust, besides, the top panel can be easily removed with 4 screws for cleaning. Another part of the case I wish I could change would be the option to mount the front radiator closer to the front panel and allow me to easily have my fans in a pull config as I usually prefer it to pull or push pull. Saying that, the airflow is ok but due to the size of the case the temperatures are a little bit hotter than with my previous loop in the 800D (all components are the same apart from a GTX 980 upgraded from a 680) although temperatures are very similar between the two cards. I wanted to keep the loop as tidy as possible which did remain quite difficult with little space to work with, my loop setup is now reversed starting with the GPU > CPU > Rad > Rad > Pump/Res Combo. The flow rate is good with the D5 set to 5 and noise is minimal although I have noticed that the temps are slightly lower when the pump is slowed down as sometimes a high flowrate can actually reduce cooling in some circumstances. I like the SSD mount on the case although a power extension could have been included instead of having to drag the entire sata power through the bottom of the case, I have had to use two sata power cables as opposed to one as one cannot reach my HDD and the Fan Hub. I was also disappointed to find out that the lower 3.5 caddy is not included with the case, it is cheap which is great but I would have paid the premium to have it included as I do like to use a mechanical drive for storage. Specs: i7 4770k @ 4.5ghz 1.275v EVGA GTX980 Sabretooth Z87 16GB Corsair Vengeance @ 1800 2TB Seagate Hybrid 240GB Intel 520 SSD (planning to obtain a second for raid 0) Corsair AX860 XSPC D5 EK D5 Res/Pump Combo XSPC RX360 XSPC 240 Crossflow EK blocks on both CPU and GPU Bitspower Fittings Mayhems Pastel Red Coolant Primochill Tubing 1/2 3/4 Corsair SP LED Here are some pics, please comment and let me know what you think. Thanks!
  2. Another update guys, So I took this case apart today, and one thing I will say is, I don't look forward to ever having to do it again, rivets and rivets and rivets and clips, and hidden rivets that somehow were nearly impossible to get to, thank god for long screw drivers and a hammer. everything is out, the 5.25/3.5 bay is going to go back in, but the hotswap is staying out, the rear pcb is a mess and I don't want to use it. The front LED on the front panel door is going to be cut out, leaving a thick frame just so the door stays rigid, but I am thinking white LED fans in the case. I may even look into saving the front LEDs but finding ways to open the front of the case up discretely for airflow. Card reader...I wont use it, And its ancient. Who knows why they decided to make the front panel part of the cases front panel. Dremel time ? Akasa do a very nice 3 dial fan controller with 2 USB 3.0's. Tempting. Will begin priming parts tomorrow, they already have a grey paint on, but Just to be safe a coat or two cant hurt. Still considering the bottom mounted H100, let me know what you guys think! More pics:
  3. Hey, thanks guys, nice to get some comments, I have started to strip the case down, the top piece is held on by internal push-click type clips, as is the front panel, the left side panel comes off pretty easily once you remove the front door, unclips at the back and slides off, but is a tight fit so it will not fall off. The right side panel however is riveted to a big right angled sheet of metal that is riveted to the top and side of the case, so I will be removing the rivets so I can spray paint the inside, never sprayed a case before, but I have some sand paper 400grit wet and dry and some primer and black gloss. Could use some more opinions though for various things, hot swap cage, nice feature, but who honestly uses those a lot? I am tempted to remove it and put a 120mm fan in the front, although I would have to make some stealthy vents with my dremel. Alternatively I could spray the HDD cages black with the rest of the case and cut some 120mm fan holes in the bottom of the chassis as it is raised off the floor by about an inch, maybe a bit more.There is enough clearance for maybe a 240 closed loop watercooler as the motherboard is bottom mounted in this case. Another thing is the 3.5" card reader, its front panel is actually part of the case, I am tempted to dremel this out and install a 3 way fan controller with 2 usb 3's. Let me know what you guys think. Ps. Check out that front panel connecter, it uses a 7 pin usb like connector, either gona have to re-pin it or find some old connectors from an old case. -DodgyChris-
  4. Hey guys, so I finally...after about 7 years of wanting one, got my hands on an Acer Predator Case, in blue. And seeing as I have to much water cooling gear in my rig I am going to be rebuilding a LAN system to go inside it, as my 800D is too bulky to be moving around, but yet again the acer predator is heavier than it looks! So this rig will be used to go anywhere, or if I have people around so that they can game easy, saves them bringing their PC. So the specs: CPU: i5 4430, Pick this up pretty cheap on ebay, and will be a solid chip to pair up with the gpu I have chose. GPU: EVGA GTX570, a nice card, still holds its ground against the newer gpu's. RAM: 8Gigs of Corsair Vengeance Low Profile. MOBO: Not decided yet, I love ASUS, but that gold theme is horrible, even if i'm not gona see it, the gigabyte GA-Z87X-D3H or maybe even a sniper or an ASUS Gryphon. You guys can help me decide. The benefits of the Gigabyte is that it is mostly black so if the theme changes in the future it will look okay. SSD: 80gb Intel, Can't remember the model, only sata2 but I swear its just as quick as my 240gb intel. HDD: 2x1TB Samsung F3's again used these in some other systems, but in raid they should be fast enough. Cooling: Now this is a touchy subject, the air flow of the predator isn't all that great, So I may be removing the hotswap cages and putting a fan in the front, alternatively, I am considering an Matx board with a h100 in the bottom? Thoughts? Even though the mobo is at the bottom in this case theres a lot of space. Heres some pics of the case. Sorry not the best quality. - DodgyChris -
  5. Hey guys, don't suppose you have seen any of these lying around? Only seen ridiculously priced ones on eBay. Always wanted one but never had the real need for one, but wouldn't mind one for a project build.
  6. Hey guys, so Ive decided to try windows 8, which means re-installing everything including my corsair 1500 software...the new version sucks! and I cannot find a copy anywhere of the older version, I have version 2.0.16. I will post a picture of the older version I need, if anybody could send me a copy it would be much appreciated!
  7. Hey guys so just an update thats a bit more clear. Specs are: i7 4770K (not overclocked yet, damn things run hot) EVGA GTX 680 2GB (Overclocked slightly, still runs cooler than my cpu lol) 16GB Corsair Vengeance 1600 Asus Sabretooth Z87 Intel 240GB SSD Corsair AX860 BitFenix Recon Fan Controller NZXT Internal USB Expansion (Great for stashing away a wireless adapter for when I take the PC somewhere, and an xbox controller receiver for the few times I need it) Cooling Specs: Corsair SP120 x5 Corsair AF140 x1 EK CSQ CPU Block EK CSQ GPU Block XSPC RX360 Rad XSPC AX240 Crossflow Rad XSPC D5 and D5 Mountable Res Thermochill 1/2 3/4 Tubing Mayhem's Pastel Blue Berry Coolant Bitspower Compression fittings. The system is al most up and running, I scrapped the cable sleeving, wasn't too keen on the look, ordered some corsair replacements in a graphite color. Looking to get two HDDs for a raid 0 storage setup, so if you have any suggestions feel free, was thinking WD Caviar Black? Bit pricey though. Just gotta to cut out some of the hotswap connection cover so that it fits over my tubing. Here's another pic, hope you guys like it.
  8. Thanks all for the replies! Specs: Sabretooth z87, 4770k, gtx680, 16gigs of vengeance 1600, and some other stuff in there too, need to work on my braiding skills haha, gona have to re-do the 6+2's, unbraided my 24pin to find I had cut a cable, so ive ordered a new one, not gona risk it, and cant be bothered to make a custom wire. Still have to mod the sata cover so that it fits over my tubing going back to the res. Not gona be able to work on the system for a week now, but I am gona try get at least a 4.5ghz overclock and i'll get back to you guys
  9. Here's some of my sleeving, it's getting better slowly, but I cant expect too much for my first attempts.
  10. More and more to add yet. Seeing as I am attempting to sleeve my cables for the first time I have filled the system up, one less job to do later on, Using Mayhems Berry Blue Pastel, the result is awesome! I have previously used their Ice White coolant which was great, the thing I love about this coolant is its ease of use, there are barely any air bubbles, there are some of course as it is liquid but if you look at the images, this has been filled, and run for 10 minutes and then switched off whilst I sort the rest of the system out, but you can't see many bubbles at all.
  11. Got the system tubed up pretty easily, the rad to pump is always a bit tricky, seeing as the tubing is so short and limited space in the 5.25 bays, also due to the tubing route I am not going to use my blu ray drive or my antec veris, I am just going to squeeze a fan controller underneath. I am have tried to keep the system clean looking.
  12. I had a bit of a problem with routing the tubing out of my gpu back down to the new ax240. The tubing didn't look good going into one of the tubing cutouts, So I decided to cut as new one under the gpu, with just enough clearance for my PSU.
  13. Must be chrome acting up, I was unaware I had double posted.
  14. Hey guys, So as usual this wont be much of a build log, because I have a bad habbit to start uploading as I am building and then...complete the build and forget about the log. But... I am gona add some pics of my new rebuild for you to see and if you have any ideas, questions or opinions then go for it So the first pic: I invested in a dremel and some rubber edging. For my first time cutting I think I did pretty good.