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  1. Yeah, I was already thinking about upgrading to a R9 280x. Thanks for the replies so far btw!
  2. Hmm...how much extra performance would I roughly get if I overclock it?? Not sure how big the gap is between H97/B85 and Z97, but would it be worth the extra monehz?
  3. Hi, So I'm thinking about switching from AMD to Intel. Current specs: AMD FX-6300 MSI 760GA-P43(FX) So I was thinking about buying a i5-4690k, but I'm not quite sure what kind of motherboard I should get. My other components are pretty normal, 2x 4GB 1666 mhz RAM, GTX 660 and a 600W PSU. I've read that there are several chipsets (Z87, H87 etc.), but I'm not quite sure how this would effect me and which motherboard I should buy. Any suggestions? C#Wizard
  4. Hi, I might buy a MSI R9 280x, however I'm not sure if my CPU will be a problem. (Bottleneck?) Unfortunately my budget isn't big enough to go for a R9 290 or a GTX 970. What do you guys think, would the CPU limit the performance of the R9 280x? I've read several posts and they say the CPU will probably bottleneck the card, however I personally doubt it because I'm using a single 1080p monitor and that's it. Specs: MSI GTX 660 2 GB OC AMD FX-6300 Six core @ 3,5ghz Card: MSI R9 280X 3 GB (http://www.msi.com/product/vga/R9-280X-GAMING-3G.html#hero-specification)
  5. Does he have the beta driver which is optimized for GTA V? (http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/latest-catalyst-windows-beta.aspx)
  6. I think it's fine, I've looked up some information about it and watched a couple of youtube videos. From what I can tell it's pretty quiet and it's pretty cheap. It does indeed support AM3+.
  7. I have the exact same case and I was also looking into a Cooler Master 212 EVO, however the cooler is 159mm and according to the manual the maximum height of the CPU cooler can be 155mm. :\ So I ordered the cooler master hyper 103 (http://www.coolermaster.com/cooling/cpu-air-cooler/hyper-103/)
  8. What do you guys think I should do btw? Just buy the 1600 Mhz pair and live with it that it'll be nerfed to 1333 Mhz? Not sure if it's worth it to actually buy 2 pairs of 1600 Mhz.
  9. Thanks a lot for the replies guys, appreciated. Just noticed my current RAM frequency is 1333 Mhz (2x 667) and the RAM I was going to buy run at 1600 Mhz, so I guess I'll have to replace both pairs or buy another pair of 1333 Ghz.
  10. Hi, So at the moment I have 2x 4 GB RAM sticks. I would like to add some extra RAM, let's say another 2x 4 GB sticks. Does it matter if the second pair is from a different brand? I'm aware that it's better if you have like two sticks of the same brand, but since I already have a pair, does the second pair have to be from the same brand? Is there anything else I have to keep in mind? Kind Regards, C#Wizard