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  1. NelizMastr

    External HDD not showing up?

    Yup. Laptop 2,5" drives only use 5V so they can run straight off a USB adapter.
  2. NelizMastr

    Windows Server 2016 users

    Of course the user can still see everything. You can't do proper policies on a local PC. Roaming profiles, folder redirection and policies all depend on Active Directory, which requires you to, surprise surprise, have an active directory domain on a Windows server and the PCs joined to it.
  3. NelizMastr

    External HDD not showing up?

    You can't power a desktop HDD off of that adapter. A desktop HDD uses both 5v and 12v rails, the USB adapter only provides 5v. You need to get a USB docking with auxiliary power or return the drive and get a 2,5" one instead.
  4. NelizMastr

    Sata III to sata II

    Yep. You'll just have the 3Gbps bandwidth limit to worry about, which isn't a big deal to be honest. 300MB/s is still plenty fast. Two of them in a RAID0 will also stack to 600MB/s fine.
  5. NelizMastr

    Bottleneck questions

    You sleep at 10pm? Weaklings.
  6. NelizMastr

    Can you create a raid 0 with windows 7 premium?

    Yes. To do what you want, add two extra harddisks to your PC (or do it in a VM) and RAID them in disk manager. That way, you don't lose important data on existing drives.
  7. NelizMastr

    what gpu to buy with xeon e 2176g

    Are you sure that's cheaper than just buying a H370 board and an i7-8700?
  8. NelizMastr

    what gpu to buy with xeon e 2176g

    So you already have a Xeon compatible motherboard? Seems the C-series chipset boards aren't as cheap as the regular B/H/Z chipsets. If so, sure, it's basically an i7-8700.
  9. NelizMastr

    Riley and James need to go

  10. NelizMastr

    Waiting for Zen2 that I dont need

    Yes. They're all over the map though, so who knows.
  11. NelizMastr

    RTX 2070 and GT 210

    The 650Ti and 1080Ti don't have a different driver, they can both run the same version so there's no incompatibility as such. The GT2xx cards use a different branch specific to all DX10 cards.
  12. NelizMastr

    Zalman PSU

    Zalman's reputation for PSUs is somewhere between not recommended and fire hazard, but maybe they've gotten better? Couldn't tell ya for sure.
  13. You don't need any upgrades if you play via Geforce now, so just use that. To get better framerates outside of geforce now, you'll need both a better GPU and CPU. Going for a 2400G Ryzen 5 with 8GB of DDR4 3000 and a B450 board would have you covered.
  14. NelizMastr

    How to solve " USB device not recognized "?

    This error usually means the port is broken or it's connected to the motherboard incorrectly. Especially up until about 10 years ago, many cheap cases had separate wires for the USB header which were tricky to get working right.
  15. NelizMastr

    Second hand?

    Some products are implied not to be sold 2nd hand, such as toilet paper, pads/STs, razors Aside from that it's mostly software licenses that have this limitation, and some ink cartridges.
  16. Go with Exchange Online. It's cheap, reliable and doesn't require any on prem infrastructure. Don't go with Exchange on prem as it will also need a static IP to work properly and is very costly in both license cost and need for a beefy server.
  17. NelizMastr

    want a cheap home server

    Plex and a Minecraft server can be run on your average decommissioned office PC, which are often sold for a ridiculously low amount of money. Get something with a 4th gen Intel CPU (like the Dell Optiplex 3020, 9020 or HP Prodesk 400/800 G1/G2) and upgrade it to 12 or 16GB of RAM. An i5 would suffice. You'll have the benefit of the Intel HD graphics for faster transcoding in Plex and plenty of headroom for Minecraft. Run it all from a SSD for boot, and add HDDs for storage.
  18. NelizMastr

    High delta between cores on i7 6700k

    Looks like you started way later with computers than me haha. The first PC that was not shared but fully mine was an Athlon 64 X2 5000+, 2GB RAM, Geforce6150 integrated with Windows Vista lol (circa 2008). Had the same board for a number of years upgraded all the way to a Phenom II quad core and HD7770 crossfire setup. Then I got to Intel in 2013
  19. NelizMastr

    High delta between cores on i7 6700k

    I've been on Intel between 01-2013 and 11-2017 so I have used some toothpaste models, like the i5-4460 and the later Xeon E3-1241v3 I had until I bought a R7 1700.
  20. NelizMastr

    High delta between cores on i7 6700k

    I agree I guess that's why I don't main a PC with Intel ToothPaste® technology
  21. NelizMastr

    High delta between cores on i7 6700k

    This is likely the cause of poor contact between the die and IHS, like @Dioneyesos is describing. A delid and lap would be perfect.
  22. NelizMastr

    Which ryzen

    The R5 2600 is a no brainer. Get that one. The cooler is sufficient for a mild overclock even which closes the gap with the 2600X. The 1700X is nice if you have a workload that can benefit from the extra cores, but just for gaming, it's not the best choice.
  23. NelizMastr

    Apple and Nvidia, a sad story for Apple users

    Quinn of Snazzy Labs did see throttling on the Core i3 Mac Mini, which may or may not be an outlier. My i5 model seems fine though. And the iMac Pro 8-core doesn't count to be personally now that the i9 iMac 5K exists. Paired with Vega 48 and your own RAM kit, you save quite a wad of cash to achieve almost performance parity. The 5K runs cooler too.
  24. Does it matter? Ashes is multithreaded to a degree where basically all non-SMT/HT CPUs don't do amazingly well. You can't draw any conclusions without comparing multiple benchmarks.