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  1. kruz

    my new rig

    Thank you all... I got my GTX650ti Boost 2 GB Asus Direct CU.... its a real beast. My heart felt gratitude to all of you. Thankyou very much. I shall soon post the pictures.
  2. kruz

    my new rig

    my Build... Processor : AMD fx8350 Cooler : Antec 620 h20 MOBO : GA-990FXA UD3 RAM : Corsair Vengeance 8x2 1600Mhz DATA : V300 Kingston 120GB PSU : Corsair GS 800 GFX : 7970 Asus/ MSI overclock edition. All this in my OLD cabinet NZXT GAMA... Wanted a suggestion on cabinet and PSU. For PSU I am planning to have Cross fire later this year. Cabinet I want a cabinet which is small in length, height dosent matter.
  3. kruz

    Suggest a graphics card.

    OK david so I am going for MSI 7790 or Asus which ever is available in the market. :) Thanks for your prompt reply.
  4. kruz

    Suggest a graphics card.

    http://www.pricebaazar.in/asus-hd7790-dc2oc-1gd5-amd-radeon-hd-7790-price-in-india-1gb-gddr5.html This is the model. So the above mentioned card comes for mostly 180USD from actual market. The GTX 650ti u suggested comes for the same price as well. Now which way to opt for ...
  5. kruz

    Suggest a graphics card.

    Its costing 11000 thats 195 USD. Is it a good choice ? Guys I am going to buy it morro.
  6. kruz

    Suggest a graphics card.

    I am planning to buy 650 ti, here in INDIA no site mentions it as ti boost. So my question was is ti different then ti boost? Also which vendor shall I opt for GTX 650.
  7. kruz

    Suggest a graphics card.

    Man that card in india of Asus Direct CU is 16k say 250USD. Way too expensive. :(
  8. Hello all, I am from INDIA. I have purchased a AMD fx8350 and GA990fxa UD3 mobo. Need to know which GPU should go with this. No planning on crossfire as of now.... but would plan too in near future. Corsair GS 800 is the PSU. I was thinking about the MSI power Editiion 7770/OC or Powercolor AX7770. Not beyond this as prices in India are still sky rocketed.