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  1. I need a good laptop and want suggestions. Is this a good choice, it costs $588.49 with tax after the college discount. Open to all suggestions. Cant spend over $600(inc tax, shipping, etc) Thanks
  2. enter promo code: DEADPOOLUSA
  3. I know it does because that's what I used before I got my graphics card.
  4. uninstalled and reinstalled still not working
  5. I only have 2 devices and neither of them work. How do I add my monitor as a device?
  6. It works over hdim worked befor I got the graphics card.
  7. There is no audio after I took out my graphics card.
  8. I installed a VPN and now every time I turn on my computer Windows Firewall asks permissions for chrome, steam and other programs. How do I make it remember my settings.