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  1. LoGiCalDrm

    Thermaltake Core needs fans?

    I would recommend choosing another case. Those kinds of cases have shown to have higher temps for components than normal towers. I think main reason is that you don't have active airflow towards components using air coolers. It seems like that case doesn't even have fan mounts in places which would help to cool components. So you would have to use DIY mounting which is less than optimal when you could have gotten better case for air cooler setups.
  2. LoGiCalDrm

    How do I stop this from happening??

    Can you adjust sensitivity? I think its registering click when your finger touches pad again, and that brings up the Timeline feature.
  3. LoGiCalDrm

    Fastest way to convert MP4 files to MP3

    Its open source audio player. Very light, very configurable and by default very ugly. You will need LAME Encoder for Windows to export into mp3, rest of the utility is built-in. Its actually quite simple to use if you have ever used any advanced editing software. Download for LAME installer is https://lame.buanzo.org/#lamewindl . Foobar2k will ask for lame.exe when first used.
  4. AFAIK its like that by default. But integrated features rarely have greater control over timings and stuff like that. I think its 15s per image in slide show (based on LG Blu-Ray player I've used that feature on). Just set off any powersaving features there might be.
  5. LoGiCalDrm

    New Build and Don't know Settings?

    Games will have presets. It will launch at some, based on your hardware (I'm guessing high to ultra). Play some and see how it feels. You can install FPS counter (I recommend Fraps for basic use) to see actual numbers. Test out with presets and you will find one that suits you best. If you play mainly multiplayer, remove any extra lighting effects and shadows. Those will make things overall harder for you as they will take your eye out of actual action.
  6. LoGiCalDrm

    PC game physical copies

    You only need the code. Works on all platforms. I've used that method in Origin and Steam mainly, but also added SC2 to my Battle.net account afterwards. If you have slow internet, getting base game from discs might even be faster.
  7. LoGiCalDrm

    Black Ops 4 almost destroyed Fortnite on twitch

    Was anyone really surprised? I mean really? Any big AAA release will top Twitch. Streamers will get audience as they usually are sponsored with copies. Its good advertising for devs/publishers. I haven't followed Twitch that much lately, but didn't same happen with RB6:Siege? Why is Assasins Creed even at top20? Who likes to watch single player games on Twitch??
  8. LoGiCalDrm

    No Floatplane access on forum

    For support. As in support@floatplane.com . Also, you are paying for service still in beta or even alpha. You pay knowing that at any point service might be down or have other issues. You could have asked this before purchasing. But to clarify, pay with PayPal and using forums will give access to both forums and actual site. Paying with other methods and through site will only give access to site.
  9. LoGiCalDrm

    Fan Placement for My Corsair 400c Build!

    I do. PM if you really want it. But be warned, my spoken English is worse than written atm as I don't use it daily.
  10. LoGiCalDrm


    I have no idea where you got that idea from. I've got Masters in Geology and Mineralogy and I'm getting Engineering BA to add that in land surveying (gotta improve my GIS skills). I have no experience nor real interest of professional IT. Maybe learning some Pearl or Python at some point as those are used in GIS software. I never reply to those posts in here.
  11. LoGiCalDrm

    Fan Placement for My Corsair 400c Build!

    Can you post actual temps you are getting? PSU shrouds are kinda bad for case airflow. Removing it might lower GPU temps. Also flip that bottom front fan around if you haven't done that already. The top front one is correct way, look at that. You could also move rear fan to front and have that bottom of front fans at rear instead. It looks like old LED fan and those are worse in performance than regular case fans. I would recommend trying out with what you have now rather than getting anything better. Certainly not GPU cooler as it seems like this basic setup is already proving bit out of your skill level.
  12. LoGiCalDrm

    Fan Placement for My Corsair 400c Build!

    Set manual/adaptive voltage. 1.15V-1.2V is enough. Its prbably using 1.29-1.32V right now which is good for decent OC, but overexcessive for stock clocks. GPU fans are blowing towards GPU PCB always.
  13. LoGiCalDrm

    Float plane account not working

    You can try with actual support for the service, support@floatplane.com .
  14. LoGiCalDrm

    Sponsor Link List ?

    Thats the official listing for all active sponsors. If something isn't there, then they aren't active sponsor for LMG. If you have seen something in recent video that isn't on that listing, or some link isn't working, post in the thread and tag Colton (tagged at bottom). As said, Tunnelbear hasn't been sponsor in awhile. Not after they sold their souls to corporate overlords. @CPotter
  15. LoGiCalDrm

    Upgrading to UEFI BIOS.

    Your board already has UEFI. If you are talking about flashing (updating) UEFI in general, don't do it. Its advanced procedure and you can break mobo while doing it. Not adviced unless you a) know what you are doing, b) have issue that might be fixed in newer version.
  16. LoGiCalDrm


    You can download drivers from Lenovo's support site. But you shoulnd't worry too much. Drivers are installed as part of OS. If you have deleted files in Drivers folder, that means only that you have deleted installers, not the drivers themselves. To delete actual drivers, you need to go to Device Manager.
  17. LoGiCalDrm

    Can a heavy cooler break a motherboard?

    People have been using big coolers for years. The way bigger coolers are designed, they will distribute weight across whole mobo and even whole case. This is basic physics (surface tension if you want to read more about it). When mobo is tight in case with all screws, and cooler is tight in backplate, the backplate will transfer coolers weight onto whole mobo. Meaning that you would need to break mobo before cooler moves. There are things that are much more prone to damage from even case falling to its side than cooler.
  18. The issues you describe with Windows should not have any effect on installing new OS from external source (USB or DVD). Those are corruption on installed OS which you won't be even booting on when installing new OS from external source. Have you tried installing OS directly already?
  19. I think if its tied to your MS account, you should be able to move it. Otherwise answer is nope. Win7/8/.1 branded OEM keys (aka those that come with laptops and prebuilds) are tied to first machine they are activated on.
  20. LoGiCalDrm

    Help with PWM fans

    It may have broken controller chip. Whether thats enough for you to RMA or not, thats up to you. You can also contact Asus and ask if that would be enough of reason for RMA.
  21. LoGiCalDrm

    FANSplitter Fight

    What fans? And what mobo? They are all pretty much same thing. I don't know the brand for 2 first ones, Phobya makes water cooling gear.
  22. LoGiCalDrm

    PC repair pls help

    Take it back to store you got it from. It must have at least 1 year warranty, and something like that is covered under it.
  23. LoGiCalDrm

    Noob Question about Hyper 212 Evo

    Then it doesn't matter. My comment is mostly about fighting very vocal and common misconception that having cooler pointed towards top exhausts causes higher temps than having it towards rear.
  24. LoGiCalDrm

    Help with PWM fans

    Try another header. If that doesn't work, try flashing to newest BIOS. Fan control is usually low priority when BIOS fw is made so any oddities on fan control are fixed while updating.
  25. LoGiCalDrm

    Noob Question about Hyper 212 Evo

    Gonna add that cooler should be pointed towards exhaust. If exhaust is top, then to top, if its rear, then to rear.