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  1. Is that bad??

    Those would be solder thuds. Or whatever correct term is. Essentially they cover and hold place components on the other side.
  2. is the j7 2016 still a good phone?

    If it works for your needs, sure. I have Galaxy S5 bought 2015 when S6 was the new one. Changed battery and I'm thinking if I will reset it due some sluggishness. But otherwise I don't feel need to get new one. Only reason I switched to it from S2 was because that phone was draining battery and was generally unstable.
  3. High ping on FORTNITE!

    Could be. I connect to another ISPs server with this connection. Few previous ones have connected to cloud storage providers server. Most are ISP, that is true. But its not your own ISP necessarily.
  4. Why is there so much competition?

    You think this BECAUSE there is competition. If there wasn't any, and Intel would have monopoly, they could decide pricing. They could analyse what is the line consumers are willing to cross for performance. We can already see this on RAM and GPU pricing which both are still high even when reasons behind initial price raising are already over. If Intel would have monopoly, or AMD would still be working with FX-line and APUs, price for i5s would be bit higher, maybe at $300 mark. On top end it would be same thing, but performance increaes might be even slower. No, best would be one with more performance per dollar. Just check out OC3D review on latest Threadripper. Its cheaper than Intel's best and priciest workstation chip with more performance. Not in consumer level. Enterprise/professional is different as they move a lot more money in PC markets. Consumers would be happy to what they get. We are seeing this constantly with console's and console games. You haven't been around long enough to know history of this, I see. AMD, or rather ATI, was the top dog back in late 90s in GPU markets. Nvidia was the underdog. They had to do a lot of work to get in position they are now. MY OPINION (probably not facts): AMD purchased ATI to get upper hand against Intel in laptop markets. Getting GPU speciality to help on developing their APUs which have kept AMD relevant even when their desktop CPUs did fall. Imo this is also seen with how AMD graphics has been lately. They were good as long as technological development was following release cycle where they only needed to match what Nvidia was releasen. But when that stopped, the wait for Vega began. In all, the fact that AMD is still there gives Intel (and Nvidia) reason to keep releasing better performing hardware and keeping their name as trustworthy brand up there. They can't know for sure what AMD is planning to release and need to do damage control if released stuff threatens markets. Mainly this is seen as price drops, as Intel is hesitant to change their roadmap. Btw, competition can be seen as good thing in other things also. Like Win10 being free upgrade from Microsoft. The only reason why they did that was because Apple made macOS be only free updates on all platforms (as long as hardware is supported by drivers). And because Linux was getting more legroom in business/education side of things. THE WHOLE REASON why browsers are free software is competition. Back in early ages of internet, you needed to pay for browser. Internet Explorer was first to be free as it came bundled with Windows. That forced Netscape to make theirs free too. Last on competition. The reason why Google being center of most users services is so bad, and why Amazon buying big retailers is bad, is because that makes competition weaker. Amazon can stomp prices and force competition out of business. When there isn't competition and they have monopoly, they can determinate prices for all thing you want to buy. With Google, when you eventually feel like you need to leave (data integrity, ads etc.) its so much harder when everything in your internet life is so tightly at Google's grip.
  5. Fans configuration question

    2 in, 1 out:
  6. Air cooling CPU in a Lian li pc-o11 dynamic

    Yeah, that case just doesn't have clearance for proper air cooler. Not saying you can't have any. But for most performance, its AIO or custom loop oriented. As it lacks front intake, you would need to go for inverted airflow as in rear/top intake and exhaust to other compartment. The usual suspects: Mugen 5, Fuma, Macho, Freezer 33 sSport, H7 Qual Lumi.
  7. Wraith Spire Fan Direction

    Its working just like all other downdraft coolers. Even aftermarket ones. Its much more effective that way as it cools chipset at the same time. Plus, there isn't any fans directing air to that area so that fan would be effective when its other way.
  8. Thinking of getting then nh-u14s

    Yes, just like @WoodenMarker says. Though its noteworthy to mention that if you use massive RAM, namely Corsair Dominator Platinum, fan may still hit RAM in vertical (normal) orientation. Only frame, but still.
  9. Help with clean windows install

    I did same with Home versions from Win7 upgraded. Reinstalled with clean ISO, not manufacturers one and it was activated when desktop loaded.
  10. Have anyone use this site before

    With Windows keys G2A is as legit as marketplace site can be. They require sellers to provide authorized resellers certificate. Just try and see how many Windows key you can find there @Raven1976, do you actually need Pro? Home is much cheaper and for normal home use its just fine. Or you can use it un-activated with loss of pretty much nothing. Or you can sign-up and give up your freedom for free version.
  11. Questions about resetting my laptop

    Yes, by using HP's recovery disc or recovery partition. That's sole purpose is to restore laptop to state it was when you first started it. Its very similar to clean reinstall except all preinstalled software and drivers are already there.
  12. Need Video editing help.

    You can adjust transition length in pretty much every video editor software I've seen. Same with effects, but with 1min, I'm not sure what and how much is even necessary to use.
  13. High ping on FORTNITE!

    It doesn't, it pings server to where ping is ~10ms or close to that. You can manually select other servers where ping would be lower or higher. There isn't as this isn't about your connection. Its issue where Epic's server locations are too far apart. You can only wait until they open another server closer to you, maybe even in India. There's list I found when I was searching where the servers actually are located showing some possibly upcoming locations. One of them is Mumbai which would fix your high ping issues.
  14. I want linus to see my plex

    Well, for starters copyright laws are different. For example here you are allowed to share with family members. And consuming something that is available isn't against anything. Sharing copyrighted material to anyone is. Plus, Plex might have something about it in their ToS. Essentially washing their hands of any legal actions. Something like what cheap key marketplaces have to make difference between host and individual sellers.
  15. What LTT hardware can we win

    Nothing like that. Not even swag. Not unless you actually go to LTX. Shipping would make it impossible as shipping to just US is over $20. Overseas even more.
  16. Laptop with blank screen

    Each BIOS handles it bit differently. I haven't flashed laptops, and rarely need to even access BIOS. If you can access BIOS, it should show hotkey to access flash menu. Manufacturers site should have readme for files used to flashing.
  17. Safe Grounding method?

    No. Bag being ESD only mean that it doesn't conduct nor gather static electricity. You still need to ground yourself as you are still both conducting and gathering static. Touch some metal which is connected to power outlet. For example PSU or lamp.
  18. After 2 weeks with NH-U12S. No Complaints No Regrets!

    Post screenshot of some performance monitor software, like HWmonitor or Afterburner etc. Run heavy benchmarks for several hours to test for max temps and stability. If you are still scared, set CPU shutdown temp from 105C to 90C in BIOS. But after you do stress tests. CPU might shoot for 90C+ under stressing if your cooling isn't enough for voltages.
  19. Intel 8700K cooling

    Cryorig is sold wider than just few countries. But CM has been around longer and has bigger presence overall. Still, 212 might not be best budget cooler as there are many others.
  20. Laptop with blank screen

    BIOS works independently of OS. Something has gone wrong with BIOS flash, the reason why its not recommended to beginners unless absolutely necessary. If the laptop is still under warranty, contact Lenovo's support and see if they can provide help.
  21. Google/Gmail Workaround?

    Why not just add new alias email address and stop using default? So give out new address, but use old as login. Emails go to same folder, so you can change new alias to sites which you use rarely.
  22. High ping on FORTNITE!

    I don't think this is issue of your end. As you get good results from Speedtest which selects closest server to you. If you would get bad ping to that too, then it would be more likely local issue. I think that Fortnite is choosing less crowded server for you and that happens to be farther from you than previous ones. If the selection is only region like Asia, this would mean Korea or Japan, with Japan giving you worse ping. Maybe even Oceania aka Australia, but I doubt it.
  23. Ping/connection issues in games

    It actually doesn't that much. But if there would be more wireless connections, and it would be ping to router that is issue, then it might be that router has trouble handling so many simultaneous connections. Or if you live in area where there are many 2.4GHz devices making connections.
  24. Gpu VS cpu overclocking

    Current partner GPUs are overclocked at factory. Thats why they don't really OC that much. What you get from box is safe OC that is stable without running on too high voltages and what cooling can definetly handle. So if you want to know actual OC of your card, compare clocks to cards coming directly from nVidia or AMD.
  25. Ping/connection issues in games

    Are you only one to use that network?