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  1. Please don't revive old topics. Post your own and link to older if you need to reference it.
  2. Browser issue? I can't test this myself. But I don't think they would be that close with Mods extra buttons missing. Firefox and Opera used.
  3. Thread cleaned V2 (or maybe its V8 considering the subject). If your post has been removed or edited by me, its either poor attempt of derail. Or even weaker attempt to bait.
  4. What fans are they? Where are they actually connected? CPU and CPU_OPT header use same controller chip. Usually you connect CPU fans to these. If you have just U14S with single fan, you could put rear and top fans with splitter to CPU_OPT and have them be controlled with CPU temps. If they are PWM (4pins). I wouldn't use W_PUMP+ unless its the only other option. Looking that if you would use Y-splitter for rear and top, that leaves 4 free fan headers to be used. If all fans are PWM (4pins), you can just connect them and set headers to act as PWM. Or if you don't use splitter, its still 4+1+W_PUMP+. BIOS/UEFI side can be bit confusing as you can't test how controls work in real situation. Since its Asus board, you can get their Fan Xpert software. Thats one of the better fan control software there is. It pretty much copies what you see in BIOS, but with the possibility to run stress testing or other heavy tasks while you tweak fan curves.
  5. Budget? Location? Case? RAM?
  6. Link doesn't work. If the noise isn't from something hitting fan blades (visual check), then its just bad bearing on cheapish fan. Those are somewhat issue, and if its new fan/case, you should RMA it.
  7. The difference between premium paste (Cryonaut, Noctua etc.) and basic paste can be something like 5-10C, depending on quality of basic paste. Difference between premium pastes is some 3C at most which is usually within margin of error when testing. There's really no difference with electrical conductivity. Its important if you would be pasting under IHS or GPU.
  8. The shutdown settings? They are for ones you get from Start menu.
  9. Yeah, I think that was what I was remembering. To be correct, going around copyright measures is probably illegal in EU countries too, but as backupping something you own is fine (I have friend who scans and OCRs books), they don't really come after you unless you are the distributor. We've had this discussion in forums for years, and conclusion has been that there are iffy's in US about this. Due to how we police these discussions, sharing and suggesting to "just download" games is still considered piracy.
  10. 2x140mm vs 3x120mm is pretty minially better for 120mms in terms of performance. So 3x120mm in front, AIO on top and some suitable fan at rear, if you want that too. Either remove all HDD cages or leave one which you place either as low or as high as possible. This will mean that GPU gets most out of air coming in from front.
  11. *** Thread locked *** You could have discussed why they don't recommend CAM in original thread. Someone saying you shouldn't use CAM is also proof of nothing. So this thread doesn't have any basis.
  12. Which Vengeance? RGB or LPX? You are bit tight there. Max height is 150mm. Cryorig H7 would still fit. From linked coolers Arctic Freezer Xtreme, be Quiet! Pure Rock Slim and Noctua U9B would fit. 212 Evo/RGB is 159mm tall, eSports DUO is about same etc. As said earlier, I wouldn't look at budget AIO. Usually air coolers beat them in performance and noise in this price range.
  13. Yet the title still implicates that your purpose is, in your opinion, to blame PC community as whole.
  14. The Asus listing of supported CPUs is quite clear https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/ROG-STRIX-Z390-E-GAMING/HelpDesk_CPU/ Also, cleared some unnecessary bickering.
  15. I haven't watched video yet. So he might say things there to clarify if this is midlife crisis or something else. Like depression or burnout. I also did say that I wouldn't wonder if it indeed was midlife crisis.
  16. I think the case is causing the hum from fans. Since it has continued over two different fans. You can try to flip top fans as exhaust to see if that would fix things.
  17. BeQuiet, Fractal Design, EK Vardars, Noctuas, Corsair ML series. Though if you are looking at GPU cooler and not case fans, options are rather limited to Arctic Accelero or NZXT G10.
  18. Best bet would be to have mobo laying horizontally. Like in Bitfenix Prodigy. That way both CPU cooler and GPU are standing rather than hanging.
  19. -> Moved to Phones and Tablets *** First question is, do they all support wireless charging? As they are all Samsung, the technology should be same, and probably Qi. You can get Qi charging pads from many places, like Ikea. Seems like watch doesn't use Qi while phone and buds do.
  20. -> Moved to Off Topic If you want to discuss about the livestream, do it in the previously posted thread:
  21. Air coolers aren't the issue. The way mounting system is, the whole mobo would break in half before CPU cooler causes socket to bend off. As long as it's mounted tight, maybe with foam pads under and on the sides (just like cases are shipped) while moving it will be fine. Using it while moving is another matter, but still could work. With enough foam padding and rigid mounting.
  22. And you are sure it's case fans making the noise? As you do have stock CPU cooler.
  23. Yes. Have GPUs AIO as intake at front and CPUs as exhaust on top.
  24. Fuma 2 is best of those Scythe ones. As for GPU, have you tried to tweak fan curve? 80C is still good load temp for GPU (mine maxes at 83C with fan speed limited to 60%).