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  1. Do I need an exhaust fan?

    Uhm, what? Exhaust fan spot? You mean rear fan mount? No. You already have 3 exhaust fans on that setup.
  2. Windows reset

    You should be able to boot from SD card. You can make bootable SD card same way bootable USBs are made. After that it depends on tablet if you can access BIOS for forcing boot (maybe Win settings have option for that). If not, try contacting manufacturer for support. Good part is that its Win10 tablet so drivers won't be issue. Other OS' aren't guaranteed at working at all if there isn't driver support for parts. So any other version of Windows is direct no. And if you have trouble installing Windows, you shouldn't bother with trying Linux.
  3. Should every drive have a page file?

    Yes. You can also use your HDD for main pagefile while leaving SSD without one, or with small backup in case of booting mishaps (like Windows not detecting drives for some reason). You should not disable pagefile at any reason. Many software will use it even if you'd have more than enough RAM.
  4. What is this guy using?

    That looks like its just some image manipulation software (take your pic) filmed by screen recorder, possibly while having single bg color for later cropping (green screen style). Record several snippets of different parts then overlay them with background image. Example of software: Gimp and Resolve.
  5. Android emulator NOX problem

    No, its the one with most annoying features, including ransom demands if you for some reason need to reinstall it. Something updated. Maybe the game you are using it with to remove such cheating-styles.
  6. Are you checking how it looks to your viewers or just 2nd screen preview screen on same PC? Because results are different. Over internet stream goes through more passes than you looking at preview screen.
  7. How this guy made booze in prsion

    Well, distillation is harder process. This is just done with sugar, yeast and water in sealed bucket. Process is called ferment and its actually natural process of sugar changing in warm temps. Various berries and fruit go through it if left alone. You can find many videos of deer and birds being intoxicated after eating fermented berries or fruit.
  8. Could you also make super-cheap in-ear guide? I need new spare set to replace Skullcady's. I only use them when BT's (Anker Soundbuds) run out of battery.
  9. Overwatch for 20$ Limited Time only

    You forgot to mention that it's deal that comes with free weekend to test it out first. I'm considering getting back into it.
  10. Whats your Fav Battlefield Game in your opinion

    BF2 hands down. Spent 4 years playing that, mainly competitively. I've played BC2, BF3 and BF4 after that, mainly with people I met when active with 2. But just before 4's last DLC released I shifted my focus on finishing Uni studies and haven't played any BF since. BF1 looked good, but I might check out V instead. If I get it cheap somewhere.
  11. Twitch streaming

    Getting steady 15mb upload for 6000kbs bitrate might be issue with wireless. And it might be issue overall. There's no use of maxing kbs for few reasons. One being the upload speeds it required and other being that only Twitch partners get transcoding guaranteed. = Viewers must match streamers upload speed/bitrate to get smooth viewing experience.
  12. How this guy made booze in prsion

    Moonshine is different (called "pontikka" here). Its made from wheat by distilling and is counted as spirits (in this country limit is 22% of alcohol). This prison wine would be 17-20% at most, one needs special equipment to get higher percentages. I think my country is well known for people being very knowledge about ways to get drunk cheap
  13. My stream gets blurry when moving....

    Ok, you left out the most important part, your upload speed. Also, there are two parts of the issue and I'm not sure which you are talking about. 1) FPS drops which are caused by GPU having too much to handle 2) Frame drops which are caused by CPU or your upload not being enoug 3) Stream stuttering or being blurry which is caused by your upload not being enough and viewers download not being enough. I recently did bit of research about bitrate vs upload. Twitch has recomendations for suitable birates for each resolution. Youtubes FAQ gave an equation which gives actual upload requirements. With 6000kbs bitrate you need 15mb upload for smooth streaming. For 720p60 Twtich recommends 3500-5000kbs. Using YT's equation (bitrate*2+(bitrate*0.2)) required upload speeds would be 8-12mb. And since viewers will need to match their download speed with your upload speed unless you are partner, people usually use lower bitrate to keep quality and smoothness in balance to gain viewership. Afterall, its content Twitch viewers are looking for, not image quality of you stream.
  14. CD-ROM To USB?

    I wouldn't waste time with USB. You just need ISO and virtual drive (Daemon Tools or Virtual CloneDrive for example). You can have all ISOs in some folder from where you mount them when needed. This will work for most of older games (including BF2 before patch 1.4). You can do the USB way too, but for 700Mb (at most) game ISO on anything bigger than 1gt stick would be waste. You can setup auto-run when USB is inserted so that certain file on that drive is run. But it will be just single file/action per drive. When you could have multiple ISOs on single USB.
  15. How this guy made booze in prsion

    Wait, what? This isn't common knowledge? Everyone here has heard of this and has (at least vague) knowledge how it's done. It's called 'kilju' and manufacturing for private use is even legal in newest edition of alcohol law.
  16. Show off your setup!

    I can highly recommend getting audiobook. Will Wheaton is surprisingly good reader. This is also one of those cases where there's book and there's movie. They share characters and plotline, but rest is pretty much different. (Same is true with All You Need Is Kill (book & manga) and Edge of Tomorrow (Tom Cruise movie))
  17. VPNFILTER malware-internet of things

    If this actually hits the level of hearthbleed and stuff like that, maybe they mention it on WAN. But world gets new malware daily. Why should this be news?
  18. JAPAN

    I only visited Yodobashi. And most of PC parts were only tad cheaper than at home. Not worth of warranty hassle or committing tax/import fraud. The other electronics (phones, tablets, audio gear etc.) which were import brands (Sennheiser, Apple) were more expensive than Japanese cameras and stuff like that. But still considerably cheaper than what they would have cost in here.
  19. I need a silent PC!

    Which mobo and have you checked that fans actually follow setting? If you are using 3pin fans on older mobos, PWM profiles won't work (mainly Gigabyte boards up to latest gen).
  20. Dark Rock Pro 4 or Dark Rock 4

    Having fan on the other side doesn't matter in terms of performance. So your only reasoning at that point are looks. Which brings you conflict. Which part of looks you are willing to give away first, beefy cooler, fan on the intake side or LEDs?
  21. As far as you can by hand. Just leave the "normal" last twist out. Or unscrew by 1/8th of circle.
  22. P400S fan question

    ^ It comes with enough fans, those aren't issue. That case just has very restrictive front.
  23. Cryorig R1 Ultimate unimpressed cooling performance

    Whats the load you tested with? Numbers sound about right, if you are talking about heavier stress tests. How temps were with AIO? How is this "unimpresses"? Are you overclocking or running everything at stock?
  24. Twitch streaming

    I can't say for sure. You would need to get wire and test it.
  25. Why you watch LTT videos on YT? They are more or less same in content. FP sometimes gets some extra in content, but thats about it. Only WAN Show isn't in FP. Personally I don't see much point in this. Only for new users who would have to find titles not yet on YT. Which can be tedious when video gets stuck for months.