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  1. Yeah they do bend quite easy as I've had to bend a friends usb 3 header back a few years ago but I did check the internal header and all the pins were straight so I see no reason why it shouldn't work. The mobo is the same as I had before, just did a bios update before.
  2. Hello all, I encountered a strange problem the other day in that one of my usb 3 ports on the front of the H200 has just seemingly stopped working. I've tried unplugging the internal header and re plugging it but to no avail . I have to say the other port on the front is slightly finicky about how you plug a device in but it does work. Would this most likely be the the pcb that the port is attached to? The only other thing that's recently changed is that I upgraded from a 1700 to a 3700x but I see no reason why that would cause this issue. Any help would be great!
  3. UPDATE: I found my old spare psu, it's jank af but should be fine to power one HDD. I did everything the same and the HDD still beeped. I guess the hard drive is on its way out or has a faulty PCB / internals? New update: Just to try every situation, I plugged in my old 2tb HDD just to see and it didn't suffer the same issue, then I took my 4tb out of the h200 and onto the box I had the 2tb resting on and it doesn't seem to be beeping at all so at this point could it be a short of some sort?
  4. Ok guys a quick update, this morning I changed the sata harness and the sata cable and the issue took longer to happen but it did eventually set in, it also happened when I fully unplugged my new monitor too, so that's out of the question. Later I'll jump a spare psu and solely plug the hdd into that and see if the same happens as that'll tall me if it is the HDD or the PSU for some reason is on its way out! also I'll upload a video of it happening and when the game closes the drive acts normal again. Edit: here is a video I recorded a couple of mins ago, it's not great but you can hear the beeping and windows explorer freezing up until I exit the game, then it loads the folder (I apologise for the odd cropping but I was in a rush to get it and got some personal info in the shot) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCxtpURDew4
  5. Hello all! Getting straight to the point, yesterday I got a new monitor an AOC G27Q2U (1440p 144hz) and as I was testing it out in Rainbow Six Siege, I noticed a beep coming from my pc. At first I assumed it was temp related but everything looked fine, so I carried on playing until the beeping got on my nerves and as I closed the game the beeping stopped, making me think it was GPU related but after running stress tests it didn't happen. I then loaded up OCCT and did what they call a PSU stress test which loads up the cpu and gpu to max and the beeping didn't happen. After that I proceeded to try and open a folder on my 4TB WD Blue drive which has a few games and back ups etc (siege is on a different ssd btw) and it said the file path was invalid, so I opened up partition manager and saw that it said the disk wasn't initialised so I restarted my pc and it was fine, all the files was there and crystal disk info & mark was great. Which made me confused. Early today I run a full WD diagnostic search which took over 7 hours but passed all fine, I've backed up what I've needed to as well and they went good with no problems (over 1tb). And with it sat idle for hours then hours of sleep the drive acted as normal too. So at this point I'm super confused as to what the problem is, I booted siege up again and first game the beeping came back, this also happens in Forza Horizon 4 too, which is also on the same SSD as siege. Plus I changed the new monitors dp cable just to see if that was it but no. I've pointed the exact sound to the beep happens listening to yt videos to when the head is parked and not able to reach the platters. My next step tomorrow is to change out the sata cable and harness from the PSU (Corsair RM650x) and see if that works. Also other info, I did a clean install of windows 4 days ago and everything was fine until after I plugged in the new monitor in yesterday. The drive was also manufactured in Jan of 2017 so it's pretty new. If someone has knowledge that I'm missing that could help me narrow down this problem that'll be great, I also can provide any info if it helps!
  6. Got my first high refresh rate display today, an AOC Q27G2U I brought it back at the start of march but cause of le human malware it rocked up today. 75hz was good but 1440p at 144hz is smooth; I'm feeling the slight ipc and single core slow down of my ryzen 1700 as only some games can reach 144hz also maybe the maxing out of my 1070ti too :/. For being VA it's a pretty good monitor, there is ghosting but in games it's not that noticeable Edit: also for being G-sync compatible, it works but flickers when menus dip down to low fps. Could be a driver problem though.
  7. I might be able to get a heatsink just for the controller in there, I'll have a look around aliexpress or ebay maybe, also I held a 120mm fan just by the ssd to give it some airflow and the temps came down to 42 C and only reach 50 when benchmarked. The results were also much better than anything I've seen before and just above what adata spec on their site too. Thanks for the suggestions! Edit: Looking around at some heatsinks, I found a local seller that is selling raspberry pi copper heatsinks and it turns out the soc of the pi is the same size as the ssd controller
  8. Heyyyya bois, for a while now I've had poor performance on my OS drive and I thought the cause was that I got a DRAM-less drive, but I'm dumb as it has two nanya memory chips. However because I've got 2 M.2 drives you can only use the Nvme drive on the back slot of the mobo because asus . Looking at the temp it idles around 66 c and just gets hotter under load which would explain it's throttling itself back to not die (the controller that is). But because of the case, is there any thin heatsinks that are out there? Thanks for any help! (Image in spoiler to show the gap between the drive and the mobo tray)
  9. Its an acrylic GPU brace, I got it for my Strix RX 480 as it was a heavy boi, and I've just kept it since.
  10. Got this on amazon for £31, replacing a 250GB I put in a system I did for a friend, and I can now fit all my games on it. ?
  11. Ahh I see, I forgot about that, I still would like to think that the nand on the ssd would be faster than that, but the drive was cheap so I can't really complain at this point.
  12. Yeah, I just fixed the title ? and yes, I am seeing this in real world copying to the drive as it maxes out around 195-180MB/s
  13. I have an Adata SX8000NP 256gb NVMe drive I got fairly cheaply nearly a year ago, when I got it and installed a fresh install of Windows and was getting about 2100 MB/s read and 1100MB/s write. The other day I tested it again and the read speeds were fine around 1900MB/s however the writes are under 200MB/s. Also Crystal Disk Info and Adata's own toolbox show the drive to be in great health as well. (pic of HD Tune and Crystal disk mark below) I have an MSI X370 Gaming Carbon pro on the latest BIOS with a Ryzen 1700 @ 3.85GHz and 16GB of DDR4 @ 3000, and I have put the drive in the top M.2 slot which is PCIe 3.0 x4 and I have the storage settings set to AHCI. Is there anything that is slowing down the drive to this extent, such as outdated firmware on the SSD or would it more likely to be windows restricting it for some reason? Thanks in advance!
  14. Just looked and there are 3 versions of that card, each one has a higher boost clock, I'd suggest getting the cheapest version of that card, which is also new (found it here; very good seller: https://www.cclonline.com/product/265173/RTX-2070-GAMING-8G/Graphics-Cards/MSI-GeForce-RTX-2070-GAMING-8GB-Graphics-Card/VGA5400/) and just use the auto oc tool in afterburner to get the same perf as the other versions
  15. Well I found out the culprit of that noise, my gpu brace was pushing the shroud inwards and touching the fan ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Thanks for the help anyway!
  16. Yeah, I guess that could also be a cause of it. I would go for an RMA, but shipping will cost a lot. So I guess if I don't want to risk dying to replace the fan I guess it's time for a new PSU?
  17. Hello, I brought this EVGA 750GQ second hand on ebay just over 1 year ago, and I was fully aware of its eco mode coil whine problem, example here: I had found away around this by running my system for about 15 mins at a reasonable load for the PSU to get warm and kick its fan on, then the noise disappeared. However the other day it developed a new sound, one of a rapid clicking noise a video of it here (is there in both non and eco modes): After some investigation, it seems like its the PSU fan (as its the loudest there) , and as it goes away somewhat if I tilt my case, which made me think of possibly a wire rubbing against the fan. However the noise only starts when I start a some what demanding load on it and not at idle and I thought that I would still hear it if the fan is spinning slowly. Is it a fan issue or a capacitor one? Thanks in advance!
  18. Apparently it's part of the design of the XPS 15, I got it second hand with a sata m.2 drive but he removed the thermal pad that comes pre-applied, It contacts the aluminium bottom panel to dissipate heat, at the moment the Nvme drive is thermal throttling at 70 degrees C and the pad should reduce it by around 30 ish degrees C. And that point when you remember that those shitty m.2 shields MSI put on there mobos have thermal pads on them and I could've used that.. Edit: its too thin
  19. Picked up a used Adata SX8000 Nvme drive for £32 off ebay for my XPS 15, works fine but now need a thermal pad for it
  20. With info I learned from Tech Yes City, usually mined cards are safe as long as the user knew what the were doing (undervolting and 100% fan speeds) which would mean the card may be completely fine. But eBay is eBay and if the seller claims it works and doesn't they'll take your side. EDIT: and you'll still have a warranty with Gigabyte as well, I'd say go for it boi
  21. Time to search for another card then xD. Thanks for all the opinions!
  22. Yeah, that's what I was thinking and if anything it was most likely used for mining. So no idea, but I think I may stay away from this one.
  23. I have checked out Facebook pages and the marketplace and other websites but this seems like such a good deal tho. (if it worked)
  24. Hello Boi's, Just wondering you're opinions, I have found this Palit GTX 1060 6GB for really cheap (like 25% the price of retail), however it is being sold as not tested but it looks fine and an almost like new condition. I'm thinking buying it for a project. Do you guys think its worth a shot? Images linked for inspection below:
  25. I had the same issue with my system with this crazy hot British summer ?. What I did was dial back my OC on my 1700 and voltage, saved my old config to apply it when it cools down. Then I just made some custom fan curves and turned them up so that my system went from silent but overheating to audible but cool. Or you can just leave your side panel off until it cools down, but you'll have to deal with more dust. Plus ngl, that cooler on the 1080ti is shit tier, but could be helped by replacing the thermal paste on it.