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    PC's, Drones, Cars, and Firearms.


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    FX-8350 OC 4.5GHz
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    Sabertooth 990FX R2.0
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengeance 16GB 1866MHz
  • GPU
    EVGA ACX SC GTX 770 4G Edition
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    Azza Hurracan 2000R
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    Seagate Barracuda 72,000 RPM 1 TB + Mushkin ECO2 512GB SSD
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    850W Gold Rated PSU
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    Acer S23HL, ASUS VS278Q-P
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    Lepa EXllusion 240
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    Roccat Kone XTD
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    Philips SHP9500, Neweer NW-800, JVC HA-MR60X
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    Windows 10

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  1. YoFavRussian

    Should I replace my sink and fan?

    They have 5 pins, a fifth one for a temp sensor on the fan, if you bypass that you get an error fan error every time you boot the system.
  2. YoFavRussian

    Should I replace my sink and fan?

    Still curious to see if the possibility of even using an aftermarket cooler would work.
  3. YoFavRussian

    Should I replace my sink and fan?

    Problem with these Dell system boards is they have a proprietary fan connector, at least my Optiplex 990 does. So good luck finding a heat sink with compatible fan connectors.
  4. YoFavRussian

    Should I replace my sink and fan?

    57C is fine if that's under load, if you're really concerned and must have it Closer to 50 you can invest in an aftermarket heat sink. But I have a dell tower just like this one with an I7, use it as a server almost 24/7.
  5. YoFavRussian

    New graphics card

    I find that if it's the same card, or sometimes even the same manufacturer it will work without an issue.
  6. YoFavRussian

    Modding the power switch

    Alright, I believe this is what you're thinking about, you can use the external one while still preserving the functionality of your cast mounted switch.
  7. YoFavRussian

    Kraken x62 Dead?

    I'm concerned on how the cooler failed if it's still trying to pump, but it's not actually moving anything. Maybe the loop got plugged up somewhere so it's not able to move the fluid? I'd be curious to see a dissection on the dead unit.
  8. YoFavRussian

    Modding the power switch

    If you want to do two switched you could just put another push button in parallel and put the switch where you want, I can draw you a diagram here later if you want. Or buy the wireless switch that @NunoLava1998 suggested. You don't need any specific gauge of wire, it's just a signaling switch, it doesn't take any large amount of current. Any momentary push button switch would work
  9. You didn't miss it, he messaged me and said it wasn't in the post when you commented XD. And I agree, the Lenovo definitely has the better GPU.
  10. YoFavRussian

    Kraken x62 Dead?

    Did it somehow lose fluid and the noise you're hearing is it running dry? I imagine the liquid metal is fine since you said you reinstalled it.
  11. YoFavRussian

    Kraken x62 Dead?

    What difference can you hear between performance mode and silent mode? Are you sure the difference in noise isn't the fans? To me it sounds like a dead pump, the RPM reading may be your fans as well.
  12. YoFavRussian

    Why does Microsoft not recommend the LTSC version of Windows?

    I had no idea this existed, I'm going to delve into this topic some more. Windows without all the bloat ware, and "Hello I'm Cortana". That sounds like a godsend to me.
  13. YoFavRussian

    Distilled water is fine right?

    Pretty sure, distilled water is water without any impurities in it, so no metals in the water.
  14. He does say that he would like to use it for gaming as well, which he will want a dedicated GPU for. There are laptops with dedicated GPUs that are still light and portable, not too sure about the thermals on those laptops though.
  15. Between these two the Lenovo does have a more powerful GPU at I'm going to assume is a 1080P screen. The Dell has a lower end GPU with a 4K screen, not that you'll be playing games in 4K, but it will make the experience a little nicer. I've had experiences with both Dell and Lenovo consumer grade laptops. They both seems to be well build if you get one with a semi-metallic frame. I'd advice looking up reviews on both of these models though.