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  1. I've never experienced this before so I'm at a loss. The issue is 2 specific apps, important monitoring apps, are being auto closed by the OS (Windows 10) when my system switches to battery power.
    It's not like the OS is closing everything that requires a lot of processing and/or power draw because games and stress tests continue running, it's just these 2 apps that run in the background and barely take up any processing power at all and no other background apps close, it's only these 2.

    So, does anyone know of a way to set apps as a priority or something similar so they don't get closed automatically?


    [Solved] After 5-6 days of messing around, dozens of posts on different platforms and forums, even contacting Micro$oft support (Haha, I'll get a reply next year), I suddenly noticed a greyed out box in Task Scheduler: "Stop if system switches to battery power", but it's unchecked and greyed out because it's connected to a master option above "Only start task if the system is on AC power".
    Now, this is grey out and unchecked so it wouldn't make any difference if I checked both boxes, then immediately unchecked them again and saved, that would possibly fix the issue because that wouldn't make any sense at all... so of course it fixed it.

    Why? Because Windows 10, that's why.

  2. [Solved. Never mind, I found the answers eventually around other forums and from asking different manufacturers of UPS.]

    Hi everyone, due to a huge number of power outages I've purchased my first UPS. This is the UPS: Legrand Keor SP 2000VA (1200w) - it's entry level nothing special, but the reviews were good, price was reasonable, I've owned Legrand products and never had issues with anything, and it can power my rig for long enough.


    My questions and concerns:

    1. Got the answer to this from another UPS manufacturer; Apparently this buzzing noise is from the transformer/s and is perfectly normal unless it's an inconsistent sound; like buzzing louder then getting quiet then loud again, or a crackling sound.
      With the batteries fully charged, all connected devices and the UPS itself powered off the UPS continues to buzz until I unplug it from the wall. I've checked the fans inside the UPS and they're not spinning so it's not them.
      Is this normal for some UPS? I've never owned any electrical device that still buzzes when it's completely off.

    2. Found the answer to this from asking on other forums; this is normal as internal components still have power running through them even when nothing is being powered, it basically means it's poised and ready to go all the time, they don't go into standby. The temp can vary from UPS to UPS, but as long as it's only warm to touch and not hot or giving off any burning or nasty smells, it's fine. Also, the batteries need to stay under 35-40c or decay will be increased and replacements will be required more frequently.
      While plugged into mains power, the batteries are fully charged, and no devices plugged into the UPS the top of it is still quite toasty (I would say roughly 35-40c), it's definitely not hot but my cat wants to make a home on top of it, put it that way.
      Again, is this normal even when it's not in use or charging?

    3. Found the answer to this; UPS should not be unplugged or power cycled regularly, they're designed to be on 24/7 so frequent cycles like unplugging them every night will reduce the batteries life span.
      Once the batteries show 100% full according to Windows and the UPS software, if I switch off the UPS and all devices, disconnect everything from the mains, leave it for 2-3 hours then turn it on again the batteries read around 90% full. So, if this is correct the batteries lost -10% charge in just a few hours while doing absolutely nothing.
      Is this Windows and the UPS software being derpy or a normal battery/UPS thing?

    4. Found the answer to this too; apparently UPS should always be connected directly to a mains outlet and never through a extension or multiple socket adapter. But a longer IEC C13 cable can be used if needed as long as the cable is high quality and the correct gauge.
      The final thing is a sort of setup question - at the moment my work area is in our bedroom until I finish renovating the room that will be the office. My question is for a month or two would it be safe and OK to plug the UPS power cable into a multiple socket extension cable that has its own surge protector built in?
      With the temporary setup being in our bedroom and the UPS giving off a buzz it's annoying during the night so I have to unplug it from the wall, but getting to it is a major hassle so I want to run an extension from another outlet that I can get to more easily to unplug it at night. I just wondered if having the UPS drawing its power through an extension cable with it's own surge protector might cause issues?

    I think that's all my questions at the moment.

    Thanks, appreciate any input.

  3. On 7/2/2019 at 5:55 PM, YedZed said:

    You can get power extensions that eliminate this issue right?

    Also, maybe consider what Linus does with his personal rig, having the PC far away with one or two thunderbolt connections for everything.


    On 7/2/2019 at 5:59 PM, myselfolli said:

    That'd be an option, yeah.


    I'd opt for shorter cable runs or thunderbolt connections, although that'd probably be somewhat pricey

    I've had a bit of a (re)measure and worked the numbers, I think with some rerouting I can get the extensions down to 2.5m plus the length of the device cable.

    Also, Thunderbolt isn't an option sadly, not until my next platform update.


    Thanks, I appreciate the info.

  4. Recently on the WAN Show, I can't remember if it was the latest episode or not, Linus very briefly mentioned: "USB extension cables causing issues, or being very problematic" it was something like that, I can't find where here said it now.

    When he said this I didn't pay any attention to it my brain didn't click, until today when it just occurred to me that I've been a PC enthusiast for the best part of 20 years but somehow I've never actually had to use a simple USB extension cable for anything mission critical, I'm sure I've used one or two on some little things; USB powered speakers or something like that, but never anything important like a mouse or KB used for gaming.
    So this now has me a little concerned because I was just about to order half a dozen 3m or 5m USB 3.0 extension cables as I'm currently building a wall mounted rig so the system will be quite far away from my desk.

    Are USB extension cables really a pain in the butt and I've somehow never heard this over the years? Do they add significant latency now since 3.0+ or something else?

    I would be using 3 or 5 meters cables for a G502 mouse, mechanical keyboard, powered USB hub, and a few other non-important things.

  5. 42 minutes ago, SolarNova said:

    If u just want to test to see if they turn on and work for a few seconds then u can, a short burst dry wont be harmfull. If ur so concerned then simply wet the impellar.


    Running dry is damaging when done for extended periods of time, heat and friction causes the damage, however a short burst ,especialy if wet, wont cause any damage.



    That's very good to know, thank you. I'll give this a try.

  6. 17 minutes ago, Enderman said:



    And the pumps won't be dead.

    "No"... what?

    I know D5s are repurposed industrial pumps and are therefore *mostly bulletproof but the bright spark that shipped these put them in a large cardboard box together with nothing else, no foam, no scrunched paper, no packing peanuts, zero anything, and then shipped them over 3000km to me, so both pumps just bashed around against each other the whole time. When it arrived the box looked like it had been used as a football.

  7. I need some ideas and advice, please. I received my lovely new EK D5 pumps a couple weeks ago, my pump tops should have arrived about the same time but were delayed a week or two... or seven or ten. I've now been told it will be another few weeks or longer before they get new stock.

    My concern is I only have 72hrs left of my return window, so I need to test the pumps to make sure they're fine and working without issue, if not at the moment I can just get them replaced but if I wait until my tops arrive and then find out there's an issue or dead pump I have to RMA. They were shipped internationally in really poor packaging which arrived pretty banged up hence really needing to test them while I still have the return policy.

    So, if anyone knows of a surefire way to test a D5 pump without a pump top installed, without running it dry, and without getting water inside the motor I would be extremely grateful.

  8. I need two PCI-E riser cables for my wall mounted build I'm putting together over the winter. While searching for some I came across these from Phanteks - they are long, look decent, shielded, separated, and are about 40% cheaper compared to ones from Lian-Li that are known for being good quality. But the thing is I can't find reviews for them or at least my Google-Fu is letting me down.
    My build is already massively over budget to the point that I might have to be put off until the latter part of this year if I can't keep the cost down, so these riser cables are extremely appealing but I don't want to end up with a noticeable drop in gaming FPS or erratic and inconsistent performance because of poor quality risers.

    So, anyone have any knowledge or experience with these??

  9. @TRIB4555554
    I've been looking at your threads and posts, dude seriously you need to learn how to use a forum! The people that use a forum, any forum, are Not your personal 24-hour tech support, people are not sitting at their computers 24/7 waiting for only you to post a question, people will help out if and when they can.

    There is a thing called "Forum Etiquette" I suggest you Google it and read it. Demanding that people answer your questions immediately and tell you exactly what to do and/or buy, then getting angry, rude, and stamping your feet if that doesn't happen is a really quick way to get ignored by everyone or removed.
    Post your question, give as much detail as possible, be clear and precise, then wait... you might get a reply with the correct answer in 1 minute, or you might have to wait 24-48 hours and then give the thread a little bump to give people another chance to see it. Asking a question and then whining you haven't got the answer you want within an hour, plus asking if the forum is dead and why are people not being helpful is a really silly thing to do.

    It's like if your car breaks down in the middle of the road, you see a person walking down the street - if you called out: "Hey man, sorry to bother you but my car has broken down, could you please help me push the car off the road? I would really appreciate it, thank you." - the person is likely to say: "Sure, no problem" and help you.

    But if you shout: "Oi, you! Get over here and help me now! Run faster" - that same person is either going to stick their middle finger up at you and laugh at your broken car, or they will come over to you but they will tell you to go @#$& yourself instead.

    Chill out, buddy, I'm sure you will get the answers you want soon enough :)

  10. 1 hour ago, Lathlaer said:

    I don't feel like it impacts my experience that much because I don't sit too close to my monitor. I can't say for sure since I've never gamed on a flat ultrawide but I have mine mounted on the wall and I don't really need it to be curved in order to enhance my peripheral vision. It helps a bit but not by a large margin.


    For someone who sits, say, 10-15 cm closer than me it might be more beneficial and noticable. 

    Here is a reference pic to judge the distance:



    Thank you, Lathlaer, that actually really does help me.


    I've been doing some more reading up on ultrawide displays and came across something I hadn't actually considered, games that support that aspect ratio. Many people report that very few games have 21:9 support and even fewer have good implementation of it, many games I play in fact have very poor or no ultrawide support. Damn, I can't believe I didn't think of that.


    How do you find the 21:9 support personally?


    P.S. Very nice battle station you have there, clean and classy, I like it.

  11. 3 hours ago, Lathlaer said:

    You are making the assumption that the price increase is solely due to panel curvature but this can be a result of numerous factors.




    OK, that's a fair point I should have made it a little clearer, I just didn't want to waffle on and turn the post into a wall of text. I'll edit my post to reflect that and word it better.


    To add a little info: the cheapest curved monitor I can find is the same panel type, same refresh, same adaptive framerate tech, same response times, almost exactly the same... except the curved monitor is a cheap'o brand and the non-curved sub £300 monitor is Samsung, work that out haha. I read the description maybe 20 times thinking it was a mistake and must be 2560x1080, but nope, it's just a promo offer for a month.


    If I may ask you specifically, in your opinion how much do you think the curve impacts your gaming experience? Is it a nice feature to have but nothing amazing or a huge improvement to games?

  12. Hey everyone, I've been in the market for a 3440x1440 ultrawide monitor for a few months now, gaming would be the primary use.

    My budget isn't huge so the prices have held me back so far as the cheapest curved display I can find (excluding the Korean panels on eBay) is around £600 and that was a basic model: 60Hz, VA panel, no speakers or G-Sync and a fair cheap/budget brand.

    However, today I found a Flat Samsung 34" 3440x1440 monitor on Amazon for just £290! I read the description about 20 times, literally spent 90 minutes researching it thinking it was a typo or mistake. Of course, for that price it's very basic - no G-Sync, no high refresh rate, no speakers, and of course no curve - but at half the price of the cheapest curved display and Samsung brand, is curved really that amazing?


    My question: to anyone that has used/owned a curved and flat ultrawide monitor, what is your opinion on the curve - is curved worth the extra price, is it hugely more immersive or just a little bit or none at all, was a flat panel hard to see in your peripheral vision, pros, cons... what is your opinion?? I would really appreciate any feedback from people that have used both types.

  13. Samsung LS34J550WQUXEN 34-Inch 3440x1440 21:9 LED Monitor £289.99




    It's also a pre-order as the monitor officially releases in the UK on November 5th, so you can pre-order it now for that price and still have 2 weeks to think/change your mind. A pretty sweet deal.


    Under £300 for a 3440x1440 (21:9) ultrawide, even the cheap Korean monitors on eBay are more than £300.

    It is a basic model though, only 60Hz (apparently overclockable to 75-80Hz but not confirmed), not curved, no G-Sync or speakers, but still for that price it's hard to beat.

  14. Hey everyone, so I need a bit of help with completely disabling Windows 10 updates so that the updater doesn't even look for updates, it doesn't run, it doesn't do anything unless click check for updates?


    When I upgr downgraded to Windows 10 on my main 2 systems I used a guide (I couldn't find it again) to do a registry edit that 100% disabled the updater, that seemed to work great and I had no issues with W10 for the first year, I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it and wondered what people were talking about with it being so broken. Then came a major update, the 1803 update, so for the first time in over a year I clicked check for updates, look them over to see what they were for and installed them... which is where all my problems started. Since that update everything went downhill - all my little changes and tweaks got wiped/reset, Windows would just update itself, all the data-mining crap was enabled again, BSODs started happening, crashes, sluggish performance, random massive performance hitches, apps/games not running... etc - I should have known better this is Microsoft after all, and yes I did try rolling back but it true Microsoft style the backup point was MIA, gone, nowhere to be seen.


    Fast forward to now and here comes the next big update and here we go again, Microsoft is at it again now with deleting everyone important data, *slow clap. This has sealed it for me, in a few weeks when my new hardware and parts arrive for my man cave renovation I will be wiping and doing a fresh OS install of the previous version to 1803 and I will Not be updating either system unless I see a massive unanimous "This update is completely fine and safe" from the enthusiast community.

    So for now, and for when I reinstall I would like some help with the best way to 100% completely and utterly disable Windows 10 updater, please??

  15. [Second Update]


    I posted a direct reply to a TomsHW forum mod that had directly posted @myusername explaining why he thinks I should stay and not delete my account and data.
    So I took the time to explain my reasoning behind it and how I felt, I thought I'd done a good job, I wasn't rude or argumentative at all, this was the post:



    [I am not trying to highjack someone's thread, not at all, as a mod has posted and addressed me directly I am merely replying to them.]
    P.S. Sorry for the essay. 


    Hi Ralston18,

    I do understand what you mean regarding trying to help by staying and lending a hand to fix the issue/s, in many cases I would totally agree as we all make mistakes, I have made many just in this one thread and few posts, but I see little that anyone can do when the editor-in-chief himself puts out an article like that and sees fit to stand by it, seemingly refusing to listen to other points of view and then either he (Avram Piltch) or other management within TomsHW decided to start silencing people including their own employees. That to me stinks of management that won't admit fault, won't listen to people around them including their audience, wants to control everything/everyone and is willing to burn the place to the ground before admitting fault.
    Maybe I'm being pessimistic but if I am it's because I've experienced this before and seen the results.


    It may have been one mans opinion and not a representation of the collective within TomsHW, I get that, but for me and seemingly many others too that is literally our point! He can have his opinion as can we all, most of us seem to agree his opinion is ridiculous but he's entitled to it all the same - (the old phrase: opinions are like buttholes springs to mind), - that's not the issue though, the issue is that the editor-in-chief thought it a good idea to use this professional, trusted, unbias tech news/journalism site to get on a soapbox and tell everyone to do something ridiculous that pretty much everyone within the whole industry (excluding manufactures/sellers for obvious reasons) agrees that pre-ordering is utterly nonsensical and moronic, especially when it's brand new technology that we know virtually nothing about and have no data on. Yet, whether he is the type of person that throws money at his screen everytime a company announces something new and shiny or not, the fact remains that the editor-in-chief thought it a good idea to push his personal opinion on the front page like it was a normal Tom's Hardware article based on unbias research, data, benchmarks and Facts, and didn't think that might be misleading, plus either no one interjected or they did and he ignored them going ahead thinking this was acceptable and a good idea.
    Add to the fact that the article reads like Nvidia themselves wrote it as a promotional advertisement. It got a lot of people thinking this wasn't just one person's opinion but actually something far more serious and nefarious, like a paid ad that wasn't disclosed or made clear, at the very least a behind closed doors quid pro quo; you post this article then completely coincidentally and unrelated, Toms Hardware might get a big Nvidia exclusive in a few weeks, *wink wink
    Whether this is true or completely unfounded I don't know, but the fact that it reads like that for so many different people should be extremely troubling.

    Either way, even if we go with this is just one mans opinion and there's nothing shady going on, it is very concerning that as editor-in-chief his primary thought was not; "Should I be posting my own biased opinion on here or should I post it on my own social media and/or blog where personal opinions go. - Also, I need to make it clear in the heading and/or the first line that this is Not a TomsHW article, it's merely one person's opinion and thoughts which has no representation of anyone else, therefore what I'm saying may be wrong, bias, based on nothing but gut feeling and should be taken with a pinch of salt." I'm not a journalist or editor-in-chief but this seems pretty obvious to me as something important, yet it didn't for him.


    As I said previously the article was bad enough and unravelled a lot of trust built up over years with many people but the aftermath just dumped a bucket of gasoline onto the flames. Deleting posts and threads, banning members, banning Tom's Hardware employees; mods, staff, editors... just for speaking out and offering their own opinions on the subject. So it's OK for the editor-in-chief to sound off his own opinion but when the staff do it heads start to role, no, that is complete and utter bullcrap and everyone should be in agreement with that at least. The whole way this has been handled, the posts I've seen that haven't had any profanity, name-calling, or wild accusations, just members opinions on the article suddenly disappearing and the OP didn't remove it themselves, the fact that Avram Piltch has left the article up to continue doing damage and harming nieve consumers that might read it and take it as trusted and tested facts; yeah sure a disclaimer has been added saying it's just one mans opinion but what good is that, how many people read the small print, it should have been abundantly clear in the title from the start.


    Sorry not sorry, this whole thing stinks and has left a foul taste in the mouths of a Lot of people, I can't speak for anyone else but I have spoken with many people, even some that throw money at companies just based on buzzwords and hype, and yet I haven't spoken with one person that didn't believe the article had some shady backroom deal attached to it and the PR handling of the situation hasn't been just a complete dumpster fire.

    I'm sad that this is where I now stand, as I said previously, I've enjoyed a lot of time here and respected this company and the people within, one mistake, for the most part, shouldn't and wouldn't destroy all of that in one swoop but this wasn't one mistake, it was many and seems to be continuing.
    I simply can't trust a company like that any longer.

    [Edit] - to add two words



    And... it was instantly deleted by the mod Mousemonkey with the message: (the same mod by the way that has deleted most of my posts recently)

    "Okay, we get it you want your account deleted and I'm sure someone will get around to it at some point. No need for off topic walls of text, any more will just be deleted."
    So this is Tom's Hardware now, a few mods are still cool and will try to engage in polite conversation with members, you take the time to reply and another mod comes along and says "F**k you! Everything you post, even polite helpful things I will instantly delete because we disagree about something and because I can."


    [Edit] and he deleted all replies asking why my post and everyone else's has been deleted. Haha, he seems to be on a personal mission to delete everything that doesn't suit his narrative.

  16. [Update] My thread and all posts on every thread from the past few days have been deleted by TomsHW mods this morning and I received another official warning about my conduct. Apparently, asking if TomsHW UK is independent of TomsHW US is against the forum rules and guidelines, literally, that is what they said, even though I posted in Forum Discussion/Feedback section, haha what a joke.


    It's also been roughly 40 hours since I requested my account to be deleted but it's still active, maybe they're overwhelmed with the numbers of account deletion requests.

  17. I started a thread on TomsHW UK yesterday morning asking the mods/staff if the UK site was independent like TomsHW.de or could we be seeing nonsense like this "Just Buy It" article on the UK site soon? I didn't think that was rude or unfair, I wasn't asking staff to comment their own opinions regarding the paid Nvidia advert *cough I mean unbias article that might get them into trouble, it was merely a; do you operate like TomsHW DE or are you managed by the US side of the company?

    I just thought the first thing that happened was funny and showing the start of what was to come. I received an official warning for profanity for my single use of "bs" and my post was edited by the mods - I used the abbreviation "bs" as I thought that was more suitable and shouldn't offend anyone, especially as I've seen it used thousands of times on the site with no issues over the years, but apparently, that's worthy of an official warning now.

    Anyway, then it started. A few members began posting their own opinions on this article, no one was flaming, no one was swearing, no wild unsubstantiated accusations, or anything hostile/rude, just simply - "I think it's rubbish and if the editor-in-chief is putting this out, then TomsHW is done for me." - Stuff like that, just civil opinions and thoughts.

    Sure enough, the posts started disappearing, being deleted by the mods.


    Long story short, after asking some mods/staff directly and not receiving any responses, except seeing more posts disappearing, I requested my account to be deleted. 6 years of recommending people to the site, trusting what they put out as unbias (as much as someone can be) and consumer orientated, hundreds upon hundreds of posts, getting to know(ish) some forum mods, dozens of their award badge thingies... gone with one insane, brain-dead article/paid ad.

    Tom's Hardware, for me at least, is now the tech website equivalent of the Daily Mail - write any old crap for clicks, views, and of course... paychecks.

  18. Hi everyone. I would like to know if it's possible to download a Windows 10 ISO that is not updated to the (broken, annoying, FUBAR... sorry I'll stop) spring creators update, 1803?

    Rant about Micro$oft and Windows 10 incoming - skip the spoiler if you don't want to read yet another person whining and moaning about it :)


    Like so many others this 1803 update is causing me nothing but issues; from multiple daily BSODs, reduced (laggy/sluggish) performance, a tenfold increase in apps and games crashing, broken apps I rely on, seemingly patched methods I used to completely disable data-mining, telemetry, updates... the list goes on and on and on...

    I'm f**king sick of this bs, every time Micro$oft releases a major update I get nervous, I (we) shouldn't have to sacrifice security by not updating in fear of what things we rely on will be removed and/or broken - this 1803 update has almost rendered my main system unusable! I waited months before updating because I knew in typical MS fashion they would break more than they fix, remove more than they introduce, and generally find more ways to make things difficult and be anti-consumer, then after 5-ish months like the stupid naive idiot I am, I updated... and since then I've spent more damn time troubleshooting, rebooting after the 7th BSOD that day, and trying to work around issues and broken crap than actually using my system properly.

    Sorry not sorry, I'm just so angry and tired of this repetitive cycle, at this point I'm not sure if it's incompetence or knowingly/purposely breaking things and just not giving a crap because; hey, what is everyone going to do, stop using Windows, hahaha.

    Rant over - I just needed to vent a little as this 1803 has caused me so many issues. And no, sadly I can't just rollback the update because good ol' Micro$oft managed to corrupt the restore point, so I'm stuck with it.

    Back on topic - I've searched around but I can only find the Media Creation Tool on the MS site which if I remember correctly downloads all the latest updates, or some rando site that definitely isn't going to give me lots of free malware and viruses.
    Anyone know if it's possible??