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About Theminecraftaddict555

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    Cat emotes is love cat emotes is life

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    Not Telling
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  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    Asrock B250M PRO4
  • RAM
    G Skill Ripjaws 8x2 16gb of ram (2800mhz)
  • GPU
    rx 480 MSI Armor OC 4gb
  • Case
    Nzxt S340 (Would recommend)
  • Storage
    WD 1TB 7200rpm HDD
  • PSU
    evga bq 500w
  • Cooling
    Using two preinstalled fans (1 front + 1 rear)
  • Keyboard
    Some standard logitech keyboard
  • Mouse
    Rival 300
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 64 bit
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  1. Theminecraftaddict555

    Low FPS in Asassins Creed Odyssey or Battlefield 1

    Like to weak to provide power for your overall system? For that you not only have to find your PSU brand and wattage, but your entire system components in terms of specs as a whole. After finding them use these websites to see if your PSU has good enough wattage/power for your system components https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ (not always accurate, but a good start) https://outervision.com/power-supply-calculator
  2. Uninstalled firefox. Browser started blocking legit websites like linustechtips and displaying some of my websites incorrectly compared to chrome. 


    Sometimes open source ain't a good thing 

  3. Theminecraftaddict555

    I have a question on this part of the US constitution

    So it just means that you can go anywhere within the us borders with no restrictions excluding private property or high priority gov. sites? However it doesn't focus on how you get there?
  4. Theminecraftaddict555

    I have a question on this part of the US constitution

    The part of the constitution that I'm referring to is "freedom of travel or movement". I have seen people claim that in the US, you don't and shouldn't need a drivers license to operate and drive a vehicle since the constitution states that people have a freedom of travel or movement. I honestly think its BS since I'm pretty sure driving is somehow excluded from that statement. I have attempted to search this up but I end up getting confused due to the political jargon used. So are people right/wrong when they say a drivers license isn't needed to operate a vehicle due to the constitution? Please keep this civil btw
  5. Theminecraftaddict555

    Is this normal?

    The cpu clock speed is supposed to be 1.6ghz so no that's not normal But maybe in your language, it is calculated like that for some odd reason. Does it say the same thing in English?
  6. Theminecraftaddict555

    Fallout 4, actually better than i remember...

    If you are part of the PCMR, you can mod your fallout games with ones that increases damage dealt to you and the enemy. Simple realism is a great example
  7. So I received 2 replacement fans from NZXT for my s340 case (though i asked for one but hey extra fans!) and realized some weird things before + after installing 1 of the fans -The replacement fan ran slower than the rear stock fan that came with my case, perhaps the fan design is different from the stock that came with the case? (though they both look very similar) -Why don't they provide me with extra case fan screws? now for a slightly off topic question: when the label of the fan is facing you, does that mean the air is blowing towards you?
  8. Theminecraftaddict555

    A facepalm question about motherboards and cpus

    Well a dead platform cpu doesn't always mean that the cpu is weak for modern games, apps.
  9. Theminecraftaddict555

    A facepalm question about motherboards and cpus

    So that goes same for both motherboard and cpus? So for example, if I have an i7-7700k cpu I technically have no upgrade path (at this time) to a better cpu that will give me noticeable or significant performance improvement? And that if there is an option, it would be too costly?
  10. What does it mean when a motherboard/cpu has no upgrade path and it isn't worth investing anymore? Does it mean that there it is going to be out-dated or not supported anymore? Also what does a dead platform mean? Is it talking about cpus or motherboards?
  11. Theminecraftaddict555

    Successful installation of my I7-7700 and aftermarket cooler

    What do you mean by that?
  12. Was able to get my i7-7700 cpu installed along with my deepcool gammaxx 400 after market cpu cooler. CPU installation was ez but the aftermarket cooler on the other hand, eh. The aftermarket cooler was easy to assemble with the intel cpu cooler set that it came with (2x2 intel cooler push pins) but the installation on the mobo was a pain. After lining up the push-pin along with the motherboard cpu cooler holes, it became very difficult to push pin down. This was due to the fact that the last push pin was being blocked by the cooler's huge fan. So I had to wiggle my fingers in there for to push it down and look at the back of my motherboard to see if it successfully pushed down (for about half an hour). So far, my cpu runs games better than before and cooler with my aftermarket cooler. However, the fans do get loud at times esp. playing on vsync off on arma 3.
  13. Specs are located on my profile if needed I realize that every time, I play arma 3 with vsync off and get to the man menu where my fps goes over 100 fps, the fans of my computer (either coming from my gpu or cpu) get louder. However, the system starts to quiet down either when i turn on vsync or play a scenario that lowers the fps. My cpu and gpu both are not heating up terribly according to msi afterburner and hwmonitor. Take note that my system is cooling with 1 rear case fan only (as I'm trying to replace my broken front case fan). other types of cooling I'm using in my system which may be important -Aftermarket cpu cooler (https://www.amazon.com/DEEPCOOL-GAMMAXX-400-Blue-Compatible/dp/B00JQ2YDCY) -PSU and GPU fan
  14. Theminecraftaddict555

    Youtube potentially altering user comments

    isn't youtube/google a private company and that they DON'T have to abide by certain rules that countries typically follow (esp. the US)?