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About Theminecraftaddict555

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    Cat emotes is love cat emotes is life

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    Not Telling
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  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    Asrock B250M PRO4
  • RAM
    G Skill Ripjaws 8x2 16gb of ram (2800mhz)
  • GPU
    rx 480 MSI Armor OC 4gb
  • Case
    Nzxt S340 (Would recommend)
  • Storage
    WD 1TB 7200rpm HDD
  • PSU
    evga bq 500w
  • Cooling
    Using two preinstalled fans (1 front + 1 rear)
  • Keyboard
    Some standard logitech keyboard
  • Mouse
    Rival 300
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 64 bit
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  1. Theminecraftaddict555

    Why is fortnite killing them self

  2. Theminecraftaddict555

    Thinking about getting the logitech g602

    Hi I've been looking at new gaming mouses to replace my failing g403 mouse...I know that the g602 gaming mice has multiple macro buttons that I like, good sensor like always, and is wireless. But I have a question about the size of the mouse. Is it bigger or smaller than the g403, logitech g pro (non-wireless), and the roccat kone pure military? (all 3 mices I have owned or tried in the past) If it is bigger than those mouses, can anyone recommend me a gaming mouse that has those good features of g602 gaming mouse but smaller? (budget is under 50)
  3. Theminecraftaddict555

    Why is fortnite killing them self

    Well angry joe sums every one up pretty much
  4. Theminecraftaddict555

    GTA V

    And here I am playing gta v LSPDFR and chasing criminals 4 life
  5. Theminecraftaddict555

    Samsung Foldable phone leaked

    Flipiphones or flipdroids?
  6. Seeing zombies in Resident evil 2 remake rising up later after you just "killed" them


    Image result for im in danger

  7. Theminecraftaddict555

    IT Certifications

    Yep taken the network+, security+, and A+ exams. However imo, there is a fair amount of reading you gotta do for all of them. A+ is pretty basic but can possibly help you achieve better certifications if I remember. Network and security + is less basic than the A+ from what I have seen.
  8. Theminecraftaddict555

    So what do you guys think about the RE2 remake?

    Do you think it will be better than the original or worst? Planning to buy it? or nah? To me, after playing the demo, the game looks great and the controls are pretty good in terms of the pc. But I don't feel the "scare" factor in this game like I did in the original re2. Maybe that was because of the fixed camera angles making things more unpredictable and intense. Though I do see that there are places worth exploring in this remade game.
  9. Is it just me or do I think that this guy does NOT understand youtuber Jesus christ's content and is just jumping to conclusions?



  10. Theminecraftaddict555

    Phanteks Eclipse P600s

    The case is pretty new and not released yet, so searching up the dimensions is sometimes not possible esp. when their is limited info. on the case
  11. Theminecraftaddict555

    Phanteks Eclipse P600s

    The case is a mid-tower case, it should accept your motherboard just fine. Not sure if the dimensions of the new case will support that noctua aftermarket cooler...But considering the previous similar models of that phantek case, i'm pretty sure it should fit.
  12. Theminecraftaddict555

    Looking for a comfortable desk chair for under 85$

    Since my desk-chair that I gotten a long time ago is slowly dying on me, I've been trying to look into an alternative desk-chair. I just simply want one that is comfortable to me and one that I don't have to build or takes little effort to build at least.
  13. Theminecraftaddict555

    Has a High End PC become pointless? PC Gaming useless?

    OH so it was mostly pointless in your case but at the same time it still had some value?
  14. Theminecraftaddict555

    Has a High End PC become pointless? PC Gaming useless?

    Oh what a konsole shkrub.. /s It seems like PC gaming is not your cup of tea esp. when there aren't many good "single-player" oriented pc exclusive games out there (probably due to business and money-making issues like other stated). And I respect that. To me I buy the ps4 for the exclusive games like detroit become human and uncharted games. For my gaming pc, I play many Single-player PC exclusive games that I personally enjoy even if they don't have the best story (STALKER series for example). There are also PC-games that I play that are already released to other consoles due to those games having a modding community behind it that adds more replayability to it or I feel that the games work so much better with M+K. So all in all, I don't see either system being pointless if I'm already enjoying both for different reasons.
  15. Theminecraftaddict555

    HP printer refuses to print documents on both sides

    How would that be done for my windows 10 OS? I tried searching it up but nothing on how to do it for my windows 10 OS system.