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    Cat emotes is love cat emotes is life


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    Intel Pentium g4560 (Pretty much a cheap version of the i3-6100)
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    Asrock B250M PRO4
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    G Skill Ripjaws 8x2 16gb of ram (2800mhz)
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    rx 480 4gb
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    Nzxt S340 (Would recommend)
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    WD 1TB 7200rpm HDD
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    evga bq 500w
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    Using two preinstalled fans (1 front + 1 rear)
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    Some standard logitech keyboard
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    Rival 300
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    Windows 10 64 bit
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  1. Does surface really matter for the playstation 3 systems?

    But its fine regardless?
  2. Then build/buy a cheaper PC that is suited for light gaming in the first place then? Why are you going to that extent in the first place to play light games?
  3. Does surface really matter for the playstation 3 systems?

    Wait so its just painted wood, not metal?
  4. Does surface really matter for the playstation 3 systems?

    this is the chair i am talking about: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Hercules-Hinged-Metal-Folding-Chair-4-Pack-Gray/13241425
  5. Upcoming Games you are excited about?

    Escape from tarkov Timesplitters rewind (whenever they finish it in their free time) READY OR NOT (Upcoming swat-sim game)
  6. I am asking this question since I am planning to move my ps3 system closer to my pc and putting it on either a metal chair or plastic-coated cardboard. I have searched the web and found that people said it doesn't matter while others say it does. It is kind of a mixed signal I am getting, so I decided to ask you guys if it matters at all. If it does matter, which surfaces do you recommend me to put it on? besides glass of course
  7. does anyone know a way to export your clips from the call of duty theatre mode (any COD game that has the mode) to a usb drive? I am planning to put my clips onto my computer so I can edit it and upload it to my youtube channel and NOT the COD youtube channel
  8. Will playing a console on a gaming monitor make a difference?

    Isn't the input lag + response time difference not noticeable between the CRT & gaming monitors?
  9. Currently, I am playing my ps3 on an old CRT monitor temporarily and I'm planning to move it so i can use it on my gaming monitor that is connected on my pc. Just wondering if there will be any noticeable gameplay differences moving from a CRT TV set to a gaming monitor? If needed, here is the link to my monitor: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/hqmxFT/aoc-monitor-g2260vwq6
  10. what is the best rca-vga converter for my monitor?

    I've decided to go with the 60$ option since i have money to spare and want to go on the safe side, it is also verified by many people including you that the 40$ component-hdmi adapter has no lag. While for the other adapter, it is unverified. I also wanted the matrix option too since it sounds pretty useful for its cheap price. I'll try to find a cheaper hdmi option though.
  11. what is the best rca-vga converter for my monitor?

    The matrix device is pretty darn cool though and useful. I think i could grab 2 more cheap hdmi cords off of amazon. This might cost me 60 dollars to get the recommended converter, matrix, + extra cables. Is there any other possible cheaper alternatives?
  12. what is the best rca-vga converter for my monitor?

    It is broken on the ps3
  13. what is the best rca-vga converter for my monitor?

    So how much hdmi cables do i need for the hdmi switch/matrix? I only have one so far for my computer. i believe according to the pics of the matrix device, I need 3 cables in total (one to connect converter to matrix and one to connect computer to matrix, & final one to connect to monitor) I believe I have a braided component cable already sitting around my house.
  14. what is the best rca-vga converter for my monitor?

    So I have these 2 options? Option 1: I could buy this product right here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01JYCXP3S/ref=psdc_280341_t2_B01ALUV61U https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00YC7U0NE?tag=linus21-20 Then i would use this product's hdmi to connect the converter above, Then connect my monitor's vga cable to this product's vga port. Then from there on, the vga should in theory work and display my ps3 display? Option 2: I do it the way you recommended by buying one of the rca-hdmi converters you listed + the switch device you listed. So then I would be able to plug my rca into the converter & have my computer hdmi cable connected to the hdmi part of the converter?
  15. what is the best rca-vga converter for my monitor?

    I have to use rca for my ps3, hdmi port is broken on it sadly. Another possible alternative (possibly cheaper) is to get an rca-hdmi converter though that will force me to remove my hdmi cord from PC and plug it into the converter connected to PS3 whenever I want to use it.