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    Cat emotes is love cat emotes is life

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    Asrock B250M PRO4
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    G Skill Ripjaws 8x2 16gb of ram (2800mhz)
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    rx 480 MSI Armor OC 4gb
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    Nzxt S340 (Would recommend)
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    WD 1TB 7200rpm HDD
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    evga bq 500w
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    Using two preinstalled fans (1 front + 1 rear)
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    Some standard logitech keyboard
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    Rival 300
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    Windows 10 64 bit
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  1. Another episode of same YT shit, different day....Next
  2. To further include, you can also play scav-mode. Basic and oversimplified premise of the mode is you spawn in with random gear but get to keep that gear & everything else you picked up when you die. However, you will die and LOSE all of your stuff if you fail to reach the extraction points in time. Another thing to add is that there is a cooldown for this mode, so you can't play it 8 hours straight. I also believe that you can take sidequests that require you to go certain maps to complete it & you can collect keys + items that will unlock certain doors in certain maps.
  3. Yes, but 99% of it is basic math from my own experience. However, similar to certifications, knowing more than basic math can make you a valuable candidate for certain IT/computer technician jobs and make you stand out more. So while complex math isn't required to work as a computer technician, it is more of a suggestion that can increase your chances of landing the job.
  4. Sorry for not getting back to you. It will run at nvme speeds if you are using an nvme M2 drive. If using a sata m2 drive, the port should automatically run at sata speeds. This is assuming that I read the specs correctly.
  5. From the looks of it, the motherboard has room for at least 1 nvme m2 drive. So it should work. Be cautious though, sometimes motherboards disable a specific port when a drive like that is installed.
  6. Take note that I RARELY play pure vanilla Arma 3, at the most I play modded or at least lightly modded Arma 3. However even with not so much mods, I still feel like my system isn't performing well as it should. In general, very rarely does my game come close to getting 60fps (even with vsync off) and it is uncommon for me to get 50fps when playing unless it is in a very deserted/empty area of a map. In populated areas, I get around 30-40 fps, sometimes dipping down to 25 fps. I'm so far playing at standard settings with some things turned down like AA, bloom, radial blur, water reflections. A mission that I'm playing that shows this similar issue is Pilgrimage lingor with these mod loadouts So here are the things I have tried so far or have already checked: -GPU drivers are up to date -CPU and GPU are not overheating nor having high usage (though GPU may spike up to 95% briefly depending on what is happening, cpu never reaches 50%) -Modified certain A3 settings: Platform changed from 32-bit to 64-bit used -malloc=system Forced A3 to use 4 cores of my cpu Didn't change this but, unsure if the memory allocator is supposed to be windows or intel TBB allocated Hyperthreading enabled specs: I7 7700 rx 5700 XT 8gb 2x8 16gb DDR4 2400mhz RAM 1TB 7200 RPM WD mechanical HDD Playing with a 75hz 1080p monitor
  7. Got it, was able to snap it off. there are still some small remaining of the tab still hanging out by the hdmi port but not close enough to interfere with putting anything in.
  8. yep I was able to pull the tab out of the port with needle nose pliers and now its sticking out now...Problem is that I'm not sure what tool I should use to break it off
  9. Don't think you both understand the problem I'll explain it in the response below The tab is inside the port, that is the problem.
  10. I'm one of those uncool people who rarely watches linustechtips but hangs out on the forums more...
  11. So I realized that my hmdi port on my motherboard is being blocked and likely being touched by one of the metal io shield tabs. Is this something to worry about? Especially when I don't even use the port at all? So far, my system has been running fine for a year and a half with no issues so far (not dealing with any BSODs yet, posting issues, system randomly turning off and on etc.).
  12. I'm looking for a new gpu upgrade that won't cause any noticeable cpu bottlenecks esp. for newer games going to come out soon or already released (cyberpunk 2077, RDR2, outer worlds etc.). Also how much difference does an "overclocked" version of the gpu actually make? For example, like this one. I've been seeing some OC'd versions of the card at a cheap price and was just curious. Current specs if needed: i7-7700 rx 480 msi armor OC 4gb 16gb of ddr4-2400 RAM 500W EVGA BQ PSU Gaming at 1080p @ 75hz
  13. There's nothing wrong performance wise except for Arma 3 (gets laggy with a good amount of mods installed), I just want to upgrade to the stronger ryzen cpus due to the good things I've been hearing about them + a new motherboard that has further upgrade paths (my mobo doesn't have much of that). It's not going to be 100% immediate upgrade. If the gpu guarantees a better framerate in Arma 3 modded though, I might look into it.