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  1. Like all the others said, connect the monitor to your GPU.
  2. As the first reply states, you absolutely can, but it would not be of any practical advantage. More power consumption and heat to your case.
  3. Just snatched a white xbox one on a MEGA SALE. Great addition to the tech room.

    1. manikyath


      so... the first thing i thought was "monitor stand"...

    2. DryzonDigital


      Oh yeah, it doubles as a vcr look-a-like as well!

  4. No it's not. Many players are still online playing the expansions or PvP. There's also another expansion coming this September/October.
  5. I decided to snatch an xbox one after Microsoft's obliteration at e3. Hey, a console is always nice to have, I'm not going to be crying like a bitch when I cant play any exclusives. ANYWAYS, any destiny players on xbox one willing to play with me? Not from scratch or anything but skype chatting and existing in the same game. I'm going to be receiving my xbone next week (ordered it), if you wish message me or post your gamertag below and I'll add you when I get the console [emoji1]
  6. Youtube and web design, I don't consider gaming a hobby as it is deeply etched in my very existence.
  7. Of course your GPU is near idle, it is like it is rendering 200 3 y/o doodles a second
  8. Please stop commenting on this gaming fascist's post kind sir, you are making him feel bad.
  9. Try and make sure everything is up to date. Also, check the Shader's config, maybe a certain parameter is beyond maxed (unreasonably so).
  10. Notice something here people? A beast CPU. Minecraft drains that part, not the 980.
  11. Many people apparently don't know shizzle about Minecraft. Minecraft is a CPU bound game.The GPU does very little, the reason you are lagging is either your CPU or RAM. It most probably can't process all the chunks. Try degrading the render distance setting. EDIT: Shaders do increase the workload of the GPU but still you shouldn't be getting a 170 frame drop.
  12. Wait for some benchmarks. I would agree with some people above and say you should grab a 290x, they go for like, 2 rupees now.
  13. I don't care where people play their games. I hate console/pc elitists, they fuck up the fun for everyone else involved. ALL HEIL THE GLORIOUS GAMING RACE but you should buy a pc lel
  14. Try and turn off Superfetch if you haven't already. EDIT: SORRY I JUST READ THE WHOLE POST
  15. I've been laughing my ass off watching the crew's Whisper Challenge video over at ChannelSuperFun. Here's the vid if you've missed it Does anyone else feel the same? Not that every other SuperFun video isn't as delightful but that got me giggling like hell. I demand PART 2. Try and include the whole LinusMediaGroup staff!
  16. Blops 3 made me gag, FUTUREFUTUREFUTUREFUTUREFUTUREFUTUREFUTUREFUTUREFUTUREFUTURE. Halo 5 looks like something completely different from any Halo I've ever seen before. GTA V I have on PC. Titanfall I have on PC and boy were those 30 bucks not worth the content LOL. Destiny I've played ona friend's ps4 and it was rather awesome, I really like the MMO aspect and could see my self easily grinding it hard. The lack of content though and the huge amounts of dlc kinda turned me off tbh. Battlefield is meh for me, have them all on PC. Thanks for the recommendations!
  17. I've played some Forza Horizon split-screen and it was rather cool, how's the single-player aspect?
  18. I would recommend snatching up a copy of Windows 8.1 as it is far more stable and usable, also way quicker. That way you'll be eligible for a free Windows 10 upgrade this summer.
  19. I'm considering getting this tattooed
  20. When you upgrade from 10down1up to 50down5up and still suck compared to the rest of the world

  21. For some reason I get a gut-wrenching feeling when I watch any video form the Tek Syndicate guys. By just barely scratching the surface with their channel they seem like elitist pricks.