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    Tech isn't my forte, strangely enough. I'm currently starting my life in the diesel field.

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  1. True, I'd rather use the front USB ports but a hub or extensions would work. The S340 still wouldn't work though, at 18.66" tall I literally wouldn't be able to squeeze my finger between the pc case and the top of the compartment to push the power button. Also it's 1/2 too deep. Maybe I should just go with an HTPC case and put it under the monitor.
  2. With the way the desk is built the front and back of the pc compartment are open but there are wooden supports that block the lowest two inches or so. I added the millimeter measurement for the metric folks. It doesn't have to match up to the exact millimeter, just as close as possible. Unfortunately the S340 won't work, the front IO would be right up against the top of the compartment.
  3. I'm looking for a case that can fit a full ATX motherboard while being smaller than 18.5"/470mm high, 9.5'"/241mm wide, and 16"/406mm deep. Also to note, the IO (Audio In/Out, USB) must be on the front and not on the top or sides, unless the case is short enough that it doesn't matter. Would prefer a plain black case with no windows. I've been looking for such a case for a while now. My current computer desk was really only meant to fit an mATX mid tower at most. I have an ATX motherboard and can't exchange, refund, or otherwise switch out for a smaller motherboard. As of right now the Riotoro's CR1080 is the only case that will even fit and personally it looks a little to "gamery" for me, plus a few reviews have pointed out that the case has quite a few flaws. If there's an alternative I'd really like to hear it.
  4. tl;dr Linus did a George Lucas and created a Jar Jar.
  5. Yeah, either deal within the ebay system or don't deal at all. Scammers have been known to post bait postings on amazon and ebay and then ask the buyer to deal outside of ebay/amazon. ebay and paypal have protection against scams don't bother with anything else.
  6. Basic Stuff Program Installation without unwanted stuff USB Basics 931 GB Drive VS 1 TB Drive BIOS and what you can do in it. Burning .iso and installing an OS File encryption Harder Stuff Basics of networking RAID Troubleshooting a computer Data recovery Remote Desktop There's plenty of stuff that's possible with a few burner computers.
  7. And then they blame you for recommending it when the cheapo Chinese thing eventually breaks.
  8. Start with Pi-Hole, it turns your Pi into a wifi hotspot that automatically blocks advertisements so that anything connected to it won't see any ads. It doesn't require anything more than the Pi and an Ethernet cable.
  9. Do you have enough money left over to get PS4 games? Do you have any exclusives on the PS4 that you like enough to buy an entire console for?
  10. The quick answer isn't if it will heat a room up, it's whether it will heat a room within a time that you would consider convenient. While it may take half an hour to warm up a medium sized room with a heater, it may take hours with a PC, even though in the end the PC is much more efficient. There is no difference between watercooling and air cooling in the amount of heat that will be eventually be released into the room.
  11. No I didn't write it. I just posted this here to give people some names. To be honest it might not be much worth to someone writing a paper, but it's nice to have to know what to avoid.
  12. Here's a good list of Ransomware and all of its details, including how to defeat them. I don't know how much help this will be but I'll leave this here just in case. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TWS238xacAto-fLKh1n5uTsdijWdCEsGIM0Y0Hvmc5g/pubhtml
  13. What currency is that? If it's USD then that's a pretty high end build. If it's CAD then it's probably enough for a doughnut, maybe two if there's a sale. /s