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  1. TheMostUser

    Looking for an all in one keyboard

    Thanks but I don't think I will be able to use those on my lap
  2. TheMostUser

    Looking for an all in one keyboard

    Hi everyone, most desks are way too high for me to type comparably so when I'm on the go I use a laptop on my lap. I'm afraid its bad for my neck so I wanna put only the keyboard (and mouse) on my legs. therefore a keyboard with a built in trackpad would be ideal for me, unfortunately most of are designed for htpc not for normal work. So which keyboard with a trackpad would you recommend for long typing sessions? Thanks a lot
  3. TheMostUser

    Kinesis Advantage compatibility with win 10

    Ya sorry about that, for some reason I thought the MPC was a different than the regular and I couldn't really find anything about it and windows 10. Sorry for the unnecessary post and thanks anyway
  4. Does anyone know if the Kinesis Advantage MPC/USB KB500USB-BLK works fine on windows 10? ~ Thanks a lot!
  5. TheMostUser

    Ostry kc06a

    Hi, I am considering picking up the ostry kc06a but I read that some people claimed they where not durable. How bad is it? should I be concerned? (I am very gentle with my tech)
  6. TheMostUser

    Ergonomic Keyboard

    Might be a good option for me, thanks for the advice!
  7. TheMostUser

    Ergonomic Keyboard

    I stretch once an hour and it's still pretty bad
  8. TheMostUser

    Ergonomic Keyboard

    But will those significantly reduce the wrist pain? as far as I know the main difference between that and a "normal" keyboard is the build quality and mx switches
  9. TheMostUser

    Ergonomic Keyboard

    Thanks I will check those out
  10. TheMostUser

    Ergonomic Keyboard

    Just a generic hp office keyboard
  11. TheMostUser

    Ergonomic Keyboard

    Hello, I am a developer and I experience some pretty bad wrist pain after typing, I am fairly young and I'm afraid it won't improve so want to buy an better keyboard. I have heard that the kinesis advantage 2 is very good but unfortunately it is VERY expensive, on the other hand I can buy a microsoft ergonomic keyboard for only about 40$. Is it worth it to spend that much more for the kinesis? ~Thanks alot
  12. TheMostUser

    Should I buy a chromebook in college?

    Those are some excellent laptops but they are definitely overkill, you can get by with something much cheaper
  13. Hi I'm a programer and university student and I'm looking for a new ultrabook I am interested in the spectre x360 but I thought about saving some money and getting the envy (specifically the 13-AB067CL) What do I sacrifice? ~Thanks
  14. Thanks for the advice but this seems a bit overkill for my needs
  15. Thanks but I don't live in the states, a friend of mine who isn't really into tech will bring it to my country, anything specific?