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    i play trumpet, and love to game. sometimes for shits and giggles, and sometime competive
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  1. alright, this looks good enough. Thanks. little expensive, sorry. but thanks anyway.
  2. So looking at building a small-ish pc. All that's left to pick is my motherboard. I would like it to be black or black/grey. The problem is that i can't find find any with that color scheme and have an optical audio port. I need one for my external DAC. All help is appreciated!
  3. those are blue switches, and i don't like the aggressive look. But thank you anyway. Ok, glad to know these are good switches. Now it's between the cm-storm tk and the disco. then again, i might just go with the rapid because it's $60 on amazon.
  4. Thanks for telling me. YOur keyboard might be #1 on my list. Thanks for your help.
  5. Well dear, Forgot about that i use the numpad. Lol, considered. Not cherry browns, but KBT. Considering that the Kailh switches are made in China, I'm not ready to trust Chinese switches again, unless proven that KBT switches are good and reliable. But thanks anyway!
  6. So recently, my mechanical keyboard has been double clicking (Kailh switches) after owning for over a year. I need a new one, but there are so many gosh darn options. Here is a list of thing that I want and don't want. I do not care about brand. Required: Cherry MX Browns. My current keyboard uses blue switches. I like the bump, but they are very loud, especially at night when my parents are asleep. You can hear my keyboard down the hall. 10-Keyless. My mouse sits right next keyboard, sometimes it even bumps into it. Backlit. So i can see in the dark. At least 10 Key Rollover: For those games. Under 150 USD. I don't mind paying if they are like $160, but would like to stick under $150. Things that I want, but won't be a deal-breaker if there not there. RGB Lighting: Gotta match that set up. Windows Button Disable Key: Pretty self explanatory. Things that I do not need (but don't mind if they are there) USB Passthrough: Got a 10-port USB hub for christmas on my desk, so I'm set for USB ports. Media Keys: No need for volume control, i have a DAC/AMP with a physical volume switch. Thank you to everyone that helps, I look forward to buying my first set of Cherry MX Switches!
  7. I used the in-game audio option and it records everything.
  8. Just looked, and I see no options. The only options i have is to make my mic push to talk, and hot keys. In shadowplay all the options for audio are in game (what I have been using), in game and mic, or no audio.
  9. So I've been getting into recording/editing game play. I've been recording with shadow play, and using it also to record audio. The problem is that it records all the sound from my computer. The game, yes, but also Mumble and my music is recorded as well. Any software that will just record a specific program? Thanks in advance.
  10. any way to be able to run 2 1080p monitors off a single port?
  11. So for Christmas, i got an Alien wear Alpha from my non-tech-savvy family. My only problem is it only has 1 HDMI out, and nothing else. Would it be possible to run dual monitors with something like this? : http://goo.gl/U9ZTUU I only plan to run at 1080p, so i don't need anything special. Any and all help is appreciated! Thanks!
  12. I have own'd mine for a year and used it every day, so i think i can say i have some experience with it. Build:The build is great, soft-touch-ish materials with a grippy side texture for your thumb, ring and pinky fingers. No complaints. Buttons: Having all those extra buttons is something very useful and should not be looked over. You can have in-game COMS, TS3 COMS, Kappa bounded in twitch chat, etc. Also, infinite scrolling. Sounds like a gimmick, but its the most useful thing. Weight: Back heavy due to the battery, Nothing really you can do except take the battery out and use it as a wired mouse. But it kind of defeats the purpose, eh? Tracking and Delay: This mouse tracked just fine on my wood desk for the first six months and on my SS QCK. It never really has backed up and as far as i can tell, it has no acceleration. I find the delay on the mouse (in wireless mode) kept to a bare minimum. I can hardly notice any delay using this. I found the sensitivity of DPI i liked, witch was 1600 for my 1080 P monitor. Software: Good stuff here. Making macros is nice and easy, and takes no skill. Every button on the mouse besides up and down on the scroll wheel and the toggle button of the infinite scrolling button can be changed. Allows for 5 different profiles, witch is nice. Battery Life: My biggest Con about this mouse. It say 10 hours, but it is more like six. but, it charges pretty fast (45 Minutes for a full charge), so its easy to use in the morning, plug it in and go eat some lunch and come back to an almost full charge. So yes, I do recommend this mouse.