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    The Internets of Northern California
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    The standard: consumer tech, internet video, video games, anime, competitive games, and so forth.
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    I've been watching Linus for about 2 years...I wasn't nearly as into computer hardware and software before then, but I feel I'm competent as far as general consumer hardware and software. Anyway, I've been waiting forever for this forum to launch. I spend time gaming, watching animu, posting forums and 4chan (/g/ and /wg/). My username on here is for all of my accounts save for steam; that username is (neo)an[uber]baby.
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    Student/TWiT.TV intern

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  1. codytappen

    Gift Suggestions?

    You could ask for: a PS Vita (refurb.) and a game or two (I recommend the Dangan Ronpa series, Persona 4 Golden, or one of the Project Diva games); some kind of game controller like a fight stick or something; some kind of tech repair toolkit (iFixit?); a kindle; blu-rays of some show you like; a set of nice speakers or headphones; a donation to the LTT croudfunding campaign; a cool keyboard; any games that you've been wanting; a battery bank to charge all of your devices. The sky's the limit.
  2. codytappen

    LTT Republic of Texas

    Glorious California master race reporting in. I'm joining the Texan club.
  3. codytappen

    Whats the deal with AT&T

    I understand that they couldn't go to the show without sponsors like AT&T, but I still have trouble abiding it. To me, an AT&T customer, it feels as though LTT is taking money from a regional mafia blackmailing me for $200+ for monthly "protection"; this mafia bribes the local authorities to prevent people like me from speaking out or being heard, and every time someone or some other organization tries to help elevate my poor neighborhood/community out of this oppressive situation they brutally assassinate them in an inside scheme with local law reinforcement. Not only that, but they're trying to buy out the cool park I hang out with my friends in, and turn it into a $99 admission $5 per ride Disney Land ripoff, oh, and burn down the orphanage I used to live in.
  4. codytappen

    Any good tech podcasts?

    Check out TWiT.TV (This Week in Tech, This Week in Google, MacBreak Weekly etc.)
  5. codytappen

    Sony Xperia Z2

    Best part is always front facing speakers baby!
  6. codytappen

    Looking for an HTC One X replacement. (US)

    Got it, removability isn't a big issue for me. I'm going to get the One M8. END OF THREAD
  7. codytappen

    Looking for an HTC One X replacement. (US)

    Okay, I was talking primarily about device size and nice realize my idiocy as far as the size of both devices mentioned. Does either have a particular battery life advantage? If not it looks like I'll go with the One for the front facing speakers.
  8. I've had my current HTC One X for a little over 2 years now; the screen is broken, I've run out space for anything other than my base music and apps, my current rom is abysmally unstable, and I can hardly get half a day out of the phone with medium usage. I'm looking to find a new phone with the following features (the number next to the feature is how willing I am to compromise 1 being not at all): Micro SD card slot (1), Easily unlockable/stock Android/current sense (1), 4.7-5inch display (2), all day battery life while using Bluetooth (2), solid build quality (3), and front facing speakers (3). Choices so far. 1. I think the HTC One will be perfect, but I'm not sure as to whether or not it has a micro SD card slot. 2. LG G3 looks like a nice choice; however, the speaker seams to be horribly positioned and the screen is a bit too large for my taste. Can anyone enlighten me about the One M8? Are there any phones I am leaving out of my decision making? Thanks in advance.
  9. codytappen

    Amazon is testing out a redesign of its website.

    Looks sweet to me.
  10. codytappen

    What do you prefer driving, automatic or stick?

    uwot? I don't quite get what this sentence means, please elaborate.
  11. codytappen

    Most popular e-sport game.

    No TF2 in poll, as a sixes player I am dissapoint.
  12. codytappen

    What do you prefer driving, automatic or stick?

    Depends on where you live; if manuals are common learn to drive them, and if automatics are common don't bother learning to drive a manual. Where I nearly all relatively new cars are automatic so I only know how to drive automatic.
  13. I think this thread is a bit off topic... Back to the Blade, do you have one?
  14. Eh, I think that's a little overboard; I might live in Akiba or something the like, but I don't think I'd blow it on ponies.